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Naie Town, Hokkaido Let’s have a great day. July 18th is No-No-Day

[Naie Town, Hokkaido] Let’s have a great day. July 18th is No-No-Day *Naie Kyousou Network General Incorporated Association*
Press release: July 9, 2024
[Naie Town, Hokkaido] Let’s have a great day. July 18th is No-No-Day July 18th is a play on the words 7 (na), 1 (i), and 8 (eight noe). That’s why we have so many plans in place.
“Naie Day” is not the anniversary of the founding of the town, but it is an initiative to embody “Naie Town, the Town of Planning”, spread the catchphrase “Zudon” more and more with everyone in the town, and revitalize the town. is.
Please pay attention and interview us.
This year’s “No Day” program!
1. Opening ceremony
2. Zudon Mug Idea Contest
3.The 1st Molukku Tournament
4.Other related events
1. opening ceremony
Sapporo International Information High School Brass Band “SIT” attracts attention with “Danpre (Dance & Playing)”
The day will begin on a grand scale with a gorgeous performance by the band. “Danpre” is a performance style that originated in Hokkaido and is performed while dancing, and it is an impressive performance that is sure to impress! Please come and experience the live performance up close.
[Date and time] July 12th (Friday) 15:30~
[Location] Naie Town Social Education Center (Community Center) Outdoor Square [Content] Performance by Sapporo International Information High School Brass Band “SIT Band”
[How to participate] Anyone can participate, no advance application required

* What is Sapporo International Information High School Brass Band “SIT Band”? * A band from Sapporo International Information High School (prefectural prefectural advanced specialized course high school) located in Kita Ward, Sapporo City. “SIT”, a brass band organized by the supporting association, holds performances within the school and at events sponsored by Kobunkenren and government offices.
As a member of the band, we are active in responding to the recent restrictions on school club activities and regional migration by holding guest live shows and independent live shows.
The largest brass band/band in Hokkaido. The brass band club was founded in 1997, the third year after the school’s founding. This year marks the 27th anniversary.

2. Zudon Mug Idea Contest
The main character this time is “Zudon Mug” which is being sold at various stores and offices in Naie Town! Although it is called a mug, its contents are not limited to drinks. Foods such as soba, udon, and salads, as well as flowers and miscellaneous goods, are all unique and have their own ingenuity.
A contest will be held to determine the grand prize for participating stores that have come up with such fun ideas. Please vote for the store etc. with the idea you like the most. Then, go to participating stores in the town and have a good time!

[Participating stores/offices]
Ishikawa Flower Shop / Yamato Automobile Maintenance Center / Tailor Kitada / Mihara Shoji (Gas Store) / Auto Service Umemoto / Cafe Mimizuku / Otomi-san (Izakaya) / Fujie Hardware Store / Kikyoya (Udon Shop) / Yakiniku Izakaya Guevara /
Karamatsuen (soba restaurant) / dining bar lantern / Matsushimaya Ryokan / Yoshino sushi / Gujo cuisine Gohei / Yakitori Tamariba / JA Shinsunagawa Naie Branch

▶For details on mug ideas, etc., please visit the special site here (opens 7/18)

[General voting period] July 18th (Thursday) to August 18th (Sunday), 2024 [How to vote] Please vote using the online voting form. (opened 7/18)
[Type of award]
1. The grand prize will be determined by public voting
2. Awards for each category will be determined by selection by the town mayor, chairperson, chairman of commerce and industry,
agricultural cooperative president, etc.
[Result announcement method]
・The awards for each category and the grand prize will be announced at the Naie Industry Festival venue on Saturday, August 24th.
・We will inform you later on this website, the town’s official website, and SNS.

3. 1st Molukku Tournament
Molukku, a sport that originated in Finland, is played at various events in Naie Town.
The town of Hausjärvi and Naie town in Finland have a friendship city relationship, and we are working to popularize Morukku. This year, we will be holding the Naie Kyousou Network Cup as part of our Naie Day project. Participation in the tournament is also possible, and viewing is free. Teams participating in the world championship will also participate in the tournament.
After the competition, we will be holding the first Molukku Garden Bar, where you can freely experience Molukku while drinking and eating in typical Finnish style, selling sausages, beer, soft drinks, etc. [Date and time] July 20th (Sat) 10:00-15:00 *Cancelled in case of rain [Location] Roadside Station House Jarvi Naie Lawn Square

*How to participate in the tournament*
[Participation fee] 500 yen per team
[Number of teams that can participate] Approximately 10 teams (2 to 4 people per team)
[Notes] – Compliant with the rules of Japan Molukku Association ・Preliminary league matches and final tournament matches will be held. ・Injuries during the tournament are your own responsibility. [How to apply] Please fill out the details below and apply by email or phone. 1. Team name 2. Name of representative 3. Number of participants or TEL.0125-35-9103 (Kobayashi) [Application deadline] July 18th (Thursday)

4. Other related events
Nasho Festival
During the Naie no Hi period, the “Naisho Festival” (Hokkaido Naie Commercial High School’s school festival) will be held. Take a look at the activities of high school students who came together as one. In the evening, the annual fireworks display, one of Naie’s summer traditions, will be held in full swing!
[Date and time] July 14th (Sunday) 12:45-15:00 Open to the public [Fireworks Festival] 20:00~ (Rain or shine, canceled in case of stormy weather) [Location] Hokkaido Naie Commercial High School

Naie Town Zudon Special Race
A race named after Naie Town is held at Hokkaido Horse Racing (Monbetsu Racecourse).
On the day of the event, you can also watch on the official YouTube channel [Hokaido Horse Racing LIVE “Namachaki”]. You may be able to enjoy it even more if you purchase a “pari-mutuel betting ticket.” Those attending the event on the day will also be able to participate in a raffle where they can win local specialties.
[Date and time] Scheduled to start at 19:10 on Wednesday, July 17th

What is Naie Town, Hokkaido?
It is a town with a population of approximately 5,000 people located in the center of the Sorachi region of Hokkaido (approximately halfway between Sapporo and Asahikawa). National Route 12 (a road that can be called the main artery of Hokkaido with a total length of 156.8 km) runs north-south through the center of the town, and the 29.2 km from Bibai City to Takikawa City, passing through Naie Town, is the longest in Japan. It is a straight road. Naie Town is located exactly in the middle. Even as the population declines, the birthrate declines, and the aging population progresses, we are working to resolve various issues in order to create a “city where everyone can thrive throughout their lives,” where everyone can have a purpose in life, a role to play, and play an active role.
The town’s catchphrase is “Zudon”
“Zudon” originates from Naie Town, the town with the most straight roads in Japan, but it resonates with the expansive rural landscape, majestic mountain range, and generous nature of Naie Town, as well as the various tangible and intangible resources that this town has. It represents power. As introduced on the previous page, there are a variety of ways to use it both inside and outside the town. It’s not just something that fits on the shoulders of office staff’s business cards or envelopes, but it can be used in a variety of situations depending on the ideas of each town’s residents, businesses, and organizations, creating communication and helping Naie Town become more We aim to create a unique perspective that is different from that of the city.
“Zudon” is expanding rapidly.
By distributing Zudon stickers for free, unique usage examples can be posted on Instagram etc., large curtains using Zudon can be installed at city halls and pedestrian bridges, and various goods and hometown tax return gifts can be distributed. , mugs, bowls, Zudon curry, and other menu items are appearing one after another. In addition, children in the town created LINE stamps in the image of Zudon at a workshop. In addition to being used at festivals and events in the town, it has been used in a variety of ways, including in the town’s newsletter and businesses in the town, and has even been featured on TV news.
Town hall hanging curtain
pedestrian bridge banner
Coming-of-age ceremony
LINE stamp
Hometown tax return gift
Zudon Mug
Zudon tea bowl
Example of using stickers
Zudon hot water planned by children
Zudon curry
TV news situation
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