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Home » Nishiizu Town/Nishina Fisheries Cooperative/Tago Fisheries Cooperative/Umigo Co., Ltd. Nishina Fishing Port wi ll appear in “Sea Fishing GO” this summer!

Nishiizu Town/Nishina Fisheries Cooperative/Tago Fisheries Cooperative/Umigo Co., Ltd. Nishina Fishing Port wi ll appear in “Sea Fishing GO” this summer!

[Nishiizu Town/Nishina Fisheries Cooperative/Tago Fisheries
Cooperative/Umigo Co., Ltd.] Nishina Fishing Port will appear in “Sea Fishing GO” this summer!
*Umigo Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Nishina Fishing Port will appear in “Sea Fishing GO” this summer! On July 31st of last year, Nishiizu Town, Shizuoka Prefecture (mayor: Toshin Hoshino) produced the Izu Fisheries Cooperative Association. Japan’s first fishing port reservation service, “Umi-Tsuri GO”, which was started by Tago Branch (location: Tago, Nishiizu-machi, Branch Management Committee Chairman: Fumio Numano), was launched as a marine industry promotion service after a trial period of
approximately one year. This proved to be an effective measure. Based on these achievements, Izu Fisheries Cooperative Association Nishina Branch (Location: Nishina, Nishiizu Town, Branch Management Committee Chairman: Masashi Yamada) and Umigo Co., Ltd. (Location: Ukusu, Nishiizu Town, President: Daiki Kunimura) have signed an agreement to go sea fishing at Nishina Fishing Port this summer. will be newly introduced.
Successful trial at Tago Fishing Port
In July 2022, fishing was prohibited at Tago Fishing Port due to trouble between anglers and fishermen. Although the cause of the trouble could be removed by removing anglers, the liveliness of the area was also lost. If we simply reopen the fishing area, it will return to its original lawless state. One way to solve this dilemma was to introduce fishing spot management using an app.
This is Japan’s first system in which fishermen, as members of fishing port users, are responsible for the maintenance and management costs commensurate with their usage (Note 1). The service, which started on July 31, 2023, has been supported by local people, fishermen, and many customers, and has been provided for about a year, proving to be an effective measure to promote the maritime industry. I did.
Japan’s first fishing port reservation app “Sea Fishing GO” won the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2023 and was featured in the FY2020 Fisheries White Paper
The cycle of anglers supporting the local community begins to turn. The strength of Sea Fishing GO is its well-balanced system, in which on-site patrollers take on tasks that can only be done by humans, such as on-site guidance and beautification activities, while software handles payments and reception. By minimizing the operational burden, you can save up your profits and use them for future investments. The Tago Fisheries Cooperative uses some of the proceeds to improve and add to fishing port facilities. The main measures taken over the past year are as follows.
– Installation of life ladder
– Update of AED equipment
– Setting up a rest area
– Water supply installation
– Continue patrolling and beautification activities
Using Sea Fishing GO as an opportunity, each angler participates in the maintenance and management of the fishing port. Our service philosophy is steadily being realized step by step.
Installation of lifesaving ladders, updating of AED equipment, installation of rest areas, installation of water supply
1st anniversary event held
To commemorate the 1st anniversary, 7/13, 14,
A fishing event will be held at Tago Fishing Port during the 3-day weekend of the 15th Marine Day. The rules remain the same as usual for sea fishing GO. Please set the fishing end time to 11:00. There is no separate fee and anyone can participate. Take photos of the fish you catch and encounter many different fish species. Please feel free to join us!
Sea Fishing GO Tago Fishing Port Sea Day Holiday Fishing Event * Expansion to new area, Nishina fishing port*
Based on the experience at Tago Fishing Port, Izu Fisheries
Cooperative Nishina Branch and Umigo have concluded an agreement to introduce a new sea fishing GO at Nishina Fishing Port this summer. Nishina Fishing Port has many ways to enjoy the sea.
Nishina Fishing Port has tourist spots within the port, such as Okiagari Shokudo, a restaurant directly managed by the fishermen’s cooperative, Hanbata Market, a direct sales store, and Sawada Park Open-air Bath, and there are also many accommodations and places to eat nearby. It is also a 2-minute drive to the tourist attraction Dogashima, located in central Nishi-Izu, and is an area where you can enjoy the sea in a variety of ways.
This time, with the introduction of Sea Fishing GO, the breakwater, where fishing was prohibited in principle, will be opened up as a fishing spot. We also provide rental fishing gear, so you can enjoy a sea fishing experience that suits your convenience during your visit to Nishiizu, whether for a short time or a long time.
As a step up from shore fishing, you can also try surf fishing, offshore embankments, and shared boats, where you can also experience “Tsute Nishi-Izu”, where you can turn the fish you catch into local currency.
Enjoy a variety of ways to enjoy the sea at Nishina Fishing Port, which is completely different from Tago Fishing Port. The opening is scheduled for early August.
Aerial view of Nishina fishing port. There are many tourist spots inside and outside the area.
Startups and veteran manufacturers collaborate in town
Business operators in Nishiizu Town are working closely together to introduce sea fishing GO to Nishina Fishing Port. Daiki Kunimura, who has been leading the development of Sea Fishing GO since its conception, established Umigo Co., Ltd., headquartered in Ukusu, Nishiizu Town, on February 14, 2024, taking over the business from the company at the time of development. Umigo Co., Ltd. will take care of the system aspect. The lifesaving equipment is managed by Ishiiwa Kogyo Co., Ltd., an expert in metal processing that was founded in 1942 and has been manufacturing in the Nishiizu Industrial Park since 1978.
Manufactured by Nobuhiro Ishiiwa), the signboards were manufactured and installed by Nisshin Kogei (representative), which has been responsible for producing signboards in the area for many years. Kazumasa Horiuchi). Startups and veteran manufacturers are teaming up to create new maritime services.

Note 1)
The fishing port in Nishiizu Town is managed by the Nishiizu Town Mayor, and each branch of the Izu Fisheries Association is the designated manager of quays, landing places, etc. “Sea Fishing GO” is a project that is being implemented/implemented by the Izu Fisheries Association Tago Branch and Nishina Branch, which are designated managers, using a system provided by Umigo Co., Ltd. This project is a project to promote the “marine industry” advocated by the Fisheries Agency, and will be operated by amending the Nishiizu Town Fishing Port Management Ordinance and establishing a new fee for use when a designated manager implements a maritime industry promotion project. I am. This is the first initiative in the country to resolve the underutilization of fishing ports due to a decrease in the number of fishermen.

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