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Home » We now offer a digital badge solution that digitally proves your learning and meets all your needs!

We now offer a digital badge solution that digitally proves your learning and meets all your needs!

We now offer a digital badge solution that digitally proves your learning and meets all your needs!
*Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
We now offer a digital badge solution that digitally proves your learning and meets all your needs!
Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Hiroaki Haga), a solution company specializing in e-learning, provides “digital badge solutions” that meet all needs such as issuance, creation, management, and construction of digital badges. We have started offering.

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*About digital badge solutions*
The era is approaching when knowledge, skills, and learning history can be digitized and used not only for individual learning but also for educational activities and human resource distribution. Digital Knowledge, which has been pioneering open badge initiatives since 2014 by rolling out the digital badge Mananda solution, has now started providing the “Digital Badge Solution,” which allows digital issuance of diplomas and qualification certificates, and learning history. We support customers considering the use of digital certificates to solve various problems, such as information-based skill management and the development of unique systems compatible with education and human resources distribution businesses.

* ●1EdTech certification Compatible with Open Badge 2.0 and 3.0* We have a digital badge service that has completed the 1EdTech (*) standard compliance test and obtained certification.
(*)1EdTech is an organization that develops and promotes IT technology standards for education.

* Possible to develop the latest technology (VC/DID)*
We can develop a system that allows anyone to check the issuer, holder, etc. using Credentials) and technology that allows one to own and control their own digital identity without the intervention of a DID management entity. .

* Build your own digital badge system*
Based on the extensive application development experience we have cultivated through e-learning system development, we are able to build solutions that can issue and manage open badges exclusively for customers (servicers).

*●Ready to use as a service*
You can immediately use services such as badge issuance, skill management, and wallet.

List of digital badge solutions
* ・Skill + digital badge issuing service: * **

* ・Skill management system KnowledgeDeliverSkill+: * **

* ・Digital Badge Development: * ** * ・KnowledgeDeliver digital badge options: * **

Examples of how to use digital badges
■Educational settings: Used to visualize learning outcomes at universities and learning institutions. Provide digital certificates of the skills and achievements students have acquired. It is also used for skill certification on online learning platforms.

■Corporate workplace: Used for skill evaluation during the recruitment process. Prove your candidates’ skills and experience with digital badges. It is also used to visualize the results of in-house training and skill improvement programs.

■Qualification sites: Qualification certificates issued by various qualification sponsoring organizations are being replaced with digital badges that cannot be tampered with. In some cases, digital badges are issued to prove skills in programming languages ​​and frameworks.

■Human resources field: Used to prove the results of vocational training programs. It is also used to mark the completion of a skill-up course.

See details *Special conference “New technologies essential for the development of education in a new era: Generative AI and digital badges” will be held on July 18th (Thursday) and 19th (Friday)! *
* “I want to issue digital badges” “I want to manage skills and qualifications with digital badges” “I want to develop solutions using digital badges” *
A thorough explanation of the digital badge solution that can meet all your needs!
In four sessions, we will discuss in detail the possibilities of digital badges that will be used in all industries.
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* Company Profile*
Name: Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.
Address: e-Learning Lab Akihabara, 5-3-4 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005 Representatives: Representative Director and President Hiroaki Haga / Representative Director and COO Jiyuji Yoshida
TEL: 03-5846-2131
(Representative) 050-3628-9240 (Introduction consultation desk) *About details about this release*

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