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Home » You can create an original retractable leash (reel leash) for small dogs from just one piece! (2024/07/08)

You can create an original retractable leash (reel leash) for small dogs from just one piece! (2024/07/08)

You can create an original retractable leash (reel leash) for small dogs from just one piece! (2024/07/08)
*MAW Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 8, 2024
You can create an original retractable leash (reel leash) for small dogs from just one piece! (2024/07/08)
*New proposal for pet goods! We manufacture original retractable leashes for small dogs starting from just one piece. Easy to operate with one-touch control button. *
ME-Q (MAW Co., Ltd.), headquartered in Chuo-ku, Osaka, provides printing services for a variety of original goods. The newly released original retractable leash (reel leash) is a telescopic self-winding type (3 m) that allows dogs to play freely in the park, and is compatible with small dogs (less than 12 kg). Regardless of the breed of your dog, you can create your own original leash from just one piece. Also, operation is very easy with the one-touch control button. Enjoy a comfortable walk with your beloved dog.

▽ME-Q (Makeup)

▽Original telescopic lead

Features of the original telescopic lead (reel lead)
△You can create your own original from just one piece! Telescopic lead (reel lead)
You can create an original retractable leash (reel leash) for your pet from just one piece. This is an original leash that is easy to operate with a one-touch control button and allows you to print full-color photos of your pet.
△Retractable leash for pets with full color printing on both sides Original full-color printing can be applied to the front and back sides of the center part of the main body. Create a retractable leash (reel leash) that is full of originality by adding a photo of your pet or your favorite design.
△Convenient 3m reel lead with telescopic automatic winding type The original retractable leash (reel leash) is a 3m telescopic self-winding type that allows your pet to play freely in the park. Operation is easy with one-touch control button.
△Original reel leash for small dogs
This retractable lead (reel lead) is compatible with small dogs, and can be used with dogs weighing less than 12 kg, regardless of the breed. Safe and convenient pet goods.
△Original telescopic lead

[Useful for your time at home] Handmade goods sales that are useful for side jobs without inventory risk

Easily create original goods using your smartphone
As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily create goods using your smartphone. Of course, you don’t need any image production or editing software, and you can easily create images using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. We have a design creation simulator on our website that allows you to create goods without the need for specialized knowledge or software.

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Since you can make it from just one piece, you can start a side business with zero inventory risk.
With ME-Q, you can create goods from just one item, and if you sell goods in a made-to-order style, there is no inventory risk. Highly recommended for handmade crafters, artists, and those who want to sell goods as a side job.

You can not only make goods but also sell them. Popular with handmade craftsmen and artists
It’s easy to make original goods with ME-Q, but you can also easily sell your favorite goods to BASE as is. This feature is also popular among artists who want to sell original goods as a side job or for personal use.

*Shop information*

ME-Q (Make)
ME-Q (Makeup) caters to people who have had difficulty making goods until now, as well as writers and artists who sell handmade products or goods as a side job. It is also gaining popularity among a wide range of customers, including companies and shops that sell original goods. You can easily make your own goods from just one item, and with approximately 10,000 registered products, we offer unique customizable items.

Make T-shirts more fun! ” Original T-shirt “TUQRU” that can be made from just one piece. Leave it to us if you want to make original T-shirts such as class T-shirts (Kura T-shirts), team T-shirts, etc. for personal use, sales, sports festivals, cultural festivals, sports tournaments, club activities, circle activities, school festivals, etc. We can improve the productivity of your clothing business like never before and offer excellent cost performance.

[Operating company overview]
Company name: MAW Co., Ltd.
Location: 8F, Sakaisuji Building, 1-22-20 Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
Representative: Yasushi Nanjo, Representative Director and President Established: April 15, 2009
Business: Website management planning and production, OEM business, licensed goods sales, printing service business, creative business
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