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Home » iStyle Co., Ltd. Newsletter “@cosme Trend Buds” that discovers signs of future trends from reviews poste d on @cosme ~ No. 34 June 2024 edition ~

iStyle Co., Ltd. Newsletter “@cosme Trend Buds” that discovers signs of future trends from reviews poste d on @cosme ~ No. 34 June 2024 edition ~

istyle Co., Ltd.
Newsletter “@cosme Trend Buds” that discovers signs of future trends from reviews posted on @cosme ~ No. 34 June 2024 edition ~
iStyle Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: So Endo) publishes a newsletter that discovers signs of future trends from reviews posted on Japan’s largest comprehensive cosmetics and beauty site, @cosme. We will be distributing “@cosme’s trend buds”. ■What are the buds of @cosme trends?
[Image 1:×454.jpg] “@cosme” is Japan’s largest comprehensive cosmetics and beauty site with a product database of over 340,000 cosmetics from the above brands, a review search function, new product information, and more. It is a service that more than half of Japanese women in their 20s and 30s use in some way every month. Since the service started in 1999, the number of members, reviews, and page views have continued to grow, and the cumulative number of reviews will exceed 20 million in December 2023!
In “@cosme’s Trend Buds”, we pick up words that first appeared in reviews posted on @cosme, and words that have significantly increased their appearance rate, and deliver them to you every month. Although the numbers are not large yet, we will introduce signs that it may become a big trend in the future, along with actual reviews. We will also introduce word-of-mouth rankings for seasonal categories, sales rankings for @cosme TOKYO/OSAKA and @cosme STORE, and sales rankings for @cosme SHOPPING.
Q. Who picks up words that are likely to become trends from the vast amount of data?
iStyle has a “research team” that analyzes @cosme’s vast data and utilizes it for marketing. The two people keep in touch with the latest consumer trends through access data, awareness surveys, and interviews, as well as over 20 million reviews, and analyze and pick up the buds of trends every month.
[Image 2:×340.jpg] iStyle Co., Ltd. @cosme Research Planner (Left) Haiko Nishihara (Right) Ayako Harada
Latest Research Column: The grand prize goes to Athenia “Skin Clear Cleanse Oil Aroma Type” – A counterattack of mid-priced cosmetics with a good balance between price and quality! ~|@cosme Best New Cosmetics Report for the First Half of 2024
1. Latest trends seen from @cosme posted reviews
・The water resistance display of UV items is on the rise! Operation will begin in December 2022, and will it finally become one of the criteria for product selection?
・A passionate focus on “ingredients” that continues. In May, ingredients and items that can prevent rough skin and moisturize will be a hot topic!
– Featured on YouTube! A mask that conducts electricity? !
“Entertainment” captures the hearts of consumers
・Is the new trend of “mute makeup” resonating with “bare skin”? There is a movement to seek “natural coloring”
・A hair care line created by hair and makeup artists is born! &be HAIR produced by Yusuke Kawakita
・@cosme’s famous reviews? “Crab miso” is newly added to the Expression with Food series.
2. @cosme TOKYO deodorant/antiperspirant sales ranking
(Aggregation period: 2024/05/24 to 2024/06/23)
Items to take care of heat, sweat, and odor as the rainy season begins and temperatures rise.
While many standard stick type and cool body sheet items are ranked, the body sheet that specializes in odor control for adult women ranks first!
Fragrance powder sheets from Korea are also included in the ranking! ================
1. Latest trends seen from @cosme posted reviews
In the past month, approximately 80,000 purchased product reviews* have been posted on @cosme. Approximately 80,000 words are used in these reviews. We investigated the monthly appearance rates of all of these 80,000 words since 2015 and picked out words that first appeared in May 2024 and words whose appearance rates have increased
*Purchased product reviews: Reviews from people who purchased and used the product themselves, rather than using a sample.
[Image 3:×299.png ]
Even though it was spring, there were days when the temperature rose to nearly 30 degrees in May. Perhaps triggered by sunlight and UV protection, there is an increasing trend in word-of-mouth for words such as “UV water resistance,” which are often listed along with “SPF” and “PA,” especially in sunscreen products, to indicate resistance to water and resistance to removal. It becomes. The “UV water resistant” label has been in operation since December 2022, and the rate of increase in word-of-mouth reviews indicates that awareness of the word is increasing among consumers. It will be interesting to see if it becomes popular as one of the criteria for product selection along with “SPF” and “PA” in the future.
-Excerpt from reviews-
unlabel / unlabel V tone up UV milk
It’s attractive that it’s affordable and contains lots of vitamin C derivatives, tone-up effects, UV water resistance, serum effects, and no UV absorbers! I will be using this this year.
ALBLANC / Brightening Skin Treat UV
As a quasi-drug, it has SPF50+, PA++++, and UV water resistance★★, the highest in Japan, and is sweat-proof, super waterproof, and
friction-proof, making it resistant to sweat and water chafing.It’s great to be able to protect against UV rays while preventing stains and dryness. That’s right ^^
[Image 4:×431.png ]
[Image 5:×283.png ]
Consumers’ awareness of “ingredients” continues to rise, and reviews in May focused attention on “glycyrrhizic acid,” which is expected to have the effect of preventing rough skin. Since it is included in not only skin care products but also body care products, some people say that it is used on the body at night after exposure to UV rays during the day, or after taking a bath. In addition, words such as “birch extract” and “all-purpose toner” are also on the rise, centering on products from the “Shirakaba Series” by the Korean brand “ROUND LAB.” In addition to the feedback that the birch extract ingredient provides moisture, we also hear that it is a “versatile toner” that can act as a wipe-off lotion, daily use, and lotion pack. The voice that is expected. In addition, the attention paid to ingredients that are expected to have skin-soothing effects, such as glycyrrhizinate and birch extract, seems to be influenced by the fact that this is the season when people are concerned about the strength of sunlight and its damage, as well as UV water resistance. is.
-Excerpt from reviews-
Anessa/Skin Serum
Contains active ingredients such as niacinamide, which is effective for whitening and improving wrinkles, and glycyrrhizinate, which is effective for preventing rough skin, so it can be used on the body at night after exposure to UV rays during the day, after taking a bath. I am.
ROUND LAB / Birch moisture lotion
A versatile toner that can be used as a wipe-off lotion + daily use + lotion pack! It feels fresh and has a slightly sticky texture that seems to be good for moisturizing. Easy to use and non-irritating. ROUND LAB / Birch moisture sun cream
This sunscreen keeps you moist all day long thanks to the refreshing water content of birch extract.
It seems to be the No. 1 sunscreen that attracts attention from Korean beauty users.
[Image 6:×468.png ]
[Image 7:×358.png ]
Natuore Recover’s “Biden Mask” was introduced in the @cosme OSAKA shopping project released in May on the YouTube channel “Emilynn Channel”, which has 1.81 million subscribers. As a result, the word “current” increased in word-of-mouth, and the word “current mask” also appeared for the first time. There are many reviews saying, “I bought this mask because I was concerned about the current flowing through it,” and it seems that the “entertainment” aspect that traditional masks lack has captured the hearts of consumers. In the “@cosme Best Cosme Awards 2024 First Half Trend Forecast” announced by @cosme in December last year, the keyword “entertainment mask” was announced, predicting that masks with entertainment properties will attract attention in the future. I have a feeling that a wide variety of masks will continue to gain popularity.
-Excerpt from reviews-
What is the electric current mask that Murai-san recommended on Emirin Channel? ? I was curious about this, so I bought it even though it was a bit pricey. You can definitely feel a subtle electric current on your skin. interesting.
Current flows! ? I was curious and bought it. I feel like my skin has become firmer! I would like to use it again.
[Image 8:×467.png ]
[Image 9:×323.png ]
Words related to the Korean makeup trend of “mute makeup,” which utilizes one’s own natural ingredients and finishes by layering one tone of light color, are increasing in word-of-mouth. Perhaps because it resonates with the “bare skin look” trend that has long been trending in Japan, more and more people are adopting muted makeup, and not only items from Korean brands, but also Kate’s “Popping”, which has become a hot topic for its lack of color. Related words are starting to appear in reviews of domestic brands, including Silhouette Shadow. In the past few years, there has been a movement toward a more vibrant complexion, especially in cheek items, but recently, the term “blood color” has been on the rise. In addition to the attention paid to these terms, the term “mucosal color” is also becoming a hot topic on social media, so it seems likely that the preference for “natural coloring” will continue in the future.
-Excerpt from reviews-
Fujiko / No-look lip
The color is neither too plain nor too flashy, making your complexion brighter. Perfect for muted makeup
Kate / Popping Silhouette Shadow
I’ve been interested in muted makeup, but I’ve always avoided pale colors because I don’t have any color and I don’t think I’ll look any different since I’m a double-edged woman. I would like people like me to try using it.
BBIA / Ready-to-wear eye palette
Anyway, it’s a light, smooth, powdery, natural eyeshadow. You can create any finish, and it’s easy to use when you want your lips and cheeks to be the main focus!
SHEGLAM / Color Bloom Liquid Blush
Although it has a fresh texture, it becomes smooth as soon as you put it on your skin, and it adheres tightly to your skin, giving you a flushed color that oozes from within.
[Image 10:×644.png ]
[Image 11:×304.png ]
With the launch of a new hair care brand “&be HAIR” on April 30th from the brand “&be” produced by hair and make-up artist Yusuke Kawakita, words related to the released products are on the rise. In addition, on May 1st, “Wonjungyo Hair”, a hair line supervised by Korean makeup artist Won Jeong-yo, will be released as a hair line, making it a hair care brand managed by a popular hair and makeup artist. seems to be receiving increasing attention.
[Image 12:×523.png ]
[Image 13:×292.png ]
At @cosme, we offer DR PLANT’s Sekkoku Ran Aging Care Mask α, which has become a hot topic with its sheet mask that resembles yuba, and Elixir Refle Balancing Mizu, which has an unprecedented texture that is described as “white bean paste” and “strained bean paste.” We often see reviews that use food to describe the dosage form, color, etc. As a new word following that, the word “crab miso” has become a trending word based on the word of mouth of KANEBO “Kanebo Shadow on Face”, which is so popular that it continues to sell out. This item is used for shading on the face line and bridge of the nose, and the exquisite color that blends easily into the skin is described as a “crab miso” color. By using food as an analogy, it is easier to visualize the product’s features and generate interest, which may lead to word of mouth.
-Excerpt from reviews-
KANEBO / Kanebo Shadow on Face
I was finally able to purchase it. I’ve been interested in this product for quite some time, but it was sold out everywhere so I couldn’t get it back. The color was definitely the same crab miso as the reputation, but the color was very nice with a slight shadow. KANEBO / Kanebo Shadow on Face
It’s a fairly pale color that is just called crab miso shadow. This creates exquisite and natural shadows.
I can understand why it’s becoming popular.
[Image 14:×3900.jpg] 2. @cosme TOKYO deodorant/antiperspirant sales ranking (collection period: 2024/05/24 to 2024/06/23)
June was hot and humid again this year due to rising temperatures and rain. At the same time, it’s also the season when you’re worried about sweat and smell due to the heat. Looking at @cosme TOKYO’s sales of deodorant and antiperspirant items, sales increased 1.5 times in June compared to April. Sales of deodorant and antiperspirant items are likely to continue to grow as more people are expected to continue going out during summer events and traveling.
In the ranking, Deoko’s body cleanse, which specializes in odor care for adult women, took first place. In addition, while the standard Deonature series made it to the ranking with four items, showing its strong popularity, Tokiwa Shokai’s “Cool Wipe Shower Series”, a cool item unique to summer, was also popular. There was also a wide variety of results, including the Korean brand JUL7ME’s fragrance powder sheet, which was just released in April, and came in 10th place.
[Image 15:×871.png ]
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“@cosme trend buds” ~No.34 June 2024 edition~
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