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Home » Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd. Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd., an SEO consulting company, announces the full renewal of its service site “Ah! For SEO measures and article production, please consult Sakurasaku.”

Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd. Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd., an SEO consulting company, announces the full renewal of its service site “Ah! For SEO measures and article production, please consult Sakurasaku.”

Sakura Saku
SEO consulting company Sakurasaku Marketing Co., Ltd. announces full renewal of service site “Ah! For SEO measures and article production, please consult Sakurasaku.”
“We will make your sales bloom with the power of web marketing.” We have renewed our service site with a service concept that “declares that we will do our best for the purpose of improving our customers’ sales.”
Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Masayuki Negishi, hereinafter referred to as “Sakura Saku”), which is strong in SEO consulting and article production, is pleased to inform you that it has completely renewed its service site. Additionally, we have created a new service concept for SEO/article production. If you are looking for an SEO company, please take a look at our website.
■Background of the renewal
[Image 1:×736.png ]
Since Sakurasaku was founded in 2005, we have been developing services focused on the SEO business, and thanks to you, we will be celebrating our 20th term in 2024. In the web industry, which is undergoing rapid changes, and in the SEO industry, which is influenced by Google’s trends and algorithms, the reason we have been able to reach our 20th term is due to the support of our customers and partners.
Sakurasaku’s corporate philosophy is “a group of professionals who continue to evolve.” This corporate philosophy embodies our desire to “continue to be needed by society, both as an organization and as an individual.”
Looking at the pessimistic aspects such as the impact of the Japanese economy, population decline, and the arrival of AI, it is a market with no end in sight. In order for Sakurasaku to continue to be needed by society for the next 3, 5, and 10 years, we have completely renewed our service site in order to establish and declare the concept of our own services.
■Establishment and declaration of service concept
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New service concept: Increase sales with the power of web marketing. While providing SEO services, we have been thoroughly committed to maximizing our customers’ sales.
However, SEO and content marketing are just one means of web marketing. We will do our best to use the power of web marketing to further improve our customers’ sales in the future. This determination is reflected in this service concept.
In order to maximize sales, we cannot do it alone. We hereby declare that we will become partners with customers who choose Sakurasaku, think and act together, and achieve results.
■Thoughts behind the full renewal
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Main message: “Ah! For SEO measures and article production, please consult Sakurasaku ~ Sakurasaku quality that we are particular about because we are a small SEO company ~”
Among the many web marketing and SEO companies out there, it is extremely difficult to find the best support company to solve your company’s problems, and I think it is also an industry where it is difficult to understand the differences between each company. We have included our strengths and characteristics in order to dispel any concerns you may have, such as, “I’ve heard the name, but what is it actually like?”
It’s not very famous, but is it okay?
Since 80% of our cases come from agencies and referrals, you may not have heard of our name. We may not be well-known because we do not engage in excessive advertising or sales activities, but in fact, we have handled many cases where major SEO companies failed, as well as many famous brands.
It seems small, but is it okay?
Sakurasaku is a small and elite team, and it is certainly not large. However, many members have been consulting for over 10 years. I’m worried about my ability, but is it okay?
He’s a little strong man. We have solid knowledge and know-how from our 20 years of experience. Although the number of published cases is small, this is because most of the cases are cases that cannot be published due to confidentiality. If you would like to know more about our achievements, please contact us.
[Video 2:] ■Service introduction
Are you looking for someone to outsource your SEO measures? Are you collecting information by comparing service sites and pages of several companies and making full use of reviews and comparison sites? To be honest, I think the information posted on the web is the same for all companies. The case studies listed are those that went well, and the frequently asked questions are also similar.
What we value is “communication”. Whether we can properly understand the customer’s business and make SEO proposals as a good partner. Are both parties able to openly exchange opinions? First, talk to the person in charge to determine if your company is a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you.
1. SEO consulting service
Which are you looking for, “the correct answer to SEO or the results of SEO”? If you are particular about results, leave it to Sakurasaku. 2. Content article production agency service
“Cost vs. Performance” Both are important, right?
Leave it to Sakurasaku for high-quality, low-cost content production. ◇Characteristics of Sakurasaku
1. High quality and low price – Aiming to be an infrastructure company with SEO measures
2. Easy-to-understand SEO – policy that even managers can understand 3. Honesty, don’t lie – Partnership is the shortcut to results ◇Cost
[Image 4:×511.png ]
■Free content diagnosis
[Image 5:×727.png ]
Are you losing traffic to your content without realizing it? It’s no good if you keep creating content. Regular reviews are required! Let us give you a free diagnosis at Sakurasaku! ■President Negio
[Image 6:×2600.jpg] President of Sakurasaku Marketing Co., Ltd. (Common name: President Negio) Born in 1980 in Inagi City, Tokyo. Engaged in SEO consulting and content marketing for about 20 years. In 2006, he joined OPT Co., Ltd., a general internet agency, as a SEM consultant. Mainly engaged in work specializing in the keyword marketing field, from listing and display advertising operations to SEO policy proposals. In October of the same year, I changed jobs because I resonated with the executives of our company, which was a venture company with four people at the time. After joining the company, he gained experience in a wide range of areas including sales, SEO consulting, new business development, in-house marketing, human resources, and finance, and worked as a sales manager, executive officer, and director, and in 2015, when the company name was changed, he became president. As an SEO consultant, he has a track record of working on over 200 sites, from large-scale sites to new sites, with consulting that leads to increased sales. Currently, he is the editor-in-chief of Sakura Sakura Lab, and is familiar with BtoB marketing through in-house marketing such as disseminating information on President Negio’s SEO channel, and is developing consulting based on the know-how cultivated here. ◇President Negio’s SEO channel
◇Negio President’s X
◇President Negio’s book: “Why Most Content Marketing Ends in Failure”
■About Sakura Saku Marketing Co., Ltd.
◇Company overview
Company name: Sakurasaku Marketing Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Chairman and CEO: Toru Hayashi
Director, President and COO: Masayuki Negishi (President of Negio) Established: August 8, 2005
Address: 3rd floor, YAZAWA Building, 3-1-9 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ◇Business details
・SEO consulting
・Content marketing
・CRO consulting
◇Sakura Saku SEO service site
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