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Home » Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd. Just before the opening! We are currently discovering the “Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibiti on,” which is exciting for both children and adults. ”

Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd. Just before the opening! We are currently discovering the “Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibiti on,” which is exciting for both children and adults. ”

[Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd.] Just before the opening! We are currently discovering the “Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition,” which is exciting for both children and adults. ”
*Tokyu Bunkamura Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Just before the opening! We are currently discovering the “Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition,” which is exciting for both children and adults. ” *A long-awaited solo exhibition filled with discoveries and
inspiration by a popular artist will be held for the first time in Tokyo! Approximately 50 works will be on display, including new works and representative works exhibited for the first time in the world. There are also experiential works where you can make new discoveries just by changing the way you look at things! *
Yasuhiro Suzuki (born 1979) is an artist who creates works by focusing on the ordinary things that exist around us and reinterpreting small notices from a unique perspective.
NHK E, an educational program that won the gold medal at the international competition “New York Festival” and the grand prize at “Prix Junes 2024”
This exhibition marks the first solo exhibition in Tokyo of the artist, who is currently a hot topic both domestically and
internationally, and who is a general instructor on the TV show “Mitatel Forces.”
Approximately 50 works will be on display, including his new work “Little Discovery Machine,” which will be unveiled for the first time in the world, and his masterpieces “Blinking Leaves” and “Airman.”
At the venue, there will be a number of hands-on works that are not just for viewing, and you are sure to find hints for crafts and independent research during your summer vacation.
■World premiere! New work《Little discovery machine》
The reason for the subtitle of this exhibition, “I am currently discovering something,” was due to a “mishearing.”
In fact, when buying tickets for Shinkansen trains, etc., when the automatic voice announcement from the ticket machine says, “tickets are now being issued,” Yasuhiro Suzuki mistook the word “ticketing” for “discovery,” which is how the name came about. is.
And that subtitle evolved into a work…It appears in the form of “Small Discovery Machine”, a new work that Suzuki created for this exhibition.

*〇A word from Yasuhiro Suzuki*
Even if we say “discovered” or “discovered,” we don’t mean “we are discovering.” I thought it would never be used in the present tense. However, even at this very moment, there are probably many people around the world who think they have “discovered” something, and children who are obsessed with something are actually making many discoveries that only they can understand. I think it is. However, unless you are conscious of it, you will not realize that it is a discovery. Therefore, I would like to create an exhibition where people can realize by changing their perspective that the world is actually full of various seeds of discovery.

■[Visitors only! ] Everyone will receive a “Venue MAP” drawn by Yasuhiro Suzuki. Yasuhiro Suzuki is also active as a picture book author, including “My Nyanta” and “Ringo to Kendama.”
At this exhibition, all visitors will receive a “Venue MAP” (not for sale) with original illustrations by Yasuhiro Suzuki.
The map with illustrations of the exhibited works is a limited edition item for this exhibition that will make you feel as if you are traveling inside the exhibition room. This is a special item filled with many hints for “discovery”.
*Contents may change without notice. Please note.

■[Only a few seats left] Two types of workshops will be held during the event! Hints for independent research
Don’t miss this rare chance to experience the secrets of artist Yasuhiro Suzuki’s creation!
“Let’s make hand soap”
“Let’s make a map”
Details *Instructors and fees vary depending on the schedule.
*A workshop held at Ohinata Elementary School in Sakuho Town, Nagano Prefecture, as part of Bunkamura’s outreach activities prior to the opening.

* ■Futakotamagawa Rise tie-up menu *
To commemorate the opening of this exhibition, various projects are underway at Futakotamagawa Rise, which is also the venue.
Please enjoy the collaboration menu that can be enjoyed for a limited time in conjunction with the exhibition.
* Futakotamagawa Excel Hotel Tokyu 30F “The 30th Dining Bar” * * Forest scallops 1,950 yen (tax included) *
Does it look like a scallop? This appetizer is made by sautéing “Yingi mushrooms” in butter to resemble scallops, and is a dish that allows you to enjoy “discovery”, which is the keyword of the “Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition”, with all five senses!

*〇A word from the chef*
When I was thinking about the exhibition and wanted to create a menu with a sense of “mitate” and “discovery,” I thought that if I cut the mushroom king king mushrooms, it would look like scallops. I had an idea and decided to title it “Forest Scallops”.
The sauce also uses scallop extract, so even when you eat king king king mushrooms, the flavor of scallops will fill your mouth. Why not enjoy summer vacation dinner time with your family while talking about things like “Which one did you just eat, the scallop or the king king kingfish?” It also goes well with alcohol.

[Offer period] 7/20 (Sat) – 9/1 (Sun) *Only available during dinner time [17:00-21:00 (last order 20:00)]
[Store] Futakotamagawa Excel Hotel Tokyu 30F “The 30th Dining Bar”
Store details

* ●Futako Tamagawa Rise S.C Town Front 7F “chano-ma” *
* Blue Hawaii Cream Soda with Nata de Coco 950 yen (tax included) * A drink inspired by Yasuhiro Suzuki’s masterpiece “The Airman”. Nata de Coco, which has a tropical feel, is hidden in the clear blue cream soda that makes you feel like summer. It’s a refreshing drink both in appearance and taste.

[Offer period] 7/20 (Sat) – 9/1 (Sun)
[Store] Futakotamagawa Rise S.C Town Front 7F chano-ma
Store details Event overview
* “Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition. I am currently discovering” * ■Period: July 20, 2024 (Sat) – September 1, 2024 (Sun)
■Closed days: None
■Venue: Futakotamagawa Rise Studio & Hall (1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo) ■Opening hours: 10:00-19:00 *Last entry is 30 minutes before each closing time ◎7/22 (Monday) to 7/25 (Thursday) 12:00-19:00 ◎Every Saturday 10:00-20:00 ■Admission fee: General 1,000 yen (800 yen) University/high
school/junior high school student 700 yen Elementary school student 500 yen
*Advance prices are in parentheses. University, high school, middle school, and elementary school students can only buy same-day tickets. (Advance tickets are not sold)
*If you are purchasing a student ticket, please present your student ID. (Excluding elementary school students)
*If you present your disability certificate, you and one accompanying person will receive half price. (500 yen for adults, 350 yen for university/high school/junior high school students, 250 yen for elementary school students) Please purchase at the counter on the day. *Customers under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian (adult).
*Free admission for preschoolers.
*There are some hands-on works at the venue that require an additional fee. ■Sponsor: Bunkamura
■Planning and production: Bunkamura
■Cooperation: Futakotamagawa Rise
■Inquiries: 050-5541-8600 (Hello Dial)
■Exhibition HP:

◎This exhibition requires reservations for all dates and times online. -Admission date and time reservation site-
*You will need to purchase an admission ticket in addition to the procedure for [online reservation of admission date and time]. *If you have not made a reservation for a date or time, or if you have difficulty reserving a date and time, we will guide you one by one on the day, but depending on the situation, you may have to wait. Please check the exhibition website for details.
*200 yen discount advance tickets (general tickets only) are on sale until July 19th (Friday)! Please see our website for details. *About details about this release*

*Download press release materials*

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