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SalesNow Co., Ltd. Kanagawa Prefecture Listed companies average annual income ranking TOP 10! /SalesNow DB report

SalesNow Co., Ltd.
[Kanagawa Prefecture] Top 10 listed companies average annual income ranking! /SalesNow DB report
~ “SalesNow DB”, one of the largest databases in Japan that completely covers corporate information for 5.4 million companies in Japan ~ ……
SalesNow Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Koki Muraoka, hereinafter referred to as “SalesNow”) operates the database “SalesNow” that is a weapon for sales teams, with the mission of “Creating a system where everyone can play an active role.” ”) investigated the average annual income ranking of listed companies headquartered in Kanagawa Prefecture from “SalesNow DB,” one of Japan’s largest databases that completely covers company information on 5.4 million companies in Japan.
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About Kanagawa Prefecture x average annual income ranking
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[Survey overview]
April 2023 – March 2024

*SalesNow DB extracts data based on commercial registration, real estate registration, tax office public notice data, official gazette articles, information published by government offices and companies, and information published by themselves on homepages and SNS. . Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the
information, we cannot guarantee all information.
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1st place: Macnica Holdings Co., Ltd.
A holding company of a specialized trading company that imports, exports, and sells semiconductors, integrated circuits, and other electronic components. Macnica, our main subsidiary, handles component products such as analog ICs and other integrated circuits and electronic devices, as well as network-related products.

2nd place: Lasertec Co., Ltd.
A manufacturer that develops semiconductor/FPD related equipment and laser microscopes. We have cutting-edge optical application technology and provide a variety of inspection and measurement solutions. Our main product is semiconductor photomask-related defect inspection equipment.

3rd place: Create SD Holdings Co., Ltd.
We are a company that operates community-based drug stores, dispensing pharmacies, and nursing care businesses. The drugstore has over 700 stores mainly in Kanagawa Prefecture. We also operate a dispensing pharmacy, a paid nursing home with nursing care, and a functional training day service business.

4th place: PeptiDream Co., Ltd.
We are a bioventure company that conducts research and development of pharmaceuticals that apply special peptides. Utilizing our unique drug discovery and development platform, we are progressing with the development of therapeutic and diagnostic drugs such as peptide drug discovery, small molecule drug discovery, and peptide-drug conjugates (PDCs).

5th place: Tokyo Kisen Co., Ltd.
A shipping company that provides tugboat services. In harbor tug and escort services, we use our skilled skills to quickly, safely, and accurately support ships when they leave and berth. Work locations include multiple ports in Tokyo Bay, Chiba Port, and Yokosuka New Port.

Please refer to the ranking image for 6th place and above.

About “SalesNow DB”
“SalesNow DB” is one of the largest databases in Japan, covering company information for 5.4 million companies across Japan. BtoB sales activities still involve inefficient operations such as manual creation of sales lists, collection of company information, and roller calls. By utilizing “SalesNow”, which supports sales efficiency based on corporate data, we aim to maximize sales efficiency by automating sales approaches such as proposals for period-end budgets and sales operations that were previously performed manually. It is possible.

■Latest company information
The information on this database is updated daily, allowing you to obtain the latest company information.

■Huge database
By covering company information for 5.4 million companies across Japan, it is possible to search for niche targeting and untapped companies that have not been approached before.

■Realize efficient lead acquisition
By combining it with “SalesNow,” which supports sales efficiency based on data from 5.4 million companies across Japan, you can maximize sales efficiency by identifying companies with a high order
acquisition angle and automating sales operations. You can aim for

■SalesNow DB:

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Company name: SalesNow Co., Ltd. Location: Shibuya Dogenzaka Tokyu Building, 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo plug and play Shibuya Representative: Representative Director Isao Muraoka Established: August 2019 Business details: Planning, development, and operation of SalesNow Company HP: “SalesNow”, a database that is a weapon for sales teams “SalesNow DB”, Japan’s largest corporate database media https://
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