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Business Flow LLC Improve performance! New release of safe fermented soybean flakes “Reward”

[Business Flow LLC] Improve performance! New release of safe fermented soybean flakes “Reward”
*Business Flow LLC*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Improve performance! New release of safe fermented soybean flakes “Reward” *Safe nutritional snacks, appetizers, and sprinkles! *
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* Improved performance! New release of safe fermented soybean flakes “Reward”*

“Reward” is a fermented soybean nutritional supplement that can be consumed with peace of mind by families with junior athletes, running enthusiasts, and other people who love exercise.

Reward is a convenient item that you can easily incorporate into your busy daily life by sprinkling it on your daily meals or rice in your lunch box, or as a snack before or after exercise or when you’re feeling hungry, or as a guilt-free snack. . To prevent cooking oil from deteriorating, we use a bag with an aluminum layer to block light, and an oxygen absorber is included in the bag. It is a single-serve size that is easy to carry.

“Reward” is tempeh flakes made from fermented soybeans. Since the raw material is soybeans, the protein content is comparable to that of meat, and at the same time, you can also ingest other nutrients such as dietary fiber. And it’s full of nutrients that are good for women. It has a Japanese-style ethnic flavor that you will never get tired of.

Sale price: [1 bag 25g] 330 yen (tax included + shipping not included) *Up to 6 bags per order. Shipping fee is 270 yen nationwide.

▽Tempe flakes “Reward”
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*This product is basically made to order. Please allow 5 business days from the time you place your order until the product is shipped. *If you are considering handling this item, please contact us by email.

* -What is tempeh? -*
Fermented soybean food is said to have been around for 400 years in Indonesia. Sometimes called Indonesian natto, it is not sticky, so it can be used in a wide range of dishes, and is often used as a substitute for meat or fish. It is a familiar ingredient to Japanese people who have been consuming fermented soybean foods such as miso and natto for a long time.

* -Three reasons to recommend tempeh to modern people-*
・Reason 1: Beauty and health in your hands!
In addition to being rich in lecithin and saponin, which have the effect of dissolving cholesterol, isoflavones, which are expected to relieve menopausal symptoms, prevent cancer, and beautify the skin, are fermented with tempeh bacteria and converted into a form (aglycone type) that is more easily absorbed by the body. To do.
In addition, the dietary fiber contained in tempeh gives you a feeling of fullness, and by eating it as a meat substitute, you can expect to “diet” while getting a good amount of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, the various nutritional components contained in tempeh have many beneficial effects, such as boosting immunity, detoxification, and anti-aging!

・Reason 2: Relieve stress!

Fermented food tempeh contains a lot of GABA, a natural amino acid. GABA is said to have the effect of calming the mind, calming excitement, bringing relaxation, and improving blood flow to the brain.

・Reason 3: Responding to changes in the global environment
The protein our bodies need comes mainly from meat from livestock and fishing, but we also rely on industrial forms that are likely to continue to have an impact in the future, such as import and export. Soybeans are a complete protein that contains all the essential amino acids and are referred to as “meat from the fields.” Tempeh is also fermented to make it easier to digest and absorb.

-Contact information for interviews, etc.- Business Flow LLC OneFace Akiyoshi Otomo
Miyagawa Store No. 2, 4303-1 Miyagawa, Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, 391-0013 *About details about this release*

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