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AKA Corp. AKA Corp.’s “Musio ESAT-J correspondence education” demonstration experiment with Sumida Ward Agoma Daini Junior High School

[AKA Corp.] AKA Corp.’s “Musio ESAT-J correspondence education” demonstration experiment with Sumida Ward Agoma Daini Junior High School
*AKA Corp.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
AKA Co., Ltd.’s “Musio ESAT-J correspondence education” goes into demonstration experiment with Sumida Ward Azuma Daini Junior High School
■”Musio ESAT-J correspondence course” app that can help you prepare for ESAT-J Tokyo has been implementing ESAT-J (Esat-J, English Speaking Achievement Test for Junior High since Reiwa 4).
Approximately 70,000 third-year junior high school students took the English speaking test last November.
In addition, from 2024, the test ESAT-J YEAR 1 (Y1)/ESAT-J YEAR will be launched for first and second grade junior high school students in Tokyo.
2 (Y2) has also been introduced, and preparations for the speaking test are urgently needed.
In such a situation, AKA, which has been providing speaking test preparation content to many English learners based on many years of know-how and data, has released a speaking test preparation app called “Musio” based on ESAT-J question trends.
We have developed “ESAT-J Correspondence Education” to provide many English learners with the opportunity to prepare for the speaking test.

Musio ESAT-J distance learning uses AI to realize efficient test preparation learning.
– Mock test
You can take a mock test that conforms to the question format of ESAT-J. Y3 Beginner for 3rd grade students, Y1 for 1st and 2nd grade students,
It also supports the Y2 question format, so you can choose questions that suit your grade and level and take the course.

– Scoring and analysis by AI
AI automatically scores and analyzes learner answers. Detailed feedback is provided by AI, allowing learners to objectively understand their own weaknesses and strengths.

– Exercises by part
It is equipped with a part-by-part exercise function that allows users to practice part-by-part so that they can more efficiently address their weaknesses. We aim to improve your overall score by thoroughly addressing the parts that you are weak at.

■Demonstration experiment of “Musio ESAT-J distance learning” at a public junior high school in Tokyo
AKA is Musio
In order to verify the effectiveness of ESAT-J correspondence education and use the results to improve the solution, we decided to conduct a demonstration experiment with Azuma Daini Junior High School.
The test is scheduled to be implemented for third-year students around September 2024, and is expected to provide a place for students to practice taking the test, and its effectiveness will be measured. In the demonstration experiment, students will take Musio ESAT-J distance learning learning content and mock tests to measure how effective it is in learning and memorizing.
The experimental results obtained from the demonstration experiment will be meaningfully used to provide better solutions to English learners, and will be used to improve and improve the app, as well as for new development.

-About Sumida Ward Azuma Daini Junior High School

Azuma Daini Junior High School opened in 1945 and has a total of 14,200 graduates. Traditionally, we have focused on academic guidance and thorough daily life guidance, and have promoted grade and class management in which each student can make the most of his or her life and has a sense of belonging and presence. In 2023, our efforts in the “movement to brighten society” were recognized and we were presented with a letter of appreciation from the Minister of Justice.
Azuma Daini Junior High School official website:

Since the app will be provided to each student during the
demonstration experiment, it is expected that each student will improve their English skills. Also, Musio
In ESAT-J correspondence course, you can take a rich learning content in addition to mock tests, so you can use it not only for ESAT-J preparation but also as daily speaking practice.
If you are interested in English learning solutions and Musio ESAT-J distance learning, please visit our Musio
Please contact Nihei (, who is in charge of ESAT-J.

-About AKA
Company name: AKA Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 4F Taniguchi Building, 1-7-9 Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Raymond Jung
Business content: Development and sales of artificial intelligence engines and solutions using them, SaaS business
■AKA homepage:
■Musio official website:
■Online English conversation service “Musio English” Official website:
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