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Home » Palongo Co., Ltd. Palongo Co., Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with Picus Security, Inc. in the United States.

Palongo Co., Ltd. Palongo Co., Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with Picus Security, Inc. in the United States.

[Palongo Co., Ltd.] Palongo Co., Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with Picus Security, Inc. in the United States.
*Palongo Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Palongo Co., Ltd. has signed a partnership agreement with Picus Security, Inc. in the United States.
*The company is developing and selling the Breach & Attack simulation service in Japan. *
Palongo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Manabu Kondo; hereinafter referred to as “Palongo”) is a subsidiary of Picus Security, Inc. (Headquarters:
California, USA, CEO: H. Alper Memis (Picus Security)
We will enter into a partnership agreement with the company and provide services as a partner.
Picus Security is a Breach and Attack Simulation (hereinafter referred to as BAS)
A company that provides solutions. Picus Security’s BAS
The solution simulates a ransomware attack on the customer’s environment based on a realistic attack scenario, such as an attack scenario related to prevalent ransomware.
As a result, what will happen if the ransomware attack is successful in your environment? Will the security measures you have invested in work as expected? If it passes through the walls of your security measures, will it stop at some point? We perform “risk visualization” to see if there is a possibility.

The “attack scenario” selection screen provided by Picus. You can see that there are ransomware scenarios that are actually occurring. In the context of cybersecurity, what is equivalent to the “actual stage”? The occurrence of the cyber incident itself corresponds to the actual stage. No one wants to be on such a stage, but you still have to be prepared for the actual performance, which you never know when it will come. To that end, you are making various investments in cybersecurity and promoting security operations on a daily basis, but a question arises here.
The question is, “Are the security measures and operations we have in place really effective in preventing an attack?”
How can I check and verify this?
You can check that your security product is working by using test malware, for example. But how do you know if it can block real attacks, such as ransomware?
Or, for example, suppose your organization’s network is designed to block communications from outside the organization.
But how do you know if your design, blocking methods, and settings are effective against actual attack methods?
For example, if your management team asks you something like this, how would you respond?
“Can my security measures prevent the currently popular LockBit?” It’s difficult to give a clear answer, isn’t it?
“Maybe it’s okay…”
“We use products from reputable manufacturers…”
Isn’t that kind of an answer confusing?
The BAS solution is a “rehearsal” service.
We test actual attack methods in your environment and visualize the results. If the results are as expected and as designed, you can feel safe, and if the results are not as expected, you can take specific measures to deal with the visualized risks.
It is also useful for future cybersecurity planning.
Even if there are still some areas that are not being protected, it is possible to analyze from the visualization results where the budget should be spent to make it more efficient and effective.
If you’re talking about “rehearsal”, penetration testing has been around for a long time, right? There is also a story. It is true that penetration testing has been around for a long time, and it is of course an effective method.
However, penetration testing and BAS solutions like Picus Security are not the same.
Penetration testing depends on the skill and expertise of the tester, and it is difficult to conduct tests continuously or at arbitrary timing. Generally, e.g.
It will be carried out once or twice, and you will only be able to obtain the results and considerations at that time.
The methods used for testing are also designed and implemented by testers. “Test it with the currently popular LockBit”
That’s not the case.
Or for example “log4shell
This attack suddenly started to become popular. What will happen to our company’s security measures? Of course, we cannot respond to sudden checks such as ”, and it is also necessary to narrow down the test targets, making comprehensive testing difficult in terms of time and cost.
A BAS solution like Picus Security allows you to test every part of your system, both serially and independently, in different scenarios and situations.
In addition to a series of attack simulations, for example, in-house PC What would happen if ransomware somehow got into the system? It is possible to simulate and check individual situations such as: In addition to tests and assessments such as shot diagnosis, it is also possible to test at any timing, and is suitable for applications such as assessing an organization’s resistance to unexpected events, such as zero-day attacks that suddenly appear. Masu.
Alper H. Alper Memis, CEO and co-founder of Picus Security, said of the partnership:
* “Understanding your cyber risk preparedness and risk level is a key challenge facing all security teams.
Attack simulations allow practitioners without offensive security expertise to proactively measure risk and gain peace of mind that defenses are in place.
We are excited to partner with Palongo to introduce more companies to the benefits of BAS through a consistent security verification approach. ”*
Picus is used to check the gap between the security measures taken by your organization and the attacks that actually occur, assess the risks, and update the measures.
Take advantage of BAS solutions from Security.
*About Picus Security*
Picus Security helps security teams consistently and accurately verify their security posture. Our Security
The Platform simulates real-world threats to assess the effectiveness of security measures, identify high-risk attack vectors to critical assets, and optimize threat prevention and detection capabilities. As a pioneer in breach and attack simulation, we specialize in providing our customers with the actionable insights they need to take proactive threat-centric actions.
Picus is Gartner(R) Peer Insights(TM) Customers’ Choice for
Selected for the 2024 BAS Tools category. (Note 1)
We are also recognized as a leader by Frost & Sullivan. (Note 2) (Note 1) Gartner, Voice of the Customer for Breach and Attack Simulation Tools, Peer Contributors, 30 January 2024.
(Note 2) Frost and Sullivan, 2022 Frost Radar(TM) report for the Global Breach and Attack Simulation Market
*About Palongo*
Palongo’s theme is “realization of security operations as
infrastructure,” so that security takes root in society in the same way as infrastructure such as electricity, gas, and internet lines.We provide efficient and effective security products and security operations. Through our support, we will help our customers realize more complete security operations.
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