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Home » Everiii & Partners International Co. Ltd “2024 Navigating DX Opportunities of World Expo Osaka” ended with great success in Osaka.

Everiii & Partners International Co. Ltd “2024 Navigating DX Opportunities of World Expo Osaka” ended with great success in Osaka.

[Everiii & Partners International Co. Ltd] “2024 Navigating DX” ended successfully in Osaka
Opportunities of World Expo Osaka”.
*Everiii & Partners International Co. Ltd*
Press release: July 8, 2024
“2024 Navigating DX Opportunities of World Expo Osaka” ended with great success in Osaka.
*Strengthening collaboration between approximately 30 Taiwanese smart manufacturing, healthcare, and smart city startups and Kansai and Japanese companies. *
(From left) IBPC, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osaka Tourism Bureau, Osaka Prefecture, Startup Island TAIWAN, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Hankyu Hanshin
Startup Island sponsored by Taiwan’s National Development Council (NDC) “2024 Navigating DX Opportunities of World Expo” hosted by TAIWAN Osaka” was held in Osaka from July 2nd to 3rd, 2024, and ended with great success.

This time, approximately 30 startups providing services in the smart manufacturing, smart city, and healthcare fields in Taiwan and approximately 50 Japanese companies participated. This is the second time we have undertaken this initiative.
*Date and time* July 2, 2024 (Tuesday)
*Venue* NORIBA10 Umeda
(All events from 14:00 to 20:30)
* Contents * 14:00-17:00
Taiwan Tech Solution Day
Opening, Startup Island TAIWAN
Introduction, Taiwan Startup Pitch
(approximately 20 smart manufacturing/smart city companies, 9 healthcare companies, 6 minutes each), interaction time

 Innovation of City
* Sponsored * Startup Island TAIWAN
*Co-sponsored* Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

At “GIF Meetup Taiwan,” approximately 20 startups in the smart city field from Taiwan, which saw the 2025 Osaka/Kansai Expo as a business opportunity, will come to Japan and aim to build relationships with Osaka companies.
“Startup Island” sponsored by Taiwan’s National Development Commission (NDC) TAIWAN, in collaboration with the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, held business presentations and networking events, which were attended by Osaka companies interested in collaboration and technology collaboration with Taiwan’s advanced startup companies. Additionally, 10 Taiwanese companies that already have Japanese companies as customers and have success stories in collaboration also participated.
*Business Matchmaking with IBPC Event Details*

*Date* July 3, 2024 (Wednesday) 10:00~12:00
*Venue* Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza
* Contents * Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza,
Visit to 5G X Lab
Introduction to IBPC Osaka
Pitch by Taiwanese startup
* Sponsored * Startup Island TAIWAN
IBPC Osaka
(Osaka International Economic Promotion Center, General Incorporated Foundation International Affairs Department)
* OSAKA SPRINGBOARD (Taiwanese Startup Solution Demo) event details * *Date and time* July 3, 2024 (Wednesday) 14:00~17:00
*Venue* Osaka Innovation Hub
* Contents * Introduction to Startup Island TAIWAN
Osaka Innovation Hub / OBDA
Introduction to
Japan/Taiwan biodesign sharing
Pitch of Taiwanese startups related to medical field
networking time
*Sponsored* Osaka Industrial Bureau, Public Interest Incorporated Foundation *community partner* Startup Island TAIWAN

“OSAKA SPRINGBOARD” (Taiwanese Startup Solution Demo) is “OSAKA SPRINGBOARD” (Taiwanese Startup Solution Demo).
This is a business matching event between overseas startups and Japanese companies as part of “SPRINGBOARD”.
As a program that supports the development of the Japanese market mainly in the Kansai area, we support the challenges faced by Taiwanese startups aiming to enter the Japanese market, including differences in language and business customs. As an example, GliaCloud, which provides the Taiwanese AI video editing service “GliaStudio” that participated in this event, has decided to introduce its service in the Kansai region.

Leading startup companies in the Taiwanese healthcare field
participated in this event, making it a popular event for Osaka companies aiming for business collaboration and co-creation with Taiwanese companies.

* Purpose and background of the event *
The cooperative relationship between Taiwan and Japan is strengthening year by year, and cooperation in the startup field is particularly active. Taiwanese startups are deepening ties with Japan’s Kansai region and making Osaka a strategic base. The Kansai region is known for its developed consumer market, diverse industrial chains, advanced urban planning, and high-quality medical services, and these characteristics are in line with Taiwan’s digital transformation, creating great potential for cooperation between the two sides. I am. At this year’s Expo, the Taiwan Pavilion introduced innovative technologies and showcased the results of cooperation between Taiwanese startups and Japanese companies. This event demonstrates the deep cooperation and innovation potential between Japan and Taiwan.

* Expanding activities of Taiwanese startups in Kansai and
collaboration with Japanese companies *
The Kansai region is an important base where many Taiwanese companies operate. Japanese companies headquartered in Osaka, such as Hankyu Hanshin Holdings and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, have close collaborations with Taiwanese startups.

Startup Island
Through business matching events with the Kansai region, TAIWAN has so far promoted the cooperation and exchange of more than 50 Taiwanese startup companies. Additionally, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Global Innovation Forum Plan (GIF Plan) supports Taiwanese startups to realize innovation in Osaka.

*Prospects for future expansion and co-creation of Taiwanese companies in the Kansai region*
We will strengthen opportunities for industrial cooperation for Taiwanese businesses in the Kansai market, and use the Osaka Expo as an opportunity to showcase the results of technology exchange between more Japanese and Taiwanese startups.
We also aim to increase opportunities for technological exchange around the world, primarily in Southeast Asia, encompass many countries and regions, and build partners in the international market. *Startup Island TAIWAN*
Startup Island supported by the National Development Commission TAIWAN provides opportunities for Taiwanese startups to go global, and aims to make Taiwan a destination for innovation and entrepreneurship for startups from around the world. We support Taiwanese startups to thrive in the global startup ecosystem.
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