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En-On Co., Ltd. A future guide for today’s youth, “Reiwa Edition Hello Work for 13-year-olds” publication project

[En-On Co., Ltd.] A future guide for today’s youth, “Reiwa Edition Hello Work for 13-year-olds” publication project
*En-On Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
A guide to the future for today’s youth: “Reiwa version of Hello Work for 13-year-olds” publication project
*Support the future of young people with crowdfunding! Delivering a new guidebook nationwide that provides the latest job information and skills*
My name is Katsunori Ebara and I am the representative of En-On Co., Ltd. I have experience in a variety of positions including education, ICT, sales, and engineering. Currently, as the president and representative director of En-On Co., Ltd., I am focusing on spreading education and technology with an eye on the future. Through this project, we hope to help young people carve out their own futures. What I want to achieve with this project
“Reiwa version
We have published “Hello Work for 13 Year Olds” to provide the latest job information and necessary skills for today’s young people. In this way, we aim to provide a useful guide for them when
considering their future careers.
Background of project launch
Written by Ryu Murakami “New
“Hello Work for 13-Year-Olds” has had an impact on many young people, but there are some aspects that are not in line with the current job market. We launched this project because we felt there was a need for a new guide that reflected today’s increasingly diverse professions and skill sets. We leverage our experience and knowledge to provide content that is practical and appealing to young people. Current preparation status
We conduct market research and gather information on the latest occupations and skill sets. We are also preparing promotional materials. Currently, I am writing and editing in parallel, and am fully committed to the success of the project.
Project contents
“Reiwa version of Hello Work for 13-year-olds” is a comprehensive guidebook that reflects today’s increasingly diverse occupations and skill sets. Include the following content.

1. *Latest job information*
: Detailed explanation of trends and emerging occupations in the current job market. For example, we will introduce job types that have been attracting attention in recent years, such as digital marketing specialist, data scientist, and sustainability manager.
2. *Required skills and qualifications*
: Detailed explanation of the skill sets and qualifications required for each occupation. This includes technology-related skills, soft skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. 3. *Career path suggestion*
: We propose concrete career paths to help young people plan their future careers. For example, we can show you the steps from your initial job to career progression and explain how you can advance your career.
4. * Success stories and interviews *
: We publish interviews with people who have achieved success in their respective professions, sharing their real-life experiences and advice. This helps young people understand the profession from a realistic perspective and envision their future.
5. *Career counseling*
: Detailed explanation of self-analysis, goal setting, and career counseling methods. We support young people to discover their strengths and interests and effectively move toward their goals. lastly
Through this project, we will do our best to empower young people to carve out their own futures. We sincerely look forward to your support and sympathy. Let’s take the first step to create the future together.

“Reiwa version
Hello Work for 13-year-olds aims to be a valuable resource for developing the next generation of leaders and professionals. We support young people to maximize their potential and build fulfilling careers.

We look forward to your support. Together, let’s take a step towards opening up a future for young people. Thank you very much.

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