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Home » Co., Ltd. Announcement of “Tabelog 100 Famous Eel Restaurants 2024” – TOP 100 famous eel restaurants that received high praise from Tabelog users – Co., Ltd. Announcement of “Tabelog 100 Famous Eel Restaurants 2024” – TOP 100 famous eel restaurants that received high praise from Tabelog users – Co., Ltd.
Announcement of “Tabelog 100 Famous Eel Restaurants 2024” – TOP 100 famous eel restaurants that received high praise from Tabelog users – ……
[Image 1:×237.jpg] “Tabelog Eel 100 Famous Stores 2024” announced
Top 100 famous eel restaurants highly rated by Tabelog users 27 stores in Tokyo, 10 stores in Aichi Prefecture, 9 stores in Shizuoka Prefecture, 13 stores nationwide selected for the first time! “Tabelog (,” a restaurant search and reservation service operated by, Inc., announced on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, “Tabelog Unagi,” which has received high praise from Tabelog users. 100 Famous Stores 2024” has been announced.
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About “Tabelog Eel 100 Famous Stores 2024”
Based on the concept of “If you want to eat delicious food now, this is the place to go.” The Gourmet Awards announces 100 highly rated restaurants in each genre. Since 2017, we have been announcing each year in a number of genres, and this is the fourth time that “Unagi 100 Famous Stores” has been announced. In terms of selection by prefecture, 27 shops were selected from Tokyo, followed by 10 shops from Aichi Prefecture, and 9 shops from Shizuoka Prefecture, an area known for its eel production. In addition, 13 new stores were added to the list of 100 famous stores. This summer, “Doyo no Ushi no Hi” will be held twice, on July 24th and August 5th. Why not visit one of the restaurants selected as one of the “100 Famous Eel Restaurants 2024” to eat eel that is rich in vitamin A, which boosts the body’s immunity, and vitamins B1 and B2, which have the effect of relieving fatigue.
About the selection method
Selection reference date: May 28, 2024
The top 100 stores with the highest score will be selected from stores that meet the following conditions.
・As of the selection reference date, the first genre is “eel” In 2024, 13 stores were selected for the first time.While
long-established stores such as “Ogawa Kiku” (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture), founded in 1807 and “Kawagoe Ichinoya” (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture), founded in 1832, were selected, it has been a long time since they opened. The shallow “Sangubashi Asaya (opening in September 2023)” (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) was also selected for the first time. In addition, “Unauu Okafuji” (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), which is a noren-sharing restaurant of the famous eel restaurant “Unafuji” (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture), which has won Bronze at “The Tabelog Award” for four years in a row, and “Unafuji” (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) , 13 stores were selected for the first time, including “Masuya” (Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture), which also handles the rare luxury brand eel “Unagi Bando Taro”.
Eel 100 Famous Stores 2024 First Selected Stores (13 stores) Store name/area
Ginza Fourth Generation Takahashiya Ginza Store/Tokyo
Sangubashi Asaya/Tokyo
Kokuya/Gunma Prefecture
Ogawa chrysanthemum/Saitama prefecture
River fish Nemoto/Saitama Prefecture
Kawagoe Ichinoya/Saitama Prefecture
Kojimaya/Saitama Prefecture
Masuya/Saitama Prefecture
Mountains/Nagano Prefecture
Unasen/Gifu Prefecture
Eel Ukafuji/Aichi Prefecture
Uoi Main Store/Osaka Prefecture
Sueyoshi Eel/Kagoshima Prefecture
*In the case of relocation or renewal, the selection will be made for the first time.
*Including other genres, stores that are selected for the first time as one of the 100 Famous Stores will be selected for the first time. [About Tabelog Hyakumeiten]
At Tabelog, along with the annual award “The Tabelog Award
(” which recognizes “delicious” restaurants that Japan is proud of, we hope that you can use this award to select restaurants that meet your diverse needs. , has announced 100 famous stores in a wide range of genres. We plan to continue announcing genres such as Asian/ethnic and curry this year as well.
[Tabelog Overview]
A restaurant search and reservation service that enriches your dining out experience. The number of listed stores is over 860,000. You can search for a restaurant that suits your purpose from a variety of viewpoints from a wealth of information about restaurants, such as detailed information provided by restaurants and reviews and photos posted by users. You can also easily check availability and make online reservations anytime, anywhere.
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Access status: 93.5 million monthly users, total monthly PV 2,222.93 million PV (as of March 2024).
(Number of monthly users by device) Smartphone: 77.86 million PC: 15.64 million *About how to measure the number of monthly users:
This is the number of users who visited the site based on their browser (depending on the specific browser, OS, etc., users who return after a certain period of time may be counted repeatedly).
Measurements are made to exclude, as much as possible, duplication of the number of users due to high-speed web page display on mobile devices and mechanical access such as automatic collection programs by third parties. Please note that Tabelog no longer supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) as of February 2022.
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