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Plaid WOWOW revamps customer communication infrastructure with KARTE series

[Plaid] WOWOW revamps customer communication infrastructure with KARTE series *Plaid*
Press release: July 9, 2024
WOWOW revamps customer communication infrastructure with KARTE series *PLAID, a professional service that accelerates CX transformation ALPHA” will provide escort support and lead the infrastructure renewal project. Leverage customer data to deliver a consistent customer experience and reduce operational costs with tool integration* Plaid Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo: Representative Director and CEO Kenta Kurahashi) is a member of the KARTE series of CX (customer experience) platforms provided by the company.
We would like to inform you that “KARTE for App”, “KARTE Datahub”, and “KARTE Message” have been introduced at WOWOW Co., Ltd.
Renovate customer communication platform centered on the KARTE series WOWOW, which has approximately 2.5 million paid members, has revamped its customer communication infrastructure with the KARTE series of products to increase new members and increase loyalty of existing members for its satellite pay-TV service and video distribution service “WOWOW On Demand.” Did. By using KARTE as an integrated communication platform, the 1st
We aim to achieve consistent CX at all customer touchpoints by utilizing Party Customer Data and reduce operational costs by integrating tools.

Up until now, WOWOW has introduced marketing automation (MA) tools and recommendation tools as needed, and established operational systems for each tool to communicate with customers. On the other hand, in order to appeal to new members, encourage canceled members to rejoin, and improve the retention rate of existing members for future business growth, detailed one-to-one communication using high-resolution customer data is essential. Although we determined that this was necessary, it was difficult to achieve this using individually optimized tools, and the maintenance costs would be enormous.

Due to these issues, the KARTE series was adopted as the platform for WOWOW’s customer communication infrastructure. Being able to understand the current state of users across the web and apps and building seamless scenario deployment across multiple channels, 1st to analyze in real time
Party Customer
We have a product group that can utilize data both inside and outside of the service, preventing data silos, having the flexibility to utilize analyzed customer data in various situations, including collaboration with other companies’ products, and optimizing the number of tools used. The deciding factor for its adoption was the ability to reduce operating costs.

User real-time analysis and personalized customer service with the WOWOW on-demand app are available at KARTE for
The app integrates and seamlessly utilizes the data analyzed by KARTE and other data.
Datahub will handle multi-channel personalized delivery such as email and app push notifications, while KARTE Message will handle the delivery.

In the future, we are considering implementing web customer service in the browser version of both WOWOW Online and WOWOW On Demand, and 1st Party will be analyzed using KARTE.
Based on customer data, we will create a consistent customer experience across customer touchpoints.
Professional service “PLAID ALPHA” will support the infrastructure renewal project.
In the renewal of WOWOW’s customer communication platform centered on the KARTE series of products, PLAID’s professional service “PLAID ALPHA (Plaid Alpha) is providing escort support.

We have organized alternative policies for areas that were handled by tools introduced in the past, including marketing automation, and we have developed an overall design for customer communication centered on the use of the KARTE series, planned its mechanism, and
communicated with customers through collaboration with related departments. We led the renewal of the foundation.
PLAID ALPHA will continue to support WOWOW’s CX transformation with products and professional services, from tool operation to service growth.

* “PLAID ALPHA”, a professional service that accelerates CX transformation *
*WOWOW’s KARTE series introduction interview*
This time, Yuki Neda, who is in charge of digital marketing at WOWOW Co., Ltd. We asked Aki Tokoro and Kentaro Suzuki about how they adopted the KARTE series when renewing their customer communication
(Left) Customer Experience Department Customer Experience Strategy Department Manager Yuo Neda (middle) Media Business Department WOD Service Department Chief Aki Tokoro
(Right) Kentaro Suzuki, Leader of WOD Service Department, Media Business Bureau * Regarding WOWOW On Demand, please tell us about the service and its role in the business. *

Location: WOWOW On Demand is an on-demand distribution service that allows you to enjoy WOWOW programs such as original dramas, movies, sports broadcasts, and live music anytime and anywhere. It was originally launched as a service for broadcasting subscribers who missed it. Since then, as the times have changed, the distinction between broadcasting and communication has disappeared, especially from the perspective of consumers, and we have created a distribution service with enriched content so that you can enjoy WOWOW on PCs, smartphones, and other media in the same way as broadcasting. Now available to customers.
Neda: For the business as a whole, we believe it is important to further expand the number of users of WOWOW On Demand and have them feel the value of WOWOW’s services. WOWOW’s origins were in
broadcasting, and many customers still enjoy broadcasting. On the other hand, we believe that the value of our services will be more easily felt if users also use distribution channels that allow them to watch programs at any time and place. It’s important to not just “deliver everything”, but to enrich the options that allow customers to enjoy WOWOW according to their style.

*This time, we have made a major decision to revamp the foundation of customer communication. Please tell me the story behind that. * Neda: There are two reasons why we decided to renew our
infrastructure. These are “reducing costs by optimizing the number of tools used” and “realizing advanced customer communication.” Up until now, we have been implementing measures by introducing the necessary tools at the time, such as email distribution and app push, but we have also formed teams responsible for creative production and scenario design, and we are not only concerned about the price of the tools. Operating costs were also rising. Therefore, rather than implementing measures individually optimized for each tool/each team, we decided to create an organization that would think about who should communicate with whom, when, and what kind of communication from the customer’s perspective, and implement measures. That is the WOD service department that Tokoro and Suzuki belong to. We thought that by adopting an all-in-one and highly versatile tool for the
organization, we would be able to optimize costs in terms of both price and operation.

But the reason is not only cost. Through this renovation, we wanted to achieve a higher level of customer communication than ever before. We believed that by further improving the quality of customer
communication such as MA, we could improve the retention rate of our members and encourage those who have canceled their membership to rejoin.
Due to the nature of the service, for example, when a professional sports season ends, a certain number of people cancel their
subscriptions, but if you can show them other programs that suit their preferences, you can encourage them to continue using the service. We wanted to utilize customer data to realize communication tailored to each person, rather than the previous siled measures based on tools. KARTE was one of the tools that met the requirements of “reducing costs by optimizing the number of tools used” and “realizing advanced customer communication.”

* What was the deciding factor in choosing KARTE as the basis for customer communication? *
Neda: This is a reflection of the era when there were so many tools, but if you think in terms of touch points, you end up creating a strategy for approaching each customer for each point of contact. Instead, we thought we should integrate communication with customers and achieve customer-centered communication through various channels. I thought I could do what I wanted with KARTE.
Tokoro: Until now, the tools were separate, so it was not possible to run the PDCA cycle across tools based on the results of each measure. However, KARTE also has a Journey function that allows you to design customer journeys across customer contact points, so it seems possible to develop measures from the customer’s perspective.
In addition to app customer service and email delivery, KARTE also has extensive web customer service functions. Until now, we had been able to implement measures using apps and emails, but we did not have a way to communicate with customers via a browser, so this was an important consideration.
Suzuki: It was also great that they proposed support from partner companies in order to replace the existing tools and use them afterwards. PLAID, a professional service familiar with KARTE ALPHA” and a partner company’s project structure that matched our actual situation was very reliable, and I felt that this structure would allow us to maximize the results of using KARTE.

* How was Plaid’s support when introducing KARTE? *
Tokoro: As Suzuki mentioned, the decision included suggestions for human support for implementation, so I was grateful that he took the time to follow up on the difficult parts of switching tools and implementing KARTE. is.
Before moving on to the operational phase, when it seemed like we couldn’t keep up with the highly specialized content, we sometimes asked if we could give a lecture. Your immediate response helped promote understanding among those involved in KARTE operations and speed up the process.
*Finally, please let us know what you expect from Plaid in the future. * Neda: I would be grateful if we could have a relationship that would allow us to not only provide operational support for KARTE, but also provide further suggestions on areas where WOWOW’s MA is lacking. After all, there are many things that go unnoticed within the company, and information from outside is surprisingly difficult to come in. I think Plaid has a lot of knowledge about customer experience, so I’d like to hear more about it.

Tokoro: That’s right. As Neda mentioned earlier, WOWOW has a certain number of customers who cancel their subscription and then
resubscribe. It will be important in the future to continue to communicate with these people, even if they leave WOWOW, until they are ready to return. In that sense, the company has high expectations for KARTE’s use of customer data and consistent communication along the customer lifecycle.

Suzuki: Same as the two of us, but it would be great if we could get more and more ideas like “Wouldn’t customers be happy if they could have this kind of experience with WOWOW?” We would like you to become a partner in improving WOWOW’s CX together.

* thank you very much! *
CX platform “KARTE”
“KARTE” is a CX (customer experience) platform that analyzes the behavior of customers using websites and apps in real time, visualizes each customer individually, and realizes free communication tailored to each customer in a one-stop manner. The service started in March 2015. It is highly scalable and can be used to meet marketing issues and needs in a variety of situations, not just on-site. KARTE enables an overwhelming understanding of customers by integrating and analyzing all data from an individual customer perspective, and improves the value of experience (CX) for end users.
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