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K.P Creations Co., Ltd. Grand opening of a kitchen studio and picking center that supports regional food revitalization in Miyazaki City

[K.P Creations Co., Ltd.] Grand opening of a kitchen studio and picking center that supports regional food revitalization in Miyazaki City
*K・P Creations Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Grand opening of kitchen studio & picking center supporting regional food revitalization in Miyazaki City
*Started accepting commissioned work as a new base for “distributing the appeal” and “developing sales channels” of local foods! * K.P Creations Co., Ltd., which handles marketing, PR, and printing in Miyazaki Prefecture, has opened a “Second Kitchen Studio” and “Picking Center” as a new base for its “regional food
revitalization” business pillar. We have opened. KP Creations, which celebrates its 88th anniversary this year, has developed a variety of businesses that focus on food, including Tameshoku, an online business negotiation service that connects local producers and food
manufacturers with buyers across the country.
With the opening of the “Second Kitchen Studio” and “Picking Center,” we will further enhance our services such as PR, branding, and market development, and support local businesses involved in food in a more diversified and more detailed manner. I will continue to do so. We have started accepting commissioned work using this facility, and we also hold previews from time to time (advance notice required). Please feel free to contact us as this facility can be useful for your business as a new base for promoting the appeal of local foods and developing sales channels.

*Introduction of services that Kitchen Studio & Picking Center can provide* This studio has a calm atmosphere with a chic modern interior, centered around a wood-grained island kitchen made from Obi cedar from Miyazaki Prefecture. Approximately 100 square meters
It is spacious and can accommodate up to 20 people. We also have a meeting room that can accommodate up to 8 people. Approximately 260 square meters based on white
Together with our 1st Kitchen Studio, we will respond to a wide range of needs, including photo shoots, business meetings, and product development.

・* High-quality photo and video shooting services *
Not only can you rent out the studio, but you can also arrange for photographers and food coordinators. Our food photography
professionals will bring out the appeal of your products to the fullest and provide you with high-quality photos and videos that are full of sizzle. We also have creative departments such as editing and design, and we also accept promotions using photographed materials.

* ・Tableware rental service *
Through our partnership with Royal Bussan Co., Ltd., which provides tableware and kitchen tools to famous restaurants across the country, we offer a wide variety of tableware, including masterpieces such as Arita ware and Shigaraki ware. You can choose the most suitable item according to the food, situation, target, etc. In the future, we plan to continue expanding our tableware lineup with a focus on works by ceramic artists in Kyushu.

* ・Holding business meetings and product development services while offering tastings *
We have a meeting room that can accommodate up to 8 people, so it can be used for a wide range of purposes, such as having business negotiations while cooking and tasting food on the spot, or inviting buyers and food consultants to receive advice on product development. receive.

* ・Product management, picking service *
It supports three temperatures (room temperature, frozen, and refrigerated), allowing you to manage, pack, and ship products with different storage temperature ranges. By outsourcing a series of operations from picking to shipping to us, it is possible to significantly reduce the workload.

Bulk local food products and ship them to buyers

In addition to shipping to exhibitions and business meetings, we are developing new sales channels such as shipping product samples from multiple producers and food manufacturers at once from our picking center to buyers across the country for them to sample. can do.

* ・Secretariat agency service *

As a secretariat for local governments and chambers of commerce that are working to develop sales channels for local foods, we provide one-stop support for a variety of tasks, including shipping and arrival management of product samples, post-tasting surveys, and online business negotiations.

*If you have any interest in the above services, please contact us. *

*K.P Creations Co., Ltd.*
1-6-25 Asahi, Miyazaki 880-0803
TEL 0985-24-4155 FAX 0985-24-1512 E-mail:

◎Local food business operators mainly in Miyazaki
◎For local governments who want to sell local food manufacturers ◎Food buyers looking for products that are easy to sell

▼If you have any requests for consultation or a tour, please contact us here.

* ■Delivered from the picking center! Online seminar for BtoB * We will hold an online seminar for chambers of commerce, local governments, banks, regional trading companies, food manufacturers, and producers who want to increase their contact with buyers. We will talk about our efforts, including examples of success in developing sales channels. Please join us.
・Date and time: July 23, 2024 (Tuesday) 13:30-14:30
・Location: Online (Zoom URL will be sent to participants at a later date) ・Theme: [Regional food revitalization] A seminar to help farmers and food manufacturers achieve national distribution (market development) ・Contents: ・Initiatives with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (accompanying small business support promotion project, successful case studies of sales channel development support improvement training)
・How can I sell local specialties and processed products to buyers outside the prefecture?
・Initiatives with local governments and local banks

*For details, please see here. (

*K.P Creations Co., Ltd.*

* ★Branding agency for regional revitalization*

* ★Management of Tameshoku*
This is a service that allows buyers from all over the country to sample and negotiate local ingredients and food products, creating opportunities for new business.

* ★Public relations agency/consulting*
As your company’s planning office, we will handle campaigns and sales promotions throughout the year. Hometown tax donation PR agency is also available.
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