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Home » Narumiya International Co., Ltd. World Co., Ltd. and Narumiya International Co., Ltd. participate in Tokyo’s “Children’s Smile Movement,” an initiative to cherish children throughout society.

Narumiya International Co., Ltd. World Co., Ltd. and Narumiya International Co., Ltd. participate in Tokyo’s “Children’s Smile Movement,” an initiative to cherish children throughout society.

Narumiya International Co., Ltd.
World Co., Ltd. and Narumiya International Co., Ltd. participate in Tokyo’s “Children’s Smile Movement,” an initiative to cherish children throughout society.
Narumiya International Co., Ltd. and World Co., Ltd. agreed with the purpose of the “Children’s Smile Movement” project implemented by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and participated. From now on, as “a company that supports children’s hopeful futures and healthy growth,” we will work toward creating a “society that values ​​children” through the SDGs initiatives promoted by both companies.
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What is “Children’s Smile Movement”?
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s project “Children Smile Movement” is an effort to create a “Children First” society through the cooperation of a wide range of actors. Companies, NPOs,
universities, schools, and other entities will promote initiatives that value children’s perspectives, with the aim of spreading a social momentum that values ​​children.
This project is developing a wide range of initiatives that leverage the characteristics and strengths of the various participating entities.
■ Click here for the official website of “Children’s Smile Movement”:
Background of participation
The World Group is strengthening its sustainable efforts to realize “diversity of lifestyles and cultures” and a “sustainable society without loss and waste.” World Co., Ltd.’s SDGs Promotion Office regularly holds upcycling workshops for children living in a diverse society, where they create original art using leftover fabric and yarn from World’s own factories. (Total number of participants this year: 4,134) We provide children with an opportunity to strengthen their awareness of the importance of not producing trash and deepen their interest in the SDGs. Through initiatives like this, we aim to realize a sustainable society that will lead to the future of children. Case study of Narumiya International
~Narumiya children’s clothing creates smiles on children’s faces and supports their growth~
♦Holding summer vacation kids workshop events
[Image 2:×561.jpg] Narumiya International Co., Ltd. holds a kids workshop event every summer vacation. By working with designers to freely create items using ribbons and reusable parts, we convey the importance of expression and the joy of making things, fostering children’s sensitivity, curiosity and creativity, and giving them an opportunity to think about environmental issues. I will create. Last year, 220 children took on the challenge of making kinchaku, fans, and hair accessories. This year, we will be holding a workshop event for making original T-shirts and mold dolls.
♦Donation of tote bags to “Kodomo Shokudo”
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In February 2024, through the Meals on Wheels Logistics System (operated by the National Food Support Activities Cooperation Association), “Children’s Cafeteria (children’s place management organization including intermediate support organizations that support children’s cafeterias)” in various places 8,200 tote bags were donated to Bags that children use every day are always close to them. Our desire to support children’s growth and walk together with them has led us to create a tote bag with the message “Always together.” World case study
~Experience the joy of manufacturing with the know-how unique to an apparel company~
♦World will exhibit at the SDGs x hands-on event “Spring 2024 that makes the earth smile” hosted by TBS
[Image 4:×696.jpg] World Co., Ltd. exhibited at the TBS-sponsored event to have fun learning about the SDGs, “Places to Make the Earth Smile 2024 Spring,” and held an upcycling workshop “Let’s make residual cloth de flower roses.” This is a workshop where parents and children can enjoy making an original rose using the leftover fabric and yarn left over from making clothes at their own factory. This time, by changing the size of each petal, using fabrics with different textures, and changing the shape and length of the cotton swab used to resemble the pistil of a flower, we are making it easier for people with visual impairments. We have devised a way for participants to enjoy making things through tactile sensations.
♦“Children’s Visit Day” was held in East and West regions for the children of World Group employees.
[Image 5:×1442.jpg] “Children’s Day”, which World has been holding since 1991, is an annual event that started from the voice of an employee who said, “I want my children to have an opportunity to see their working parents.” To date, a total of 790 families and 1,077 people have participated. On “Children’s Visit Day,” we prepare various events for children, such as office tours and upcycling workshops, so that children can learn “what kind of company their parents work at,” and at the same time, Through workshops, we provide an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of sustainability promoted by World.
Narumiya International’s vision is to become a company that is loved by generations. In order to continue to be a company that can create many smiles for generations to come, we must seriously address various social issues and conduct sustainable management. Aiming to “build strong connections with customers,” “strengthen products and services,” and “become a company that is kind to the environment, people, and society,” each employee takes on initiatives that are kind to the environment, people, and society as their own. We aim for the growth and creation of our group while thinking and promoting it every day, and taking on challenges in new areas.
[Image 6:×773.jpg] About the World Sustainability Plan Since its founding, World Group has evolved as a “value-creating corporate group.” In 1992, with the aim of maximizing customer value and productivity, the World Group integrated everything from retail to production with the consumer as the starting point, thereby converting loss and waste into value. We announced the “SPARCS” concept to transform the company into a multi-business, multi-brand strategy. We will continue to aim to realize a sustainable society that is diverse and full of options by achieving a high level of both “diversity of lifestyle” and “an industrial world without loss and waste.”
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