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Primedica Co., Ltd. Supporting health checkup institutions to solve problems and grow! Primedica launches consulting service for medical examination institutions

Primedica Co., Ltd.
Supporting problem solving and growth of medical examination institutions! Primedica launches consulting service for medical examination institutions
~Using knowledge and networks in the preventive medicine field to support sustainable management systems~
Primedica Co., Ltd. (located at Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and CEO: Tomo Tominaga; hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), which provides testing services in the preventive medical field, has started consulting services related to the management of health checkup institutions. did.
[Image 1:×308.jpg] 1. Background of service launch
Since our founding, our company’s mission has been to “spread preventive medicine throughout the world and solve the problems faced by modern medicine, such as increased medical costs and increased nursing care burdens.” We have developed a “risk testing service” that visualizes risk, and have been working to extend healthy life expectancy through testing.
Health checkup institutions play a role in realizing early detection and early treatment of diseases, which is particularly important in preventive medicine. However, on the other hand, there are problems such as lower test costs, lower health checkup participation rates, and a shortage of doctors and staff. We often face various management issues and efficiency issues, such as developing inspection systems. Therefore, we have leveraged our knowledge and network in the field of preventive medicine, which we have cultivated through providing tests to more than 4,000 medical institutions and health checkup
institutions, to address the management issues faced by health checkup institutions. We have decided to start a consulting service to solve this problem and support a sustainable management system.
2.Service content
We provide a wide range of solutions to the challenges faced by medical examination institutions, including support for the
formulation of medium- and long-term business plans, M&A support, and marketing/sales support.
[Image 2:×350.png ]
3.About future prospects
By starting a consulting service related to the management of medical examination institutions, we believe that we can not only provide risk testing services, but also contribute to the spread of preventive medicine as a close partner to medical examination institutions. Additionally, in the future, we aim to have health checkup
institutions across the country serve as bases for local health promotion, contribute to extending the healthy life expectancy of the entire nation, and help preventive medical care become more widespread in people’s lives.
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[Primedica Co., Ltd.]
We are developing a business specializing in preventive medicine, including research and development, marketing, and sales of tests that determine the risk of developing serious diseases at an early stage. We provide disease risk testing services such as the cerebral infarction/myocardial infarction risk test “LOX-index(R)” and the intestinal flora test “Flora Scan(R)” through more than 4,000 medical institutions nationwide. I’m here. As of June 2024, the testing services we provide have been taken by more than 1 million people, helping them manage their health.
■Company overview
Company name: Primedica Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 5th floor, Terada Building, 2-3-3 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: July 2010
Representative: Tomo Tominaga
Business content: Preventive medical care business, cutting-edge medical research and development business
Company URL:
■Contact information regarding this matter
Primedica Co., Ltd.
Business Promotion Department
Hiroo Abe
Tel: 03-5776-1105
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