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Home » Faber Company Co., Ltd. Transition rate to travel reservation page is 2.3 times higher! Publishes a successful example of “strategic content marketing” undertaken on the JR East Group’s travel reservation site

Faber Company Co., Ltd. Transition rate to travel reservation page is 2.3 times higher! Publishes a successful example of “strategic content marketing” undertaken on the JR East Group’s travel reservation site

[Faber Company Co., Ltd.]
The transition rate to the travel reservation page is 2.3 times higher! Publishes a successful example of “strategic content marketing” undertaken on the JR East Group’s travel reservation site *Faber Company Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
The transition rate to the travel reservation page is 2.3 times higher! Publishes a successful example of “strategic content marketing” undertaken on the JR East Group’s travel reservation site *~Using professional human resources and tools, we can see the results of “point” measures being connected to “line”~*
Faber Co., Ltd. has a track record of supporting web marketing for approximately 1,800 companies.
JR East View Tourism & Sales Co., Ltd., a human resource matching service specializing in web marketing, operated by Fabel Company (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Directors: Masaki Inatsuki and Nobuo Furusawa). (Headquarters: Sumida-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President:
We would like to inform you that we have published a successful case study of content marketing support by Tetsuro Morisaki.

* ▼Click here for a case study interview with JR East View Tourism & Sales: *
■Challenges before introduction and background of deciding to introduce professional human resources and tools
JR East View Tourism & Sales, a travel agency of the JR East Group, has been focusing on digital marketing in recent years in order to increase sales from its own travel reservation site, View Travel, and is working on SEO and content marketing. did.

However, we feel that each measure is ad hoc, which is an issue, and we believe that it is necessary to design an overall strategy for content marketing in order to strategically implement measures that are directly linked to sales. Ta. We were also looking for ways to improve our team members’ problem-finding and improvement abilities to compensate for the lack of internal resources.

Therefore, we decided to use Mieruka Connect as a partner that can outsource everything from consulting to article writing. I decided to implement this service because I was attracted to the fact that it was cheaper than outsourcing to a company, and at the same time I was able to receive support from people with great skills.
In addition, when creating content in-house, we thought it was necessary to improve work efficiency, reduce man-hours, and verify the effectiveness of the content we created, so we decided to introduce the SEO tool “Mieruka SEO.”
* ■The conversion rate to the reservation page has increased by approximately 2.3 times due to well-reasoned measures by professional human resources*
Within the first two months of starting the initiative, we designed a content marketing strategy and established a monitoring system. We were able to set up personas, then determine the articles to be created in detail along the customer journey map and the conversions we wanted to achieve, and decide on the overall flow from attracting customers to the site to making reservations.
After that, with support for about a year, we released about 30 pieces of content in six months. Comparing content written by Mierka Connect marketers with content created by others, we found that the
micro-conversion rate with settings such as “reservation page transition” was 2.3 times higher.

Comparison of micro conversion rate (MCVR) between articles created by Mierka Connect marketers and other articles

Additionally, they are very satisfied with not only the
micro-conversion rate, but also the fact that we are able to secure high rankings in search results for the keywords we were targeting. We have a track record of both “attracting customers”, which is important in content marketing, and “results” from that.
Since the start of the initiative, we have consistently published articles every month, and as a result, the percentage of keywords that appear at the top of search results has steadily increased.

In addition to simply supplementing the lack of resources, our own members are also experiencing improved skills by using Mielka SEO’s tools. Regarding the support provided by the customer success staff, we are also satisfied with the advice that goes beyond tools.

* ■Comments from customers*
JR East View Tourism & Sales Co., Ltd. Dynamic Rail Pack Strategy Group Marketing Team Tomoyuki Kurosawa
“Previously, I had been implementing measures on an ad hoc basis without having a clear overall strategy, so I felt very refreshed and my long-standing worries were resolved. The results are clearly visible in the form of data, and I feel that the efforts we have made by utilizing professional human resources, establishing a solid strategy, and putting it into practice are gradually bearing fruit. We are grateful for the support we receive not only from the SEO measures, but also from a higher level of perspective, such as whether or not it will lead to sales. We hope that by continuing this initiative, we will lead to further sales expansion in the future. ” In the case study interview article, we provide more detailed information such as specific content marketing implementation details and the effects of using tools.

* ▼You can see the efforts of JR East View Tourism & Sales below: *

* ■What is Mieruka Connect?*
Mieruka Connect is Faber Co., Ltd.
This is a outsourcing matching service with marketing professionals operated by Company. Based on our knowledge from more than 15 years of providing web marketing support, we provide comprehensive support, from finding and introducing excellent marketers to providing support after that. We deliver the world’s “talents” to the world by creating opportunities for companies to meet professionals who have passed our own screening, and for registered marketers to create connections with jobs where they can make use of their “unique talents.” I will continue to do so.

To date, the cumulative number of projects has exceeded 690, and the number of registered marketers is about 1,800, which is steadily increasing. (as of June 2024)

If you are a company that would like to resolve your business and marketing issues, please feel free to contact us.
* ▼If you are looking for professional human resources, please contact us here*

* ▼Click here to register as a ready-to-use marketer*
* ■What is Mielka SEO?*
An SEO platform developed by Company using AI based on over 15 years of search engine marketing knowledge. (1) Tools that can measure SEO performance, including content planning, production, evaluation, and improvement, including competing sites, (2) Self-learning learning content such as seminars and videos, and (3) Individual consulting. With this trinity, we support in-house SEO and content measures (within the implementing company).
Released in March 2015, the number of companies that have currently adopted it exceeds 1,800. (As of April 2024). The development members include our CAO (Chief) who is a web analyst.
In addition to Takashi Ogawa (Officer), AI authorities include Associate Professor Mitsuo Yoshida of the University of Tsukuba’s Business Science Department and Professor Tomohiro Takagi of the Meiji University Faculty of Science and Technology’s Department of Information Science. Software patent registered.

* ■What is Faber Company Co., Ltd.*
We support corporate web marketing based on the concept of “achieving ‘zero marketing’ from frontier knowledge.” Since our founding in 2005, we have developed businesses such as SEO measures and content production for client companies. In 2013, we started developing our own SEO platform “Mieruka SEO” and released it in 2015. Starting with joint research with Toyohashi University of Technology, Meiji University
Together with Professor Takagi and others, he is focusing on research on the application of AI to the field of web marketing.

Company name: Faber Company Co., Ltd.
Address: 23F Kamiyacho Trust Tower, 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-6923 (Reception)
Representative Directors: Masaki Inatsugu, Nobuo Furusawa
Capital: 100 million yen
Established: October 24, 2005
Business details: Mieruka business, consulting business, media business, Mieruka Connect (DX human resources introduction) business, Dekirka (custom-made DX training business) business

* [Information dissemination site] *
・For SEO and web marketing know-how, visit “Mieru-ca Marketing Journal” (
(If you want to learn about SEO: “Latest information on SEO measures”
・For the latest digital marketing know-how, use “Mieruka Channel” (YouTube)

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