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Home » Forster Japan New products from the flagship series “Long Fresh” are now available for the first time in a bout 5 years!

Forster Japan New products from the flagship series “Long Fresh” are now available for the first time in a bout 5 years!

[Forster Japan] New products from the flagship series “Long Fresh” are now available for the first time in about 5 years!
*Philadis Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
New products from the flagship series “Long Fresh” are now available for the first time in about 5 years!
*“ST-209” released on Tuesday, July 16, 2024*


Philadis Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President and CEO: Daihachiro Ishida) has released “Longfresh(R)”, the flagship series of its wine cellar brand “Forster Japan”. The new model “ST-209″ will be released at electronics stores, EC shops, and wine shops nationwide from July 16th (Tuesday).

This is the first new product in this series in about 5 years, and we have added a medium size (74 units) to the Long Fresh, which is equipped with an inverter compressor that achieves significant energy savings and noise reduction, as requested by our customers. We will introduce it.
         * “Long Fresh”, a traditional flagship series that continues to evolve *
Forster Japan’s flagship series “Long Fresh” is a high-quality Japanese-made wine cellar that is carefully assembled one by one by skilled workers at a factory in Japan. We are extremely particular about wine preservation, and have been supported by professionals such as sommeliers and wine enthusiasts for many years. Also, regarding safety, it has passed the examination by Japan’s JET (General Incorporated Foundation Electrical Safety and Environment Research Institute).

▶︎ Inverter compressor that achieves significant energy savings and quietness It uses an inverter compressor that controls the rotation speed required for cooling, sometimes powerfully and sometimes gently and efficiently, depending on the surrounding conditions. In addition to significantly improving energy efficiency, we have also achieved quietness by changing the rotation speed in stages. Furthermore, vibrations can be suppressed more effectively, minimizing the impact on the wine.

▶︎ Up to 5 years warranty and reliable after-sales service system The warranty period for the refrigeration cycle of the Long Fresh series is 5 years, the longest in the industry. A wine cellar where you can store your precious wines. We also put a lot of effort into after-sales follow-up to ensure that our products fully demonstrate their performance and can be used with peace of mind for many years to come.

▶︎ No.1 wine cellar selected by professionals
Forster Japan has been chosen and loved by wine professionals such as sommeliers and wine lovers. In a survey of qualified sommeliers, Forster Japan was ranked No. 1 for both “wine cellars currently in use” and “wine cellars that are considering purchasing.” (*Survey period June 24, 2021 to July 5, 2021
/ In-house research)
* Long-awaited new product “ST-209” *
The latest long fresh “ST-209” that has evolved further. Packed with a lot of “feelings”.
-Product specifications list-
*Product specifications may change due to quality improvement.

ST-209G (glass door): Open price (Retailer reference price: 741,400 yen) ST-209 (steel plate door): Open price (Retailer reference price: 605,000 yen)

* Stores: * Major electronics stores, wine shops nationwide, etc.

*For product inquiries:*
   * Official website*
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    * Inquiries before purchase *
Forster Japan
Forster Japan is a home wine cellar brand that has been manufacturing and selling wine cellars since 1987. Through our wine cellar, we have supported professionals such as sommeliers working in restaurants, wine shops, importers, wine magazines, and journalists.
Want to preserve and age wine in better conditions?
What can we do to achieve this? We are a professional group that is always thinking about. We will continue to deliver “living with a wine cellar”.

Philadis philosophy
Since its founding in 2003, Philadis Co., Ltd. has been importing rare old vintage wines to Japan, and as an official agent for over 150 fine wineries from around the world, we have been working to provide carefully selected wines that are worth more than their price. We are introducing it to Japan. Furthermore, in 2019, we launched our original brand “Because,
Released “Wine Series”. In 2021, we aim to develop a comprehensive business that will enrich your wine life, including acquiring the wine cellar brand “Forster Japan.”
Based on our corporate philosophy of “establishing a mature wine culture in Japan,” we are actively engaged in innovative initiatives that will usher in a new era in order to deliver delicious wine to a wider range of people than ever before. I’m coming.

Firadis Ltd.
Address: 11th floor, Yokohama Connect Square, 3-3-3 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-0012
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