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Home » and factory Co., Ltd. Popular girls’ manga characters can be used for marketing! BtoB site “Shueisha Shojo M anga IP Guide” opens

and factory Co., Ltd. Popular girls’ manga characters can be used for marketing! BtoB site “Shueisha Shojo M anga IP Guide” opens

[and factory Co., Ltd.] Popular girls’ manga characters can be used for marketing! BtoB site “Shueisha Shojo Manga IP Guide” opens *and factory Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
You can use popular girls’ manga characters for marketing! BtoB site “Shueisha Shojo Manga IP Guide” opens
and factory Co., Ltd. (Meguro-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “and
factory”) and Shueisha Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Shueisha”) opened the BtoB site “Shueisha Girls Manga IP Guide” specializing in girls’ manga on July 8th.
Site URL: **

“Shueisha Girls’ Manga IP Guide” is a BtoB site that lists Shueisha’s popular girls’ manga IP (intellectual property) that can be used for business, and promotes marketing, tie-ups, commercialization, etc. of companies. Through this site, you can search and inquire about information on works that can utilize manga original copyrights and actual usage examples, making it possible to create effective promotion and marketing measures for companies and brands. Masu. From now on, and
Factory and Shueisha will jointly focus on promoting and marketing support for companies and organizations and creating case studies, maximizing the potential of manga IP.
In 2023, “Margaret” and “Bessatsu Margaret” will celebrate their 60th anniversary, and in 2025, “Ribon” will celebrate their 70th
anniversary. Since its inception, girls’ manga has continued to capture the hearts of women, and various works have been loved throughout the ages.
Nowadays, there is an increasing need for measures that utilize works of girls’ manga that can reach not only teenage girls but also women in a wide range of age groups, including those in their 40s and 50s. Demand from companies providing services is increasing.
In order to meet this growing need, we have opened the “Shueisha Girls’ Manga IP Guide”, an information site for marketing measures that utilize girls’ manga IP, for those involved in advertising, sales promotion, public relations, etc. Did. This site also accepts inquiries from companies regarding secondary use of works such as commercialization.
[Advantages of using girls’ manga]
Able to reach women from various target groups
Shueisha has magazines and media that are supported by a wide range of age groups, including “Ribon,” which is celebrating its 70th anniversary, as well as “Margaret,” “Bessatsu Margaret,” “Cookie,” “Cocohana,” “Digital Margaret,” and “Manga Mee.” As much as each magazine has a history, we have IPs such as works and characters that deeply pierce the target audience, like a mirror reflecting the times. For companies that develop products, services, and brands aimed at women, it is possible to reach the ideal target group.

(C) Karuho Shiina/Shueisha
(C) Koi Ikeno/Shueisha
(C) Mihona Fujii/Shueisha
[Service menu introduction]
* (1) Utilization of advertisements using characters*
From the manga characters that everyone knows, it is possible to use characters that strongly reach a specific demographic for advertising. Please consider using manga characters as if you were hiring a “talent.” The easy-to-understand and interesting expressions unique to manga can be used for promotion and branding. Please use it for advertising, PR, sales promotion, etc. It is also possible to link with Shueisha’s media (magazines and SNS).

* (2) Original manga/illustration production*
We also accept the production of original manga and illustrations drawn by talented Shueisha girls’ manga artists. By using manga in SNS advertisements, PR booklets, web manga, etc., you can expect to improve marketing effectiveness. By using manga, it is possible to send and spread deep messages and stories in a short amount of time. We have strong support from editors who have experience working on hit works at Shueisha.
* (3) Commercialization using characters*
Please use Shueisha’s girls’ manga for commercialization and novelty production. By utilizing the worldview of characters and stories, it is possible to add value to products such as clothing, toys, home appliances, watches, stationery, household goods, daily necessities, fashion goods, food, digital content, etc.
* About Shueisha *
Shueisha publishes “Shonen Jump,” “Young Jump,” “Ribon,” “Margaret,” “Weekly Playboy,” “non-no,” and “MEN’S.
In addition to a large number of manga magazines and fashion magazines, such as “NON-NO”, we are a general publishing company that publishes a wide range of books such as paperbacks, literary books, new books, and children’s books, which are well known as “Natsuichi”.
* About and factory *
Factory’s mission is to “deliver & to everyday life”, that is, to provide services that enrich people’s lives, and we are seriously considering business possibilities in a variety of fields beyond entertainment.
【Company Profile】
and factory Co., Ltd.
Representative: President and CEO Tomoharu Aoki
Address: 153-0042
3-6-28 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Sumitomo Fudosan Aobadai Tower 9F
Established September 16, 2014
Capital 801 million yen (as of the end of August 2023)
Number of employees: 125 (as of the end of August 2023)
Stock code 7035
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