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Fred LVMH Watch & Jewelry Japan Co., Ltd. Maison Fred new global brand ambassador “BTS Jin”

[Fred LVMH Watch & Jewelry Japan Co., Ltd.] Maison Fred new global brand ambassador “BTS Jin”
*Fred LVMH Watch Jewelry Japan Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Maison Fred new global brand ambassador “BTS Jin”
BTS Jin, FRED’s Global Brand Ambassador
In July 2024, Maison Fred will announce a new global brand ambassador. This is Jin from BTS, a pop icon of the 21st century. A true symbol of generations, Jin has made a global impact with his talent and personality, and continues to inspire millions of fans around the world. Always smiling, with a great sense of humour, an eternal lover of life, caring and dedicated, he perfectly embodies the spirit of Maison Fred.

“We are so proud to welcome Jin from BTS to the Fred family. His sparkling energy, artistry, values ​​and high standards have always propelled him to excellence, and he lives with unwavering optimism. I strongly resonate with the spirit of our House and its founder, Fred Samuel, who shares joy. I look forward to working with him and presenting future projects together.”
said Valerie Samuel, Vice President and Artistic Director. *

BTS’ Jin also said, “We are extremely honored and grateful to be part of the Fred family as our new global brand ambassador. Please look forward to our future endeavors through this partnership.” I’m commenting passionately. *

Jin’s sparkling personality and contemporary, casual-chic style are matched by Maison Fred’s modern, individual creations. His The Our collaboration with Sunshine Jeweler promises to shine like no other.

*About Jin of BTS*
Jin (Kim Seok-jin) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and member of 21st century pop icon BTS. Jin’s charming voice and clear tone amplify the emotions conveyed through music. Solo albums “Awake”, “Epiphany”, “Moon”, Korean TV drama OST “Yours” (“Mt. Jirisan” OST), “Even if I die, I’m still you” (“Hwarang”)
-Heroes of Hope-” OST) shows his excellent pitch and expressiveness. “SUPER” released in 2021
TUNA” created a big trend in dance challenges with its upbeat melody and simple dance moves. Jin, who is known as “Worldwide Handsome”, is showing off his unexpected charm through various contents and TV programs.

*About BTS*
BTS is known as Bangtan Sonyeondan or “Beyond the
Scene, a South Korean boy band that has captivated millions of fans around the world since their debut in June 2013 and has been nominated for a Grammy Award. The members of BTS are RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.
With their authentic self-produced music, top-notch performances, and interaction with fans, they have gained recognition and established themselves as 21st century pop icons, breaking countless world records.
LOVE MYSELF campaign and United Nations “Speak
While exerting a positive influence through activities such as “Yourself” speech, the band has mobilized millions of fans (referred to as ARMYs) around the world and has had six No. 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 since 2020. and has performed numerous sold-out stadium performances around the world. They were also selected as TIME’s “Entertainers of the Year 2020.” BTS has been nominated for five Grammy Awards (63rd to 65th Grammy Awards), Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards (Artist of the Year 2021), and MTV Video Music Awards. He has received numerous prestigious awards such as.

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French high jewelry house Fred was founded in Paris in 1936 by Fred Samuel. Inspired by the founder’s cheerful personality and imbued with the spirit of the French Riviera, the collection is an invitation to celebrate life’s big and small moments. “The
Fred, Sunshine Jeweler, has been part of the LVMH Group since 1995. * * For more information: http://* **

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