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Kracie Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The third new TV commercial for “Kampo Therapy” in which Suzuko Mimori pla ys five roles begins airing

[Kracie Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.] The third new TV commercial for “Kampo Therapy” in which Suzuko Mimori plays five roles begins airing *Kuracie Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Suzuko Mimori starts airing the third new TV commercial for “Kampo Therapy” in which she plays five roles
*~Commercial series that depicts everyday problems with animal characters/The third theme is hot flashes and fatigue~*

Kracie Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which sells over-the-counter medicines and ethical drugs, mainly Chinese herbal medicine, will release a new TV commercial for “Kampo Therapy” featuring voice actress Suzuko Mimori, “Kai Kashira?” on July 8, 2024 ( (Monday), the “Worried Classmates” edition will begin airing nationwide from October. This commercial will also be released on our official YouTube channel.

▶Official YouTube channel (released on July 8th):

In this commercial series, we use puppet shows featuring animal characters to depict various illnesses that occur in our daily lives, with the hope that people will feel that Chinese medicine is more familiar to them. Physical problems tend to become serious, but by expressing them with animal characters, the problems of daily life are depicted in a cute and comical way. Since it aired, we have received a lot of feedback.

This time, as the third series of stop-motion animation commercials featuring animal characters, we will start airing the “Is it love?” and “Worries Are Classmates” editions. Suzuko Mimori continues to be the voice actor for the characters, as in the previous work, and in the “Is it Love?” edition, the characters of a mother and her daughter who suffer from “hot flashes” are voiced, and in the “Worries Are Classmates” edition, the characters are voiced by menopausal women who suffer from “tiredness and sluggishness.” We had them play different generations of characters. Furthermore, continuing from last time, our corporate slogan “Tomorrow I’m obsessed with” is played at the beginning of the commercial.
I am also in charge of the voice of “Kracie”.

In addition, “Kampo Therapy” official X account
) will be disseminating information that will help you feel more familiar with Chinese medicine, as well as posting the daily lives of the animal characters that appear in the commercials. It introduces the settings of each character that cannot be fully depicted in the commercial, and also introduces the daily life that you can empathize with, so be sure to check it out.
* ■CM story*
▶* “Is it love?” edition*

A mother relaxing in her room with her sheep daughter who came home from school. The room was extremely cold, so the daughter asked, “Isn’t the air conditioner working too hard?” and the mother fanned herself and said, “You’ve been getting hotter lately.” “Could these hot flashes be love?” A mother who is obsessed with her favorite idol group, “Hitsujix,” can’t help but find it cute in this work. ▶* “My worries are my classmates” edition*

A trio of chipmunk friends meet for the first time in a while at a high school reunion. When one chipmunk complains, “I’ve been feeling really tired lately,” his friend responds, “I understand.” When asked, “Is this menopause?”, the three of them answered, “Stop it!” and “We’re both getting older, aren’t we?” This is a work that will make you laugh as you see the three of them in their edgy days as students.
* ■Comment from Director Sanada*

Hitsujix actually takes graphic photos in various poses and sells goods. The tote bag also comes with a tin badge. There are also featured magazines on the table. I bought too many acrylic stands. The title work of the morning information program is also serious.

The photos from her days at Chipmunk Girls’ School incorporate the trends of 1996. The hair and make-up, the pose, and the hibiscus are nostalgic. At karaoke, I sing uplifting songs that were popular at the time, and I also do DJ-style actions. Looks like fun.

* [Voice actor profile] *
Suzuko Mimori
Born June 28, 1986 in Tokyo. AB type. His main appearances include “Love Live! (as Umi Sonoda),” “Healing Good (Heart) PreCure (Asumi Furin/Cure Earth),” “Digimon Adventure.tri (as Sora Takenouchi),” etc. * ■New TVCM Overview*
◇Title/broadcast start date:
“Is it love?” Edition Monday, July 8, 2024
“My worries are my classmates” edition Scheduled for October 2024 ◇Broadcast area: Nationwide
◇YouTube URL:
・CM Gallery on Kracie HP:
・Kracie’s official Chinese medicine Youtube channel:
* ■About filming the commercial*

This commercial series uses stop-motion animation that uses puppets and shoots one frame at a time. The cinematography and character design are handled by Tsuneo Goda of the production studio Dwarf, which is acclaimed both domestically and internationally for its stop-motion animation and character development. The shoot took place over four days, and a total of 1,306 photos were taken throughout the series.

* -About the production studio “Dwarf”-*

He has created a number of characters and contents, including the NHK character “Domo-kun” and “Komaneko”, which continues to be screened for a long time in France, and has received acclaim both domestically and internationally for his video works centered on the outstanding technical skill of stop-motion photography. An active stop-motion animation production studio. In addition to original works, we actively collaborate with various popular characters and famous content.

-Representative profile-
*Tsuneo Goda*
Born on January 16, 1967. Born in Tokyo.
In 2003, he established Dwarf Co., Ltd. and became independent as an animation artist. Known for his puppet animation works that use stop-motion photography. His main works include Japan Broadcasting Corporation’s “Domo-kun,” Hikaru Utada’s “I’m a Kuma,” and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation’s “Midosuke.”

* ■About the products appearing in the commercial*
JPS Chibaku Jioganryo Extract Tablets N [120 tablets]
[Class 2 drugs]
Suggested retail price: 2,310 yen (tax included)
Efficacy: For those with less than average physical strength, who are easily fatigued, have no gastrointestinal disorders, and have dry mouth, but have the following symptoms: hot flushes on the face and limbs, difficulty urinating, frequent urination, and swelling. JPS Saiko Keishi Kenkyoto Extract Tablets N [96 tablets]
[Class 2 drugs]
Suggested retail price: 2,640 yen (tax included)
Efficacy: For those with less than moderate physical strength who are sensitive to cold, have a tendency to be anemic, are irritable, have palpitations, shortness of breath, sometimes feel tired, sweat on the head, and dry mouth, but the following symptoms: menopausal disorder, blood path syndrome, insomnia , neurosis, palpitations, shortness of breath, late symptoms of a cold, bronchitis
* ■About “Kampo Therapy”*
“Kampo Therapy” is a Chinese herbal medicine brand sold at pharmacies and drugstores. We were born in 2006 with the hope that people would use herbal medicine as a gentle companion in their precious daily lives, as people become more health conscious and self-medication becomes more important. We have devised easy-to-understand packaging so that customers can pick and choose Chinese herbal medicines that are difficult to understand and match their symptoms and concerns. We have a lineup of more than 50 prescriptions, and can help with minor concerns that don’t require a trip to the hospital, as well as symptoms that we didn’t know how to deal with until now.
* ■About Kracie Pharmaceutical*
As a professional Chinese herbalist, Kracie Pharmaceutical has been supporting the healthy and prosperous lives of people living in Japan for more than half a century. We provide a wide range of products, from over-the-counter drugs to ethical drugs, with a focus on Chinese herbal medicine, under our integrated system.
In response to the social situation in which the value of health and the way of life have changed significantly in recent years, Kracie Pharmaceutical has strengthened the collaboration between the medical field and the general field in the Chinese herbal medicine business, and is developing Chinese herbal medicine as a business unit under the name “Kracie’s Chinese Medicine.” We will continue to take on the challenge of increasing the provision of health value through our products.
Through Chinese medicine, we support people living in Japan to take a comprehensive look at their own health and create their ideal healthy lifestyles.
*About details about this release*

*Download press release materials*

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