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“Ueno Summer Festival 2024” – 73rd Edo Hobby Cool Festival –

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“Ueno Summer Festival 2024” – 73rd Edo Hobby Cool Festival – The lotus viewing deck at Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park will be filled with 2,000 wind chimes! ! Lots of festival food stalls, comedy live on the outdoor stage, VR haunted house, and more!
The Ueno Tourism Federation (General Incorporated Association, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Nobuhiro Nagaoka) is organizing the Ueno Park Shinobazu Pond area, where lotus flowers are in full bloom. “Ueno Summer Festival 2024″ will be held for about a month from July 12th (Friday) to August 12th (Monday holiday).
[Image 1:×843.jpg] ■“Rinrin Corridor” (Wind Chime Corridor) appears on the Shinobazu Pond Hasumi Deck!
The “Rinrin Corridor” decorated with 2,000 wind chimes appears on the lotus viewing deck of Shinobazu Pond, where the lotuses are in full bloom. We bring back the good old Japanese atmosphere to modern times and create a “special space and experience.” Definitely an Instagrammable spot! Would you like to feel cool while listening to the sound of wind chimes at Shinobazu Pond? “Rinrin Corridor” also has a background story, so please see the “Ueno Summer Festival 2024” official website for details.
[Image 2:×2925.jpg] ■Ueno no Ennichi
A festival held in front of Shinobazu Pond Hasumi Deck. There are plenty of places to enjoy things like target shooting, scooping goldfish, and ring toss for kids, as well as places where you can enjoy beer and food! Enjoy the food stalls while enjoying the sound of wind chimes! Also, summer means “haunted house”, so we will also be holding a VR haunted house called “Vengeful Ghost’s Kanbinbari House”! Let’s survive the hot summer with fairs and haunted houses!
*Held on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the period (time: 12:00-20:00)
[Image 3:×1032.jpg] ■Water Music Hall outdoor stage event
From July 20th (Saturday) to August 11th (Sunday), many stages will be held including comedy live “Midsummer Laughter Festival 2024”, professional wrestling (Dainippon Pro-Wrestling), and JAZZ festival! *Closed days during the period
■Ueno Summer Festival Quiz Stamp Rally
Take a walk around Shinobazu Pond and the shopping district, answer quizzes related to the area, collect stamps, and get special benefits to enjoy “Ueno Fair!” (To participate, you need to download the special app “furari.” For details, check the “Ueno Summer Festival 2024” official website!)
Bonus: You can get a free trial ticket for “VR Haunted House” or “Rinrin Corridor” wind chime-wearing experience (first 100 people)! *Benefits can be obtained on the days of “Ueno no Ennichi” (Only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays during the period.)
[Image 4:×927.jpg] There are also lots of other fun events! Please come to “Ueno Summer Festival 2024”! !
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“Ueno Summer Festival 2024” – 73rd Edo Hobby Cool Festival – Date: July 12th (Friday) – August 12th (Monday holiday)
Venue: Ueno Park, Shinobazu Pond area, Water Concert Hall
Sponsor: Ueno Tourism Federation Co-sponsor: Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Taito Ward
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