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Hori Shoten Co., Ltd. Water gun competition sport “Poipoi Battler” is spreading across the country as a su mmer tradition

[Hori Shoten Co., Ltd.] Water gun competition sport “Poipoi Battler” is spreading across the country as a summer tradition
*Hori Shoten Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Water gun competition sport “Poipoi Battler” spreads across the country as a summer tradition
*Poipoi Butler is a new sport promoted by the Poipoi Butler
Association. More than 25 organizations nationwide have registered as “Poipoi Partners.” It will also be held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City and professional soccer team Nankatsu SC! *
Poipoi Butler image
Former Japan national team player Junichi Inamoto, who plays for Nankatsu SC, also supports the team.
We are pleased to inform you that Poipoi Butler, a water gun competition that originated in Nagoya, has recently entered a phase of further popularization, with the number of Poipoi partners supporting the spread of the sport exceeding 25 organizations. On July 28th, there will be a pre-game event for the home game of Nankatsu SC, a professional soccer team in the first division of the Kanto League, and on August 1st and 2nd, there will be a project sponsored by Wisdom Academy Co., Ltd., which operates a private school children’s business. Poipoi Butler is also scheduled to be held in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro. The Poipoi Butler Association, a general incorporated association that strives to popularize the competition, provides free management advice to help those who are considering holding Poipoi Butler for the first time to plan and manage the event, and the number of Poipoi Butler events is increasing across the country. .
What is Poipoi Butler?
Poipoi Butler Association Main Visual
In 2021, Poi Poi Butler will be a wholesaler of products for children and families, Hori Shoten Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Representative: Hori)
This is the name of the sports toy developed and released by Takao Takao, and the name of the same competition.
It is a competition in which players wear special goggles on their heads, set special poi (used for things like goldfish scooping) into the goggles, and shoot water from a water gun at the opponent’s poi. The product (retail price: 748 yen including tax), which includes goggles for two people, a type of poi that can be replaced with paper, and a spare paper, will be available at many mass retailers nationwide (Xebio, Tokyu Hands, Don Quijote, It was sold at home centers, convenience stores, etc.).
A set for 20 people (4,500 yen including tax) for events is also sold at Hori Shoten Co., Ltd.’s stores and online mail order site. A view of the products sold at Hori Shoten
The tournament held at Hisaya-odori Park
Hisaya-odori every year from 2022
Tournaments are also held at the park as the main venue, and it has become a popular event that attracts many repeaters every time. It is easy to play with just a water gun and special goggles and poi, and is a safe and sensuous game that can be enjoyed regardless of whether you are good or bad at sports. It is a sport that everyone from children to adults can enjoy and get excited about, and it has been featured in the media a lot every year, and is becoming a summer tradition. Scene from the event held at Hisaya-odori Park in the center of Nagoya
Event held at Meijo Park next to Nagoya Castle

What is Poipoi Butler Association?
Poipoi Butler Association (Nagoya City, Representative Director = Hori) Shintaro) is a non-profit organization that aims to popularize Poipoi Battler, a water gun battle. In addition to introducing the
competition on the association’s website, we also publish operational manuals and other information to help make it easier for even first-timers to hold a Poipoi Battler.
Poi Poi Butler is not an event with management staff, but rather the event is managed by everyone who supplies the equipment. Therefore, one of the attractions is that it can be held easily and at a low cost.
The Poi Poi Butler Association’s purpose is to popularize the sport, so we provide management advice free of charge to organizations that are considering holding an event or tournament (in principle online, but face-to-face is negotiable).
The cost of holding an event is 4,500 yen (tax included) for a set of 20 people (20 goggles, 20 paper refills, 200 spare papers *10 sheets/person), and if participants bring their own water guns, it costs 100 yen. About 200 yen per person. If you would like to procure a water gun, we can provide you with a water gun suitable for competitions for between 130 yen and 1,000 yen, so you can take your water gun home for a total cost of 500 yen/person.
Upcoming events scheduled
Poipoi Butler events are being held all over the country this year as well. *The list below is only for events held by Poipoi partners.
People other than partners have also purchased Poi Poi Battler kits and events are being held in various locations.
Organizer (title omitted) Date Location
Poipoi Butler Association May 3rd Meijo Park (Aichi) *Already held Yamamori Marche Executive Committee July 7 Takawashi-cho, Gujo City (Gifu) *Already held
Manga Artist Society July 20th Funabashi The Garden Premium (Chiba) Nankatsu SC July 28 Okudo Sports Center Athletics Stadium (Tokyo) Manga Artist Society July 28 Oyama Harvest Walk (Tochigi)
Wisdom Academy August 1-2 Ikebukuro/Sunshine City (Tokyo)
Sky Park August 4th Itotsunomori Park (Saga)
Sakaiyume Minato Terminal August 12th Sakaiyume Minato Terminal (Tottori) ABC Development August 17 ABC Housing Housing World Tachikawa (Tokyo) Kamide Town Revitalization Plan Promotion Committee August 24 Kamide Town, Nishi Ward, Kobe City (Hyogo)
Comments from poipoi partners
Haruka Amano, Promotion Manager, Nankatsu SC Co., Ltd.
I was searching on my smartphone late at night to see if there was an organization that was doing something interesting that would go well with the Nankatsu SC summer event, and I came across Poipoi Butler! lol
Feeling excited, I sent an email asking for a tie-up with Nankatsu SC, and the next day I received a quick response from Representative Director Hori. How excited are you, Mr. Hori?
Nankatsu SC players who have experienced Poi Poi Battle have given it great reviews, saying, “This is fun!” and “It’s fun regardless of age or gender!” I’m looking forward to the day of the event! Manga Artist Society Co., Ltd. CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) Katsumi Kobayashi Our Japanese Culture Platform Division plans and operates real events for clients in a variety of businesses, including commercial facilities and hotels. “Poipoi Butler” is a powerful piece of content that can be proposed as summer outdoor event content and can be quickly approved. There is unanimous agreement that what people are looking for is a real experience, even in a collegial system. The adults around them enjoy seeing the happy faces of the children who participate. In order to make the event even more entertaining, we include many effects during the proceedings. If it is a commercial facility, we purchase water guns sold by tenants and are contributing to the increase in tenant sales.
Wisdom Academy Co., Ltd. Director, COO, Head of Afterschool Management Division Kyoya Matsuoka
Both the name and appearance are catchy! Easy to understand, impactful, and above all, our school children will enjoy it! I immediately became interested.
In addition, Mr. Hori, the representative director of the association, has high hopes for it as “a safe and sensually enjoyable experience that is not greatly influenced by athletic strengths or weaknesses,” and we look forward to providing opportunities for children to have fun with Poipoi Butler. .
Future prospects
We believe that water gun battle Poipoi Butler is a sport that serves as a catalyst for connecting people through competition. Because it allows a wide range of people to enjoy playing regardless of their athletic strengths or weaknesses, it provides a variety of
opportunities for interaction not only between local residents but also between professional athletes and their fans. For example, when a professional soccer player and a fan play soccer, they end up being the ones teaching and being taught, but with Poi Poi Battler, elementary school students might be able to beat the professional athletes. We will continue to promote this sport so that as many people as possible can enjoy it as a sport that allows for casual interaction.
With Nankatsu SC players
Details and application for each event
Saturday, July 20th “Funabashi The Garden Premium (Large Apartment) Summer Festival”
Sponsored by: Manga Artist Society Co., Ltd.
Location: Funabashi The Garden Premium
Private event (also held in 2022 and 2023)

July 28th (Sun) “COOL SPLASH Event”
Sponsor: Nankatsu SC Co., Ltd.
Location: Okudo Sports Center Athletics Stadium
Click here for details

July 28th (Sunday) “Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk” Summer Project (First landing in Tochigi Prefecture!)
Sponsored by: Manga Artist Society Co., Ltd.
Location: Oyama Yuen Harvest Walk Harvest Plaza
Click here for details

August 1-2 (Thursday and Friday) “STEAMS Camp in Sunshine City” Sponsor: Wisdom Academy Co., Ltd.
Location: Ikebukuro Sunshine City Rainbow Garden
Click here for details

Sunday, August 4th “Poipoi Battler Tournament”
Sponsor: Sky Park Co., Ltd.
Location: Itotsunomori Park
Click here for details

August 12th (Holiday) “Summer Festival Event”
Sponsored by: Sakaiyume Minato Terminal
Location: Sakaiyume Minato Terminal
Click here for details (official Instagram account)

Saturday, August 17th “Poipoi Butler”
Sponsor: ABC Development Co., Ltd.
Location: ABC Housing Housing World Tachikawa

Saturday, August 24th “Poipoi Butler”
Sponsored by: Kamide Town Revitalization Plan Promotion Committee Location: Kamide-cho, Nishi-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

Hori Shoten Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Takao Hori
Address: 2-6-26 Shindo, Nishi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 451-0043
Founded in 1950. We are a wholesaler in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture that mainly handles events that families enjoy, such as festivals, and promotional gifts (toys, stationery, miscellaneous goods, sweets). We sell our products nationwide to both corporations and individuals through our store located about a 15-minute walk from Nagoya Station and online through our own website. We aim to create more smiles by fulfilling the wishes of our customers who want to make children happy.
In addition to popularizing the water gun competition sport “Poipoi Battler”, he is also actively involved in hosting a Halloween event involving over 70 stores in Nagoya, with over 3,800 participants (actual results in 2023). We are working on activities to create “fun”.
Mail order site:
X (formerly Twitter) official account: Official Instagram account: -For inquiries regarding this matter-
Hori Shoten Co., Ltd.
TEL: 052-571-0903
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