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Home » The number of people suffering from “plastic bottle syndrome” due to drinking too much sugar-containing soft dri nks is rapidly increasing! Only 31.9% were aware of “Pet Bottle Syndrome.” Proper hydration is the key. ~Doctor “Dr. H ideki Taniguchi” tea

The number of people suffering from “plastic bottle syndrome” due to drinking too much sugar-containing soft dri nks is rapidly increasing! Only 31.9% were aware of “Pet Bottle Syndrome.” Proper hydration is the key. ~Doctor “Dr. H ideki Taniguchi” tea

Premium Water Co., Ltd.
The number of people suffering from “plastic bottle syndrome” due to drinking too much sugar-containing soft drinks is rapidly increasing! Only 31.9% were aware of “Pet Bottle Syndrome.” Proper hydration is the key. ~Doctor “Dr. Hideki Taniguchi” teaches appropriate hydration methods! ~
Will the summer of 2024 be the hottest on record? 75.3% of people are worried about heatstroke. The number one heatstroke prevention measure was “hydration” at 90.4%.
Natural water collected from one of Japan’s leading water sources that cultivates high-quality water is treated with non-thermal treatment to maintain its taste and mineral content.
Premium Water Co., Ltd. (Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Akihiko Kanemoto), which provides water to the garden, conducted a “survey regarding heat stroke and hydration” among premium water subscribers. did.
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Survey overview
Survey target: 7,715 Premium Water subscribers in their 20s to 60s Survey method: Questionnaire survey
Survey period: Wednesday, June 12, 2024 to Monday, June 17, 2024 *The numerical values ​​of the survey results are rounded to the nearest whole number, so there may be errors when calculating the results cumulatively.
*When introducing the survey results, please include the annotation “Research by Premium Water Co., Ltd.”
[Table 2:] When asked what they were worried about in the summer heat, the number one answer (75.3%) was “Are you worried about getting heatstroke?” 2nd place was “Are you drinking enough water?” at 64.3%, and 3rd place was “Are you eating enough food to keep you from getting tired in the summer?” at 50.5%.
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When asked what measures they take to avoid heatstroke, the number one answer (90.4%) was “drink plenty of water.” Second place was “Turn on an air conditioner or fan” at 81.4%, and third place was “Get enough sleep” at 41.7%.
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The number of people suffering from plastic bottle syndrome is rapidly increasing! When asked if they knew about “Pet Bottle Syndrome”, Only 31.9% of respondents answered that they knew. Proper hydration is the key.
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The number one drink people drink to stay hydrated to combat the summer heat is water (83.5%).
The second place was “tea such as green tea, barley tea, black tea” with 66.1%, and the third place was “sports drinks” with 41.0%.
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Doctor Hideki Taniguchi teaches how to deal with plastic bottle syndrome and how to properly rehydrate!
・What is plastic bottle syndrome?
Hyperglycemia is a symptom of hyperglycemia caused by continuously drinking large amounts of bottled beverages (sports drinks, juices, soft drinks, etc.) that contain a lot of sugar, or by consuming excessive amounts of sweet foods. When blood sugar levels rise, the pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin, which takes sugar from blood vessels into cells and prevents blood sugar levels from rising. Sugar taken into cells is converted into energy within the cells and becomes the driving force for our life activities, but if blood sugar levels become too high, insulin secretion cannot be done in time. As a result, sugar cannot be taken into cells, and the energy source necessary for life activities cannot be met. Then, our body obtains energy by shifting its energy source to fat and muscle, and at the same time produces large amounts of acidic substances called ketone bodies. This condition is diabetic ketoacidosis, also known as plastic bottle syndrome.
Plastic bottle syndrome begins with intense thirst, which leads to a desire for more bottled drinks, which leads to high blood sugar levels and an increased production of ketone bodies, resulting in a vicious cycle whose initial symptoms include fatigue, severe thirst, In severe cases, symptoms such as excessive urination, vomiting, abdominal pain, clouded consciousness, and coma (diabetic coma) may appear, making it extremely dangerous.
*Pet bottle syndrome does not occur even if you drink bottled drinks containing sugar-free drinks such as mineral water or tea.
・What to be careful about to avoid getting plastic bottle syndrome Diabetic patients are at high risk of developing plastic bottle syndrome, so they should avoid drinking bottled drinks as much as possible. Furthermore, if you consume sugar from bottled drinks, you will have to reduce the amount of food you eat, making dietary restrictions even more strict.
Even if you are not diabetic, it is important to be aware of the upper limit of sugar intake per day when leading a diet. Soft drinks contain about 10g (40kcal) of sugar per 100mL, and sports drinks contain about 6g (24kcal) of sugar per 100mL. For example, if you drink 2L of soft drink, the sugar content will be around 200g (800kcal), almost reaching the daily limit.
・How to properly distinguish between water and sugary soft drinks It is best to differentiate between “everyday drinks → water, tea”, “unusual drinks → sports drinks, oral rehydration solutions”, and “temporary drinks for special occasions → sugar-containing soft drinks”. Probably. Food is important for ingesting the energy and various nutrients necessary for life activities. If you consume a drink that contains a lot of sugar between meals, the drink will fill you up and increase your blood sugar level, reducing your appetite. As a result, the amount of food intake decreases, causing problems in life activities. Therefore, water and tea are suitable for daily drinking. On the other hand, it is okay to drink sports drinks to replenish energy and vitamins after playing sports, or to drink oral rehydration solutions when you are dehydrated due to dehydration or heatstroke. Also, there is no problem with soft drinks containing sugar if you drink them temporarily, such as to enhance the flavor of a meal or to enjoy as a snack.
・What is the appropriate hydration method to prevent heatstroke? Rather than just trying to drink cold drinks, it’s important to drink enough fluids to help you sweat, control your body temperature, and get more blood flowing through your skin’s blood vessels. In addition, if you drink a large amount of water at once, it will be excreted in the urine, so it is important to drink water in small portions over several times. First, choose a drink that you can drink in large quantities at a temperature that is comfortable for you and that is not high in sugar or salt. Drinking one glass (150 to 180 ml) about 8 times between the time you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed will ensure you are drinking enough water. It is also a good idea to consume drinks that contain salt only when you are sweating a lot. ・A fun and easy way to stay hydrated even if you don’t like water Instead of just drinking water, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of consuming water with your meals and snacks. You can also set a goal for the amount and time you drink water, make a sheet like a stamp rally, and have fun drinking it. Hydration can be achieved not only through drinks but also through food, so it is a good idea to add fruits and summer vegetables to your daily meals to replenish your hydration.
・Instruction on hydration methods recommended by Dr. Taniguchi I eat one kiwi per day to stay hydrated. Not only is kiwi rich in vitamin C, which is necessary to combat the heat, and potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are lost through sweat, but it also has a low GI value, which indicates the rate of increase in blood sugar levels after a meal, so it can reduce your desire for sweetness. and does not raise blood sugar levels too much. It is also suitable as a hydration drink taken before bed. We also always have a stock of handmade Chinese teas made from your favorite tea leaves, such as Pu’er tea, oolong tea, and jasmine tea. The advantage of making tea at home is that you can easily make tea to the strength that suits you. I also love cold brew coffee and keep it stocked in my refrigerator at home. Using delicious water will enhance the flavor of your iced coffee.
Profile of Professor Hideki Taniguchi
[Image 6:×2600.jpg] Director of Saiseikai Yokohama East Hospital Patient Support Center, Visiting Professor at Tokyo Medical and Health University Graduate School,
Anesthesiologist, Doctor of Medicine, Anesthesiologist
He specializes in water electrolyte management, nutritional
management, and oral rehydration therapy, and has published academic papers on dehydration and hidden dehydration. “Protect life from heat stroke” and “Hydration to protect life”
(both written by Hideki Taniguchi, published by Hyogensha). There are many comments in newspapers, TV, magazines, etc. Launched “Taniguchi Seminar”, a lifelong education site for medical professionals. Voices from premium water subscribers
After signing up for a water server, 87.3% of people drank more water than they did before signing up. Customers have commented, “I can now drink water at a comfortable temperature any time,” “It’s easier to drink than tap water,” “I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking hot water because it’s easy to make,” and “I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking hot water.” We received comments such as, “Until I signed a contract, I used to buy plastic bottled juices, etc., but since I signed a contract, I no longer buy them because I have water, and I now drink a lot of water.”
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Premium Water’s four commitments to natural water
About Premium Water’s carefully selected natural water:
Premium water undergoes safe “non-heat treatment” to deliver the “raw” taste of natural water. “Non-heat treatment” does not reduce dissolved oxygen, which is a measure of water quality and taste, so the natural taste and mellowness of natural water stand out. “Water sampling area”
At Premium Water, we have established six criteria for selecting our own water sampling locations. So far, we have visited approximately 160 water sources across the country, and currently have selected eight carefully selected water sampling locations.
“Mineral Balance”
We carefully select natural water that contains well-balanced minerals, one of the five major elements necessary for the body. Therefore, in addition to being able to ingest mineral components in daily life, all natural water is slightly alkaline and soft water, so even small children can drink it with confidence.
The raw water pumped up from the groundwater vein is carefully sterilized through four or more stages of filtering, and then bottled in new plastic bottles in a sterile clean room. During the
manufacturing process, we conduct regular daily water quality tests and monthly tests for radioactive substances in accordance with our own strict quality control regulations to deliver safe natural water. About premium water
[Image 8:×1575.jpg] Premium Water rents or sells water servers,
This is a service that delivers water to your home (regular delivery). It saves you the trouble of buying heavy water and boiling water. You can always use delicious natural water.
The expiry date of natural water is approximately 6 months from the date of manufacture when unopened.
It can also be used as a rolling stock to store while consuming. Water servers range from eco-friendly servers that are kind to your household budget and the environment.
A high-performance server with a bottom-mounted style that allows even people with weak strength to easily change bottles.
Sophisticated design servers that harmonize with the interior with a focus on design
You can choose a server that suits your lifestyle.
For more information, please visit the official website
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