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Home » Banyan Group Gallia Nijo Castle Kyoto Asia’s first Michelin Guide Hotel Selection certified as 1 Michelin Key (One Michelin Key)

Banyan Group Gallia Nijo Castle Kyoto Asia’s first Michelin Guide Hotel Selection certified as 1 Michelin Key (One Michelin Key)

Banyan Group Gallia Nijo Castle Kyoto Asia’s first Michelin Guide Hotel Selection certified as 1 Michelin Key (One Michelin Key) *Garia Nijo Castle Kyoto*
Press release: July 8, 2024
Banyan Group Gallia Nijo Castle Kyoto Asia’s first Michelin Guide Hotel Selection certified as 1 Michelin Key (One Michelin Key) Hotel brand of Banyan Group, one of the world’s leading independent hospitality groups* “Galia Nijo Castle Kyoto”*
(Location: Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City) on July 4, 2024
We are pleased to announce that we have been certified as 1 Michelin Key (One Michelin Key) in Asia’s first Michelin Guide Hotel Selection announced by the Michelin Guide on (Thursday).

(Source: Japan Michelin Tire Co., Ltd.)
Just as restaurant stars are an indicator of great dining, the Michelin Key is a guide to unique and charming accommodations. Asia’s first Michelin Key was awarded to 108 outstanding
accommodations across Japan, carefully selected by the Michelin Guide’s selection team.

What is 1 Michelin Key (One Michelin Key):
special stay
A destination with its own unique personality and charm. We offer an unconventional, one-of-a-kind experience. The service is always one step ahead and offers far more than accommodation in the same price range.

* ◆Galia Nijo Castle Kyoto Overview*

Located south of Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site, it is named after a beautiful winter flower* Gallia Nijo Castle Kyoto*
is a modern, minimalist, small luxury hotel that offers simple beauty and a space to recharge.

Banyan Group, a leader in the hospitality industry, is expanding into Japan for the first time with Gallia Nijo Castle.
Kyoto”. This is a small luxury hotel with 25 rooms located south of the World Heritage Site Nijo Castle.
A Japanese garden in Kyoto seen from the lobby. A moment to admire the changing seasons of Kyoto. All guest rooms have windows that extend all the way to the ceiling, providing luxurious relaxation surrounded by natural light and the greenery of the Japanese garden and Nijo Castle.
The hotel concept is “well-being,” a clean and healthy mind and body. Use your five senses in a tranquil space to soothe and moisturize your mind, leading you to “recharge.”
Please spend a time of healing and relaxation in a space of another world, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
All rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows. From the tatami seating area next to the window, you can enjoy the view of the Japanese garden and Nijo Castle while being surrounded by natural light and greenery. Lacquer furniture with vermilion accents, traditional Shoin-zukuri techniques, and modern art create a tranquil atmosphere and luxurious relaxation.
The museum exhibits 85 pieces of art inspired by Kyoto, tea, and Zen. You can enjoy art that colors the extraordinary.

Michelin Hotel Selection website
Gallia Nijo Castle Kyoto – Kyoto Prefecture – Michelin Guide ( )

* Innovative French Restaurant Shinzo (Singular) *
The concept is French cuisine that innovatively evolves traditional French and Japanese ingredients with original ideas.
We offer “Japanese and Western-style French” course meals using fresh, seasonal ingredients purchased directly from producers in Kyoto. You can enjoy artistic products that can only be tasted here, including Kyoto’s Chiyo Dofu, which is known for its rich flavor, and produced using rare Japanese ingredients. Japanese whiskey and sake are also available at the bar attached to the restaurant.
The interior of the store has a calm atmosphere, with the overall color tone of black and antique gold. There is an old Baccarat glass decanter from the 1900s displayed on top of the chest of drawers, a floor with a checkered pattern and Western checkered flag motif, and pendant lighting made of Japanese paper and leather that resembles hanging paper lanterns. A design that combines Japanese and Western styles. The dull, beautiful gold of the ceiling, folding screens, and doors casts light into the store.
Business hours Lunch: 11:30 – 14:00 L.O. Dinner: 17:30 – 20:00 L.O. Reservation required by 17:00 the day before

◎Location: 180-1 Ichinomachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture ◎Access: 2 minutes walk from Nijojo-mae station on the Tozai subway line ◎Rooms: 25 rooms
◎Room type: Deluxe King Twin (from 40 square meters), Wellbeing King Twin (41 to 49 square meters), Nijo Castle view
King Twin (45-53 square meters), Bamboo Garden King (41-49 square meters), Rikyu Terrace Suite King (53 square meters)
+ terrace 33 square meters)
◎In-house facilities: Shingler Innovative French Restaurant

* ◆About GARRYA*
* Gallia * Inspired by elegant flowers that bloom in winter
is a modern, minimalist paradise that offers peace of mind in the city. We provide sophisticated customers with a space to recharge. Gallia pursues the beauty of simple design, along with peaceful spaces that are perfect for a simple way of life where you can rest your body and mind, meditate, and reflect on your inner self. Many Gallias are located in secluded historic locations, combining sophisticated design with space for seclusion, providing modern, contemporary accommodation for guests who want to be rooted in local culture and immersed in nature. We will create an escape for you.

◆About Banyan Group
Banyan Group (“Banyan Tree Holdings Limited” or the “Group”, SGX:B58) is a purpose-driven, independent global hospitality company. The Group is proud of its pioneering spirit, design-driven experience and commitment to responsible stewardship. Its extensive portfolio includes more than 80 hotels and resorts, more than 60 spas and galleries, and 14 branded residences in more than 20 countries. Comprised of 12 global brands, including our flagship brand Banyan Tree, each with its own uniqueness, we also offer an experiential membership program, “with
We are united in “Banyan”. Our founding spirit of “Caring for the Environment, Empowering People” is embodied through the Banyan Global Foundation and the Banyan Management Academy. Banyan Group is committed to remaining a leading advocate for sustainable travel, with a focus on renewable tourism and innovative programs that enhance the guest experience.
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