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GFLOPS Co., Ltd. RIKEN begins using GFLOPS’s generation AI assistant “AskDona”

[GFLOPS Co., Ltd.] RIKEN begins using GFLOPS’s generation AI assistant “AskDona”
*GFLOPS Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
RIKEN begins using GFLOPS’s generation AI assistant “AskDona” *-Providing real-time response services using generative AI technology to Fugaku support site users-*
Photo: From left: RIKEN Shoji, Operations Technology Department Manager, Senior Technical Staff Mikami, Engineer Nakamura, GFLOPS Representative Morimoto, and Co-Representative Suzuki
GFLOPS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GFLOPS) and JAFCO Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as JAF
(hereinafter referred to as “Fugaku”) and RIKEN (hereinafter referred to as “RIKEN”) have established the “Fugaku” support site (hereinafter referred to as “Fugaku”) in order to promptly and accurately respond to inquiries regarding the use of the supercomputer “Fugaku” (hereinafter referred to as “Fugaku”). We are pleased to announce that we have introduced GFLOPS’s generation AI assistant “AskDona”*1 to our support site.
* [Background of AskDona introduction] *
The Fugaku support site provides technical support to domestic and international users of Fugaku. While it is important to
comprehensively provide technical information to users, the sheer volume of information makes it difficult for users to search for the information they need from a large number of technical documents created in various formats. There are times when it is not easy to solve a problem. The most recent challenge for the Fugaku support site was to encourage users to solve their own problems by providing a highly functional search service and a high-precision automatic response service for questions.
Under these circumstances, JAFCO’s entrepreneurial support program “First As part of support for “Leap”*2, RIKEN and GFLOPS exchanged technical opinions regarding generative AI, which led to discussions on the introduction of AskDona. After about half a year of verification and evaluation, AskDona’s solution was highly evaluated and the decision was made to implement it.
[*Purpose of introducing AskDona*]
While aiming to enhance the FAQ page of the Fugaku support site, we have created a real-time service that takes advantage of the effectiveness of the question answering system using the rapidly developing generative AI technology and provides answers to users in the form of a chat service. Realize. The content of the answers is tailored to the needs of each Fugaku user by having Search Augmented Generation (RAG)*3, which applies the application technology of the generation AI that is the basis of AskDona, learn the Fugaku manual, etc. It will be the most suitable one.
[*Reason for hiring AskDona*]
1) *Answer accuracy*
* Passed examination criteria of 80% or higher response accuracy using search augmented generation (RAG) technology* (Patent pending*4) We built a RAG using not only the 16,000-page PDF manual for Fugaku, but also the HTML user’s manual and FAQ page as the answer information source. GFLOPS uses a patent-pending mechanism that achieves high response accuracy from large volumes of data, and satisfies the technical review requirements for response accuracy set by RIKEN. *2) Usability*
* Providing solutions including knowledge search paths using applied search augmentation generation (RAG) technology*
In this case, in addition to providing an interactive chat format using RAG, we will also implement a document search function. The material search function uses the RAG mechanism, but does not generate answer texts and provides highly relevant materials in a list format. By linking AskDona with the ticket creation function*5 of the existing Fugaku support site, AskDona will seamlessly link the history with the ticket on the Fugaku support site when a manned response is required. This makes it possible to significantly improve user convenience. Generation AI assistant: Example of AskDona usage screen
[*About AskDona*]
AskDona is a generative AI assistant that centrally handles SMS, SNS, web, and business chat conversations. Learn internal knowledge and automatically generate answers. Furthermore, it integrates more than 10 types of task execution tools that can be linked with business applications to autonomously perform tasks based on instructions. AskDona’s core technology includes RAG (Retrieval-Augmented
Generation) system has been adopted. Patent pending for RAG’s high response accuracy technology and mechanism for connecting to RAG from multiple channels simultaneously.
*AskDona site URL*:

*Comment from Fumiyoshi Shoji, Head of Operation Technology Division, RIKEN Center for Computational Science*
We were thinking that we might be able to dramatically improve user support for Fugaku by using generative AI, and JAFCO introduced us to GFLOPS, and we started considering it. We quickly realized that AskDona, the AI ​​assistant developed by GFLOPS, was more effective than we had imagined, but what was even more impressive was how quickly it responded to our requests. We hope to continue working together to improve services for Fugaku users.
*Comment from Maria Morimoto, representative of GFLOPS Co., Ltd.* Since our founding, we have been researching RAG as a technology that makes it easy for businesses to use generative AI, and while receiving support for customer development utilizing JAFCO’s extensive network, we have recently introduced AskDona to RIKEN. We are very honored to have you use our service. The opportunity to use AskDona while receiving feedback from RIKEN on the Fugaku support site used by people all over the world is extremely valuable, and we hope to promote the practical use of generative AI application technology and improve user satisfaction. I am confident that I can make a major contribution.
* -About GFLOPS Co., Ltd.-*
JAFCO Group Co., Ltd.’s entrepreneur training program “First It was founded by two former Google employees who received support from “Leap”. Aiming for a hybrid work between AI and people, we provide solutions that utilize applied technology of generative AI. Company name: GFLOPS Co., Ltd. (English name: GFLOPS Co., Ltd.) Representative name: Maria Morimoto Co-representative: Ryosuke Suzuki Head office location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business content: Development and provision of AI services using large-scale language model (LLM) generation AI technology, etc. Web:
Recruitment information:

* -About JAFCO Group Co., Ltd.-*
Since our establishment in 1973, we have worked with stakeholders to solve problems by utilizing new technologies and going beyond existing constraints and common sense. We are committed to creating innovative technologies and services around the world, advocating “Creating a cycle of growth by investing in challenges.”
Company name: JAFCO Group Co., Ltd./English: JAFCO Group Co., Ltd. President and Director: Keisuke Miyoshi
Head office location: 24th floor, Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, 1-23-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

* -About RIKEN-*
As the only comprehensive natural science research institute in Japan, we conduct research in a wide range of fields including physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics and information science, computational science, biology, and medical science, and aim to disseminate research results to society. In addition to conducting joint research and commissioned research in collaboration with universities and companies, we are actively promoting the transfer of intellectual property and other technologies to industry.
Chairman: Makoto Gonokami
Head office location: 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako City, Saitama Prefecture Web:

AskDona: A generative AI assistant that centrally handles SMS, SNS, web, and business chat conversations. Learn internal knowledge and automatically generate answers. It integrates more than 10 types of task execution tools that can also be linked with business
applications, and autonomously executes tasks based on instructions. AskDona’s core technology includes RAG (Retrieval-Augmented
Generation) system has been adopted.

*2 First Leap: The name of a program aimed at supporting entrepreneurs by JAFCO, a venture capital firm with the largest number of cumulative investments in Japan.

*3 Search augmented generation (RAG): Retrieval-Augmented
Abbreviation for Generation (RAG). It is a technology for providing external information to large-scale language models, and represents a technology that combines information retrieval (retrival) and generation (generation).
*4 Patent pending: Patent pending for technology to improve response accuracy of search augmentation generation (RAG).

*5 Ticket creation function: A function that allows Fugaku users to create a ticket and respond to the inquiry by submitting a form with the details of their inquiry.
*About details about this release*

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