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Home » TD SYNNEX begins collaboration with Qualcomm Japan. Deploying PCs equipped with the Snapdragon X series platform suitable for the AI ​​era for corporate customers in Japan

TD SYNNEX begins collaboration with Qualcomm Japan. Deploying PCs equipped with the Snapdragon X series platform suitable for the AI ​​era for corporate customers in Japan

TD SYNNEX begins collaboration with Qualcomm Japan. Deploying PCs equipped with the Snapdragon X series platform suitable for the AI ​​era for corporate customers in Japan
*TD Synex*
Press release: July 9, 2024
TD SYNNEX begins collaboration with Qualcomm Japan. Deploying PCs equipped with the Snapdragon X series platform suitable for the AI ​​era for corporate customers in Japan
*Snapdragon installed for the first time in a completely new concept PC called Copilot+PC
Introducing the X series to the Japanese market, helping companies improve productivity and optimize IT infrastructure*
Snapdragon X Elite logo
TD SYNNEX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Shigetaka Kunimochi, hereinafter “TD
From July 9th, “SYNNEX”) will collaborate with Qualcomm Japan LLC (Headquarters: Tokyo, hereinafter “Qualcomm”) to develop Snapdragon We are pleased to announce that we will be launching PCs equipped with the Elite platform in the Japanese market for corporate customers. A new category of Windows designed for AI
As a PC called “Copilot+PC,” we provide PCs incorporating Qualcomm’s cutting-edge technology to help companies improve productivity and optimize their IT infrastructure.

* ■With the rapid spread of generative AI, the need for faster and lower power consumption PCs compatible with generative AI is rapidly increasing *
Improving productivity due to the declining workforce has become an important issue for Japanese companies and industries, and companies are constantly seeking to improve productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, as Japanese companies expand overseas due to the progress of globalization, the growth of inbound business has become important. Globalization of business has become an issue not only for large companies but also for local and regional companies, and technology to increase international competitiveness is required.

In a rapidly evolving IT environment, the emergence of generative AI is expected to lead to rapid spread of generative AI and the use of large-scale language models (LLM) on devices. Due to such
technological innovations, the need for faster and lower power consumption PCs that support generation AI is rapidly increasing, and NPU (Neural
There is also growing interest in PCs equipped with a processing unit.

Windows specifically designed for AI
Copilot+PC, a PC, is expected to contribute to improving corporate productivity. By introducing Copilot+PC, companies will be able to utilize the power of AI to run their business efficiently.

Qualcomm Snapdragon X
PCs with the Elite platform are designed to meet these needs. Featuring high performance, low power consumption, and long battery life, it provides an ideal solution especially for mobile workers. Equipped with an AI-dedicated processor NPU, it is possible to efficiently perform inference processing of generated AI and further increase user productivity. This platform has 45
Boasting TOPS (45 trillion operations per second) processing performance, it provides unparalleled efficiency in AI inference processing.

TD SYNNEX is collaborating with Qualcomm to launch Snapdragon X in the Japanese enterprise market.
By deploying PCs equipped with the Elite platform, we help companies improve their IT environments. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide PCs incorporating advanced technology and accelerate the digital transformation of companies.

* ■Features of “Copilot+PC” announced this time: 1. Recall function to quickly recall information: *
Scroll through time and find the content you need with a timeline that spans apps, websites, documents, and more. The intuitive
snapshot-based screenray feature suggests next steps based on object recognition. And you can get back to where you were from a specific email in Outlook or the right chat in Teams.
Recall functionality is based on the user’s personal semantics, built and stored entirely on the device.
Take advantage of indexes. Snapshots are saved on your PC, not in the cloud. You can delete individual snapshots from the icon in the taskbar system tray, adjust the time range in settings, delete them, or pause them at any point. You can also filter certain apps and websites from being saved. You’re always in control of your privacy.

* 2. AI image creation and editing co-creator function built into Windows: * The co-creator feature allows you to combine handwritten and text prompts to generate new images in near real-time. With repeated instructions, your images and artwork will also be refined, making it easier to edit and evolve your ideas. Powerful diffusion-based algorithms optimize the highest quality output with minimal steps, giving you the feeling of creating alongside the AI. Creativity Using the slider, you can choose from a variety of artwork, from realistic to more expressive. Once you’ve selected your artwork, you can continue to iterate on it and express your ideas, regardless of your creative skills.

* 3. Live captioning feature to facilitate communication: *
Live Captioning transforms all the audio output from your PC into one common English subtitle experience across all applications, displayed on-screen in real time. Instantly, automatically translate live or recorded audio in over 40 languages ​​to English subtitles in any app or video platform, even when you’re offline. Powered by NPU and available on every Copilot+PC, this feature lets you get your words across exactly as you intended.

* 4. Long battery life that allows your PC to run for more than 2 days: * The latest Snapdragon
With the addition of the X Series, your PC will be able to run on battery for more than two days thanks to its amazing power efficiency improvements.
*Battery life varies greatly depending on device, settings, usage, and other factors.

* ■Synergy from collaboration between TD SYNNEX and Qualcomm * TD SYNNEX has built a strong global partnership with Qualcomm, and we will leverage that synergy in the Japanese market as well. Through this collaboration, Snapdragon
We will expand our portfolio of PCs equipped with the X Elite platform and provide high-performance PCs to more companies.

At the time of this announcement, Yasukata Nakayama, Vice President of Qualcomm Japan LLC, Qualcomm’s Japanese subsidiary, said the following.
“In collaboration with TD SYNNEX, Snapdragon
We are very pleased to be able to introduce Elite-powered products to the Japanese corporate market. Our Snapdragon X Elite platform features 45 NPU
It has achieved high-performance AI processing capability called TOPS and amazing power efficiency that enables battery life for multiple days. This provides users with new Copilot+ features and experiences. Through this collaboration, we aim to help Japanese companies improve their operational efficiency and, in particular, to help improve their productivity by utilizing AI technology. Qualcomm’s mission is to constantly pursue innovation and provide cutting-edge technology. We are also expanding our focus from traditional mobile to various areas such as automotive and IoT. This time’s TD
The collaboration with SYNNEX is an important step for Qualcomm to confront the challenges faced by Japanese companies and support sustainable growth. Qualcomm will continue to provide innovative solutions in the Japanese market. ”

Furthermore, Shigetaka Kunimochi, President and Representative Director of TD SYNNEX Corporation, said:
“Through this collaboration with Qualcomm, we are pleased to announce that Snapdragon
We are very happy and honored to be able to offer PCs equipped with the Elite platform to the Japanese market. PCs that utilize Qualcomm’s cutting-edge technology achieve high performance and low power consumption, helping companies improve productivity and efficiency. In particular, the new user experience provided by the AI-dedicated processor sets it apart from traditional PCs.
Through our strong partnership with Qualcomm, SYNNEX is confident that we can provide optimal solutions for mobile workers and significantly evolve the IT environment of enterprises. We will continue to provide cutting-edge IT solutions that meet the needs of companies in the Japanese market. Furthermore, through AI technology, we aim to support the growth of our customers’ businesses and create new business opportunities. T.D.
SYNNEX will continue to be a partner for Japanese companies to achieve sustainable growth and increase their competitiveness through technology. ”

TD SYNNEX Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of TD SYNNEX, a world-class IT distributor in the United States.
Corporation’s Japanese subsidiary. We are a solution aggregator that leverages our global network of more than 1,500 manufacturers in 100 countries around the world to provide optimal IT solutions for our customers’ business challenges by combining domestic and international products and services in addition to our traditional wholesale business. is. We will contribute to our customers and local
communities in Japan through technology.

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