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AOS Data releases, a transportation data platform that promotes DX in the transportation industry

AOS Data releases, a transportation data platform that promotes DX in the transportation industry
*AOS Data Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
AOS Data releases, a transportation data platform that promotes DX in the transportation industry
*~Supporting sharing of vehicle data, cargo data, etc.~ July 17, 2024 AI-MIS(TM) AI/DX Forum held*
Transportation data platform
AOS Data Co., Ltd., a company that utilizes corporate data and AI (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Nobuya Yoshida) AOS Data (hereinafter referred to as AOS Data) is a transportation data platform that allows you to safely share data such as vehicle data and cargo data in order to promote DX in the transportation industry. has been released.

* ■Challenges in Japan’s transportation industry *
Japan’s transportation industry faces several important challenges. Let’s discuss the main challenges.
* 1. Labor shortage: *
The shrinking workforce due to an aging society and the declining interest in the transportation industry among young people are serious problems.
There is a particular shortage of long-distance truck drivers and bus drivers. * 2. Aging infrastructure: *
Many roads, bridges, and railway infrastructure are aging, increasing maintenance and renewal costs.
There is a need to strengthen resistance to natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons.
* 3. Environmental issues: *
There is an urgent need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the introduction of environmentally friendly transportation methods is required.
The spread of electric vehicles and transportation systems that utilize renewable energy has been slow.
* 4. Traffic congestion in urban areas: *
Traffic congestion and congestion on public transportation are major problems in metropolitan areas.
Efficient urban transportation planning and infrastructure development is required.
* 5. Responding to technological innovation: *
As the introduction of autonomous driving technology, AI, and IoT progresses, there is an urgent need to develop and commercialize new transportation services that utilize these technologies.
Ensuring cybersecurity and data privacy is also important.
* 6. Regulation and competition: *
Deregulation and market liberalization are being discussed in order to strengthen international competitiveness, but it is also necessary to consider the impact on existing businesses and workers.
Competition from start-ups and global companies is intensifying.

To address these challenges, there is a need to introduce innovative technologies, review policies, and build sustainable transportation systems.

* ■Solution by transportation data platform * can provide the following solutions to the challenges facing the Japanese transportation industry.
* 1. Labor shortage*
・Building a digital platform:
We provide a digital platform that supports optimal workforce allocation and supports efficient management of drivers and staff. ・Introduction of remote work tools:
We provide tools to facilitate the remoteization of logistics and operations management to improve efficiency.
* 2. Aging infrastructure*
・Preventive maintenance system:
We provide infrastructure monitoring systems that utilize IoT sensors to support early detection of deterioration and preventive
・Data analysis:
Analyze past data to predict trends in infrastructure deterioration and propose effective maintenance plans.
* 3. Environmental issues *
・Ecological mobility:
We provide data-driven solutions to support the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles.
・Energy management system:
We will introduce an energy management system to promote the efficient use of renewable energy.
* 4. Traffic congestion in urban areas*
・Smart transportation system:
We provide a smart transportation system that analyzes traffic data in real time, predicts traffic congestion, and proposes mitigation measures.
・Optimization of public transportation:
Introducing an algorithm to optimize public transportation schedules to improve user convenience.
* 5. Responding to technological innovation*
・Autonomous driving technology support:
Achieves data sharing required for data infrastructure and simulation tools to support the introduction of autonomous vehicles.
・Integration of AI and IoT:
We support the integration of AI and IoT in the transportation industry to realize operational management and logistics efficiency. * 6. Regulation and competition*
・Regulatory solutions:
We provide compliance management systems to meet the latest
regulations and help businesses ensure legal compliance.
・Promotion of digital transformation:
We provide consulting services to promote digitalization across industries and create new competitiveness.
Through these solutions, provides comprehensive support for the challenges facing Japan’s transportation industry and aims to realize a sustainable and efficient transportation system.
Transportation data platform
* ■Functions of transportation data platform *
The functions of are explained below.
* 1. Data integration and management*
・Data aggregation platform:
Integrate and centralize data from different sources. This enables efficient management of various data in the transportation industry (operation data, maintenance data, customer data, etc.).
・Data cleansing:
Provides cleansing capabilities to improve data quality and enables accurate and consistent data analysis.
* 2. Advanced data analysis*
・Predictive analysis:
Share historical data to help predict future demand and optimize maintenance schedules. This allows efficient operation planning. ・Real-time analysis:
Analyze data in real time and monitor traffic and operational conditions. This allows for quick decision making.
* 3. IoT and sensor integration *
・IoT device cooperation:
It works with various IoT devices and sensors to monitor the status of vehicles and infrastructure in real time. This enables abnormality detection and preventive maintenance.
・Device management:
Provides management functions for IoT devices and efficiently configures and maintains devices.
* 4. Autonomous driving and AI technology*
・Autonomous driving support:
We collect and analyze operation data of self-driving vehicles to support operation optimization and safety improvements.
・Optimization by AI:
We use AI to optimize routes and automatically generate operation schedules to achieve efficient operation management.
* 5. Energy management*
・Energy usage monitoring:
Monitors the energy usage status of vehicles and facilities in real time and supports efficient energy management.
・Renewable energy integration:
We will support the introduction of transportation systems that utilize renewable energy such as solar and wind power, and aim to reduce environmental impact.
* 6. Cybersecurity*
・Data protection:
We use advanced encryption technology to ensure the safety of your data and protect it from unauthorized access.
・Security monitoring:
Real-time security monitoring enables abnormality detection and prompt response.
* 7. Regulatory response and compliance*
・Compliance management:
We provide the latest regulatory information to help businesses ensure compliance.
・Report generation:
It provides automatic generation of necessary regulatory and internal audit reports to support efficient compliance management.

Through these functions, supports the digital transformation of the transportation industry, increasing efficiency, improving safety, and reducing environmental impact.

* ■AI-MIS(TM) (Management Information System) x AI/DX Forum to be held on July 17th *
In order to contribute to solving the issues of Japan’s DX promotion, AOS Data uses AI-MIS(TM) (management information system) as a hub to We are working together with vendors active in each industry to build foundational management information, and we are working towards achieving this goal by 2024.
On July 17th, “AI-MIS(TM) (Management Information System) x AI/DX Forum July” ~Best of Breed AI-Based Management Information System~ A forum on the theme of AI-MIS(TM) management (back office) department DX and best of breed will be held at Nikkei Hall & Conference Room.

(1) Date and time: Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 14:30-17:10 (Reception starts at 14:00)
(2) Venue: Nikkei Hall & Conference Room Nikkei Building 6F, 1-3-7 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo *The event will be held online and in a hybrid format.
(3) Application address:

* [About AOS Data Co., Ltd.] *
Name: AOS Data Co., Ltd. Representative: Nobuya Yoshida
Established: April 2015 Address: 4F Metro City Kamiyacho Building, 5-1-5 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 100 million yen (capital reserve 1,525 million yen) URL
AOS Data Co., Ltd. provides a variety of products tailored to the life cycle, from the introduction of software such as cloud backup AOSBOX to the disposal of computers and smartphones. We took over the business from. As a result, we offer the following lineup of “data management” products and services.
・“Cloud backup” to prevent data troubles
・Data maintenance “data restoration”, “data erasure”, “data migration” ・”Data recovery service” for data trouble follow-up measures ・”Data security” to protect data from troubles
・“Legal data service” that conducts research to restore evidence data and create evidence data
Furthermore, from April 2021, AOS Group’s AI/DX business division will be expanded to “Data Asset
We will evolve into a data platform company that maximizes the utilization of data, which is the key to industrial DX, especially for AI, by integrating with “Management” solutions.

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