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Creage Tokyo Ladies’ Doc Clinic Clairge Tokyo Ladies’ Doc Clinic “Gastrointestinal Doc” release press conference Saba Suzuki and Katsura Maruyama appear as guests!

[Creage Tokyo Ladies Dog Clinic] Clairge Tokyo
Ladies’ Doc Clinic “Gastrointestinal Doc” Release Press Conference Saba Suzuki and Katsura Maruyama appear as guests!
*Creage Tokyo Ladies Dog Clinic*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Clairege Tokyo Ladies Doc Clinic “Gastrointestinal Doc” Release Press Conference Saba Suzuki and Katsura Maruyama appear as guests! *Suzuki Sunaba, the reason why she made her debut as a medical examiner was because of her great senior. ? Katsura Maruyama’s health tip is to “step on the asphalt”! ? *
Health checkup for women “Creage Tokyo”
Ladies’ Doc Clinic” has been offering the endoscopy (camera) examination plan “Gastrointestinal Examination” for a limited time since February 2024, but due to its popularity, it will be made permanent as a regular plan from July 8, 2024 (Monday). I will do it. At the press conference held on July 8th (Monday) to celebrate the decision to make the plan permanent, endoscopist Dr. Aya Seki gave a presentation.
In addition to the presentation, a talk session was held with guest actors Sawa Suzuki and entertainer Katsura Maruyama.
* -Event Report-*
*Creage Tokyo Ladies Checkup Clinic “Gastrointestinal Checkup” Release Press Conference*

* Is the low rate of gastrointestinal cancer screenings related to vague knowledge of “somehow worried”? *
*Colon cancer and stomach cancer can be cured with early detection and treatment! *
In the first half of the presentation, a talk session was held with Dr. Seki providing explanations about “Colon Cancer, Stomach Cancer, and Cancer Screening.” *
“Colon cancer” has the highest cancer mortality rate among women, and “stomach cancer” has the fifth highest cancer incidence rate among women*
Cancer is a disease that increases rapidly after the age of 40, and is something that women cannot ignore, but here are some cancers that women in their 40s to 60s should be careful about.
The most common response to colorectal and stomach cancer was that they were “somewhat worried” without any clear reason*
To. Dr. Seki explained the characteristics of colon cancer and stomach cancer that there are almost no early symptoms, and unlike breast cancer, you cannot notice the symptoms by touching them. Both cancers* Since the disease can be cured if detected and treated early, I told her that she should undergo regular cancer screening*.
Ms. Suzuki, who underwent surgery for uterine fibroids and upper uterine surgery two years ago, seemed very interested in the doctor’s explanation. “I didn’t know that colorectal cancer was the leading cause of death.I usually check the condition of my stool, but it’s important to get properly examined.”
* Only 1 in 10 people undergo a colonoscopy! ? *
*Two guests confess their stories about endoscopy (camera)
examinations, which tend to have a negative image*

According to Dr. Seki, *Colorectal cancer and stomach cancer have the lowest rate of cancer screening in Japan*
Approximately 1 in 10 people have undergone a colonoscopy within the past year. He said that once you reach your 30s and 40s, in addition to a fecal occult blood test for your colon and a barium test for your stomach, I would recommend regular endoscopy (camera) tests. As an episode about endoscopy (camera), Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Maruyama will talk about the first time they had an endoscopy (camera) examination. Suzuki said, “I was around 28 or 29 years old when I took a gastrocamera for the first time.Pinko Izumi, who I co-starred with in a drama, suddenly said to me, “You should go get tested!” I went nervously, thinking that Pinko-san would be angry if I didn’t go. From then on, I started thinking that it would be a good idea to have a medical checkup, so I took some time off, but since I turned 40, I have been going regularly. ”
Mr. Maruyama, who had previously undergone a colonoscopy for the first time as a couple, said of the incident, “I was concerned about my farts…I am told that I often fart while sleeping, but when I woke up, I’ve never let Mr. Honnami hear my farts while I was taking laxatives, but I did hear them on YouTube at all (lol). I didn’t want to be exposed to him, so I avoided him as much as possible even though we were in the same room,” she said with a girlish feeling. * Patient satisfaction rate 93%*
* Sunaba Suzuki experiences the “digestive organ checkup” plan for the first time that can reduce all kinds of burdens! *
This time we will release * “Gastrointestinal Doc” *
is an examination plan that allows you to easily undergo colonoscopy and gastroscopy examinations with peace of mind. Colon and stomach examinations can be performed on the same day*
This reduces dietary restrictions, the number of visits to the hospital, and the number of injections when using sedatives, reducing the burden on the body*.
Ms. Suzuki, who underwent a gastrointestinal checkup beforehand, said, “I felt very safe because it was only for women.When you get a test, you feel nervous, like, “I have to get it done.” When I went to Courage for a checkup, the atmosphere was like that of a hotel or a beauty salon, so I didn’t feel like I was getting a medical checkup. The process went smoothly, and the doctors in all departments were kind. Before I knew it, it was over. At the end, we were given tea and sweets… It didn’t really feel like a hospital.”

Mr. Maruyama, who heard Mr. Suzuki’s experience, seemed very interested in the “Gastrointestinal Exam” and said, “Today’s venue is also the Courage, and it’s a really beautiful place, so I feel like my body and mind will open up.” I had a scary image of hospitals being lined up with people walking around, but I thought I’d be able to relax here.” Mr. Suzuki couldn’t help but laugh at the unique Maruyama-bushi and responded, “I guess that’s the image I have.”

* [Q&A Corner] *
* Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Maruyama ask their teachers questions about colon cancer and stomach cancer! *
After hearing from Dr. Seki about colon cancer, stomach cancer, cancer screening, and endoscopy (camera) examinations, we held a Q&A corner for the two guests to discuss their concerns.
Mr. Maruyama, who undergoes annual health checkups, is wondering at what age should he actually start paying attention to diseases? asked the question. According to Dr. Seki’s answer, the incidence rate will increase rapidly starting from Mr. Maruyama’s generation, who are in their 40s. Also,*
Mr. Suzuki also urged caution, as those in their 50s are more than twice as likely to develop the disease as those in their 40s. Next, Mr. Suzuki asked about the frequency of endoscopy (camera) examinations, * colonoscopy once every 3 to 5 years, and gastroscopy * although this varies depending on the presence or absence of Helicobacter pylori infection *
Everyone should have a medical examination once every 1 to 3 years* When I get this answer, I get asked, “By the way…” How much should I be careful about the amount of alcohol I drink? Mr. Suzuki asked an additional question. According to Dr. Seki, although it does not directly affect the development of colon cancer or stomach cancer, it is recommended to limit the amount of alcohol you drink to 20 grams a day. Mr. Suzuki was told that the recommended amount was “2 glasses of wine,” and he charmingly commented, “Two glasses of wine…I’d like to go a little further.”
When asked by the host about a past mistake in which he drank too much, overslept and went to work on a helicopter, he answered, “That happened a long time ago… (lol) I don’t drink that much anymore! I used to drink a lot, but now that I’m in my 50s… Now, I can’t drink as much anymore. In the past, I used to drink more because I had a hard time (lol). Now, I don’t drink every day.” I denied it.

* [Guest talk] *
Suzuki-san and Maruyama-san’s messages to themselves 10 years from now. Mr. Suzuki expressed his gratitude for his health, and asked, “Are you able to maintain the width of your shoulders?” Maruyama-san said! Health tips and secrets for surviving the intense heat are also revealed*
In the second half of the event, Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Maruyama held a flip talk about health. We asked him about his future plans after maintaining a healthy body through medical checkups.
First, we asked participants to write a message to themselves 10 years from now under the theme of “One word for a healthy self in 10 years.” Ms. Suzuki said, “Thank you! Thank you for your health! I look forward to working with you in the future,” and added, “Recently, I feel that I can’t take my health for granted. I’ll be happy if my heart still beats when I wake up in the morning 10 years from now.” “I feel grateful for being healthy,” he said, commenting on how grateful he is to be healthy.
On the other hand, Mr. Maruyama gave a full-fledged message, asking, “Are you able to maintain that width of your shoulders?” He added, “Some people say that your height gets smaller as you get older, but for me, the width of your shoulders is more important. That’s what I think. I wrote this with all my heart so that the width of my shoulders doesn’t get smaller even by a millimeter. To that end, I often look up at the pigeons and hold my chest up.”

Next, what new things would you like to start doing to stay healthy? In response to the question, Suzuki answered, “Massage the area around the belly button and drink hot water.” “I wrote this because I’m actually trying it out and I’ve only just started.When I press the area around my navel clockwise with a special stick, the pain gradually subsides.That led to better relief, which made me very happy. When your intestines are healthy, your mind is healthy. People say that drinking beer will ruin your health, but I want to drink beer (lol), so I try to drink hot water first thing in the morning. He expressed his joy by saying, “I’m shouting “Yay!” every day when I get a free flight.

Mr. Maruyama also answered, “I step on the asphalt.” “I run with Mr. Honnami every day, and when we run or jog, we can tell where the asphalt is hard and whether the ground is hard or not. When Suzuki heard about her story with her husband, Kenji Honnami, “I’m looking for a solid place,” she said, “There’s a concept called grounding, and it’s important to firmly step on the earth.” “I think you are practicing something spiritual.” Mr. Maruyama seemed impressed and said, “I’m always asked what I’m talking about. It’s rare to find someone who understands me like this!”
Finally, when asked about measures to cope with the intense heat, Suzuki answered, “I stay hydrated and take acidity.” “I drink a lot of beer, but beer isn’t water, so I try to drink a chaser with it.I also carry a water bottle with me and try to drink about 1 liter. People started saying to me, “You’re finally starting to look like an actress” (lol). The sourness comes from citric acid,” he said with a smile.
On the other hand, Maruyama said, “I try to touch the iron as much as possible.I feel the cold by touching the iron in the shade.When I was a player, I often got scolded for eating ice cream…” Maruyama said. He taught me his unique way to cool down.

At the end of the event, Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Maruyama each spoke about their thoughts on screening. Suzuki said, “I think it’s great that people are becoming more aware of medical checkups because they still have to travel in their own bodies.It’s not scary to know what’s inside your body.” I would like to tell everyone,” he commented. Maruyama also said, “I think it’s important to examine organs because we can’t talk to people about them.
If you look at the faces of the people in the audience today, you’ll notice that they’ve heard so many stories about organs that you can see their organs. You, the person in the front row, should also get tested,” he said to the media gathered on the day, and the venue was filled with laughter.
* -Event details-*
*Clairege Tokyo Ladies Dog Clinic*
Clinic name: Creage Tokyo Ladies Dog Clinic
Location: 17F, Yurakucho Denki Building North Building, 1-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access: 1 minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station (Central West Exit/Hibiya Exit), directly connected to Hibiya Station (A3 Exit) Director: Satoko Hamanaka
Medical checkup reception hours: 8:30-11:00/13:00-14:30
Closed days: Sun/Mon
Phone number: 0120-815-835 (8:30-16:00)

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