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Home » Machine Guns, Triple Time, and Nibo Shiiwashi appear! “Live The Other Side of Comedy” will be held on July 1 1th (Thursday)!

Machine Guns, Triple Time, and Nibo Shiiwashi appear! “Live The Other Side of Comedy” will be held on July 1 1th (Thursday)!

Mainichi Shimbun Co., Ltd.
Machine Guns, Triple Time, and Nibo Shiiwashi appear! “Live The Other Side of Comedy” will be held on July 11th (Thursday)!
Mainichi Newspaper Event
Mainichi Shimbun (President: Ken Matsuki) will hold the event “Live: The Other Side of Comedy” on Saturday, July 11th at Shibuya Euro Live in Tokyo. To commemorate the 1st anniversary of the start of the Mainichi Shimbun photographer’s series “The Other Side of Comedy” (, which follows the activities of comedians, Machine Guns was featured in the series. , Sanbyoshi, and Niboshiiwashi will perform their songs at the venue. The online distribution and archive will include a bonus that will show you a glimpse of the backstage review session after the performance. Please join us!
[Image 1:×800.jpg] What is there on the “other side” that causes “laughter”? In the series “The Other Side of Comedy,” Mainichi Shimbun photographers visit all the places where comedians are active, from their dressing rooms to their work sites and part-time jobs, and follow them inside and out with their cameras. Ahead of one year since the start of the series in July 2023, a comedy live show will be held at Shibuya Euro Live in Tokyo on July 11th, featuring the duos featured in the series so far.
The songs will be performed by “Machine Guns” (runner-up of “THE SECOND ~ Manzai Tournament ~ 2023” Grand Prix Final), “Sanbyo” (finalist of “THE MANZAI 2014”), and “Niboshi Washi” (“No. 1 Female Comedian Determined”) 3 groups (3-time finalist). In addition to the comedians presenting their stories, there are also special programs created to interact with the audience (it looks like a press conference sponsored by a newspaper company). Limited to online distribution and archives, there is also a bonus video of the reflection session in the dressing room. -Main contents of the day (planned)-・The story of the 3 groups・Any ranking plan・Press conference plan・Photography allowed only at the ending! (*Recording, video, flash, sound not allowed) – Bonus for online viewing only! – Mainichi Shimbun reporter Ririko Maeda, who is in charge of the mini review series immediately after the performance, is holding a camera somewhere in the venue. Autographed photos of each duo will also be on sale. Special photos will also be displayed in the lobby of the venue. Please stay tuned!
■Click here to apply -Event Overview- [Date and time] July 11, 2024 (Thursday) 19:30- [Venue] Shibuya Euro Live (KINOHAUS 2F, 1-5 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) [How to participate] Online viewing (Zoom webinar) *This event will be a combination of on-site viewing and online viewing. *For those who watch online, we will separately inform you about archive viewing for about two weeks after the event ends [Target] Anyone can participate [Capacity] No capacity [Participation fee (tax included)] Online viewing ticket : 2,500 yen *Those who purchase online viewing tickets will be provided with information on viewing the event archive. [Deadline] July 11, 2024 (Thursday) 19:30 [Organizer] Mainichi Shimbun
-Performers-★Machine Guns Shuichi Takizawa = left, from Adachi Ward, Tokyo Ryo Nishibori = right, from Sapporo City
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] Ota Production 27th year of entertainment career 2023 “THE
SECOND~Manzai Tournament~” Grand Prix Final runner-up
★Sanbyoshi Ryo Takakura = left, from Obihiro, Hokkaido Takamasa Kubo = right, from Hachioji, Tokyo
[Image 3:×2700.jpg] Sun Music Production 23rd year of entertainment career, finalist of “THE MANZAI 2014”
★Niboshi sardine (Niboshi sardine) Niboshi = left, from Osaka city Sardine = right, from Osaka city
[Image 4:×2700.jpg] 12th year of freelance career, 3rd time finalist of “Female
Entertainer No. 1 Tournament THE W” – Photographer – Ririko Maeda Mainichi Shimbun Tokyo Photo Video Reporting Department Reporter
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] Joined in 2021. I like live comedy shows, YouTube, and radio. “The Other Side of Comedy” is currently being serialized in Mainichi Shimbun Digital.
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