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DEAN & DELUCA Okayama Fresh juice – Taste the whole seasonal melon

Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd.
[DEAN & DELUCA Okayama] Fresh juice – Taste the whole seasonal melon On sale until Sunday, September 4, 2024
DEAN & DELUCA Okayama is located in the forest town Grace (Shimoishii, Kita Ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture |, operation management: Ryobi Holdings Co., Ltd.) located in the center of Okayama city area. We will be selling fresh juice “Melon Juice/Melon & Zucchini Juice” until Sunday, September 4th.
This year, we will be introducing a luxurious juice that allows you to enjoy the most delicious moment of fresh melon, which is in season in early summer. We carefully select green-fleshed melons that are known for their refreshing sweetness and aroma, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing sweetness and high-quality aftertaste.
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[Image 2:×600.jpg] Melon juice (left photo), melon & zucchini juice (right photo) Melon juice S size ¥690 (tax included)
Melon & Zucchini Juice S size ¥690 (tax included)
Melon Juice/Melon & Zucchini Juice Sales Overview
◻️Sale period
July 1st (Monday) – September 4th (Sunday), 2024
[Image 3:×720.jpg] Melon & zucchini juice uses “Braboreum” available at market stores
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Melon is an early summer fruit that is known for its elegant juice and aroma. This juice uses only ripe melons that have been carefully selected by fruit professionals to determine their ripeness, and makes full use of their concentrated sweetness.
“Melon Juice” uses plenty of ripe melon pulp and fruit juice. Furthermore, by adding a little lemon as a secret ingredient, it brings out the melon flavor even more and spreads the classic deliciousness.
“Melon & Zucchini Juice” has the subtle sweetness of zucchini and the lush flavor of olive oil from Andalusia, Spain. We use the oil “Bravoleum” which is also available in the DEAN & DELUCA market. It has a mellow taste that blends the rich melon with the smooth texture of zucchini and the flavor of freshly squeezed olives.
“DEAN & DELUCA Okayama” store information
Store name: DEAN & DELUCA Okayama (Dean & Deluca Okayama)
Address: 1F, Morinomachi Grace Office Square, 2-10-12 Shimoishii, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama 700-0907
Area partner: Salvo Ryobi Co., Ltd. URL: Business hours: Market (product sales) 8:00-20:00
Market (side dishes) 10:00-20:00
Espresso bar (eat-in) 8:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:30)
Regular holidays: According to the facility *Business hours and regular holidays are subject to change according to the facility. Store area: 215.35 square meters (65.3 tsubo)
Seats: 12 counter seats, 40 table seats, total 52 seats
Product categories: Packaged food, sweets, prepared food, bakery, fresh food, beverages, wine, espresso bar In-store kitchen, bakery kitchen attached
Services: Morning, lunch, cake sets, etc. Eat-in available
A select food shop that collects delicious food from around the world. It all started with a market store opened in New York’s Soho in 1977 by Joel Dean and Giorgio DeLuca.
In Japan, we operate 18 market stores, 27 cafes, 1 specialty store (wine store), and our own online store. In order to create a place to enjoy food without being bound by the framework of retail, ready-made meals, and eating and drinking, we will continue to provide customers with new sensations of food.
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