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Home » Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Culture and Tourism Department Enjoy a special vacation on a boat in Turkey, and the Bodrum International Ballet Festival is scheduled to be held from 8/3 to 8/22!

Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Culture and Tourism Department Enjoy a special vacation on a boat in Turkey, and the Bodrum International Ballet Festival is scheduled to be held from 8/3 to 8/22!

[Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, Culture and Tourism Department] Enjoy a special vacation on a boat in Turkey, and the Bodrum International Ballet Festival is scheduled to be held from 8/3 to 8/22!
*Embassy of the Republic of Turkey Culture and Tourism Department* Press release: July 9, 2024
Enjoy a special vacation on a ship in Turkey, and the Bodrum International Ballet Festival is scheduled to be held from August 3rd to August 22nd!
Antalya Kas
A special vacation on board the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coasts “Blue” Discover hidden coves on your own charter, dive into the crisp blue waters at sunrise, sail to ancient ruins, and enjoy Mediterranean and Aegean gastronomy on deck. From August 3rd (Saturday) to August 22nd (Thursday), there will be a variety of activities that you can enjoy only during this summer season. Bodrum International Ballet will feature national and international ballet dancers. A festival is also planned.

“Blue” means a special sea holiday on board a ship.
“Voyage” was named by famous Turkish novelists and poets in the late 1950s. On board, you can surrender to the enchanting rhythm of the wind and waves, sleep on deck under millions of stars, Enjoy the ultimate holiday with fresh local seafood, appetizers, exquisite olive oil dishes and Turkish wine.
Voyage boats can be rented at Turkish marinas in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and there is a wide range of options available, from the Bodrum wooden yacht “Gret” to ultra-luxury superyachts.

* Bodrum ~The birthplace of “Blue Voyage” ~*
In Bodrum, Türkiye’s luxury resort, Türkiye’s “Blue
Befitting the birthplace of “Voyage”, you can spend your holidays in the endless blue landscape and picturesque white houses.It is a tourist destination that symbolizes summer holidays in Turkey. Its dazzling turquoise bay attracts countless boat owners and tourists each year, with luxurious marinas, upscale shopping, lively nightlife and Michelin-starred restaurants. It is packed with many attractions, including delicious food.
You can also anchor your boat and swim in Bodrum’s azure waters in places such as Gümüslük, Yarkavak, Turkbüki, Göltürkbükü, Ortakent, Bitez and Akyarlar. You can also try scuba diving and visit the historic Bodrum Castle, built in the 15th century, which houses the impressive Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum.

* Datcha and Marmaris ~ Green and blue fusion route ~ *
The Datca Peninsula, where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea meet, is a remarkable “Blue
Famous for its centuries-old olive and almond trees, majestic bays, and historic ruins, the area is home to traditional stone mansions and cobbled streets, and is a place that has long been in the midst of its glorious past. Especially the bays of Kulbuk, Paramtbuk, Hayutbuk and Kızlbuk are a must-see.The seaside of the ancient city of Knidos attracts tourists for centuries. Take a boat to “Blue”
Continuing on the “Voyage”, you will pass by gorgeous bays such as the Gulf of Hisaronu, the Gulf of Tiftlik, the port of Selce, Bozukkale and Sedir Island. You can also land and visit the ruins of ancient cities such as Fiscus, Vivasas, Amos and Kastavos. is

* From Gocek to Fethiye – Turquoise bay and historical discoveries – * Gocek in Muğla attracts tourists with its beautiful shimmering bay. Dalyan and Ekincik are the first bays you will visit on your cruise from Marmaris to Göcek, where you can anchor on the coast and visit the ancient city of Kaunos, famous for its rock-cut tombs. Also on this route is Iztuzu Beach, one of the most important breeding grounds for the Caretta caretta (loggerhead sea turtle). There are also many other must-see spots around Gocek, such as Gocek Island, Yassuja Islands, Bedri Rami Bay, Cleopatra Bay, and Tersane Island.
A cruise through these bays and islands reveals the region’s history, along with the beautiful emerald forests of the coastline. Sailing from Göcek to Fethiye, you can visit Oludeniz, Cumburnu Bay, Gemiler Island, Kabak Bay, Kudlak Bay, Knight Island, Kayakoy and the Butterfly Valley, home to over 80 species of butterflies. For an even more exciting experience, you can also go paragliding in Bavadar. moola gojek
* Kas and Kekova ~ Sailing on the Turkish Riviera ~ *
Türkiye’s “Blue”
One of the most beautiful places to visit on a Voyage is the Turkish Riviera. Surrounded by turquoise bays, your cruise journey will take you from charming ruins to lush forests, from secluded beaches to scenic walks. It offers a great opportunity to explore hidden beauties. Famous for its diving centre, Kaş is home to Kaptash Beach, which has been voted the most beautiful beach in the world.
“Blue” from Kash
Starting your journey, you will pass through Limanaz Bay, Pigeon Island, the Twelve Islands, Ufak Dere, Inonu Bay, Aperlai, etc., and arrive at Kekova, where you will find the world-famous ruins of the sunken city of Dorichste, an ancient city. Additionally, this route offers the option of staying overnight in a hotel while enjoying a healthy and delicious Mediterranean cuisine made with plenty of olive oil, fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables.

* Cesme ~A natural wonder in the heart of the Aegean Sea~*
Izmir is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea and is a place where rural life and modern life mix very well. With its olive and vineyard routes, Aegean cuisine and Michelin-rated restaurants, it is also known for its high quality food and accommodation. “Blue” in Izmir The ideal port of call for the Voyage is Çeşme, where you can anchor in a number of beautiful bays and beaches, including Boyark Bay, Sakızıl Bay, Aya Yorgi Bay, Pashalimanu, Diamond, Charku and Urca Beach.
The area is known for its strong winds, and windsurfing and kite surfing are popular. While in Cesme, you can also visit Alacati, with its narrow streets lined with historic stone houses, windmills and cozy restaurants serving Aegean cuisine. Quiet Alacati comes to life at night with Aegean appetizers prepared with olive oil, fresh seafood, herbs and local Turkish wine.
Izmir Cesme

* About Türkiye *
Situated on the Mediterranean coast and connected to Asia and Europe by the famous Bosphorus Strait, Turkey has been considered a hub of cultural exchange and diversity for centuries. It is a versatile destination with history, ruins, nature and gastronomy that reflect diverse civilizations. It continues to attract visitors from all over the world with its art and fashion, a fusion of tradition and modernity, as well as its dynamic shopping and entertainment life. In 2023, it welcomed 56.7 million tourists from all over the world. Following the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey in 2023, 2024 will mark the 100th anniversary of the
establishment of diplomatic relations with Japan.

For more information about Türkiye, please visit the official website ( or the SNS below.

* About Turkish Tourism Information and Development Authority (TGA) * The Turkish Tourism Publicity and Development Authority (TGA) implements tourism strategies and policies established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to establish Turkey’s branding in the domestic and international tourism market and increase its recognition as an attractive destination for tourism and business. Based on this, we conduct all kinds of promotional, marketing, and communication activities. We promote and market current tourism opportunities around the world, as well as discover, improve and establish potential areas of tourism.
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