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Home » “Souetsu” presents a unique and futuristic wearable collection made of leather at “Fashion Cantata” held in Kyoto

“Souetsu” presents a unique and futuristic wearable collection made of leather at “Fashion Cantata” held in Kyoto

“Souetsu” presents a unique and futuristic wearable collection made of leather at “Fashion Cantata” held in Kyoto
*Japanese Leather Design Promotion Committee*
Press release: July 9, 2024
“Souetsu” presents a unique and futuristic wearable collection made of leather at “Fashion Cantata” held in Kyoto
*Runway show featuring Yoko Ayukawa and others started streaming on YouTube* * [Limited time delivery] 30th Fashion Cantata from KYOTO 2024* **

* Total: 64 minutes Soutsu: 48 minutes ~ *
Soetsu, a brand that conveys the charm of Japanese leather products, will be holding the fashion event “30th Fashion” held at the Kyoto Theater on Saturday, June 15, 2024.
I participated in “Cantata from KYOTO” for the first time. Present for us As a Western clothing brand for the Japanese and Western clothing fashion show held under the title “Future”, we presented 20 looks including wearable collections and sports collections. A variety of guests appeared, including models Sayuri Matsumura and Yoko Ayukawa, and added excitement to the show. We will distribute the pattern for a limited time.

One of the themes of -Souetsu-‘s wearable collection is “harmony.” We combined contrasting materials to create a single look, such as the ancient material natural leather and the latest reflective material (used for fringe foot covers and men’s pants). The design is unique to Soetsu, which aims to create a world in which humans and nature are in harmony, such as heavy leather and light, transparent tulle, as well as sturdy leather that does not lose its shape and stretch material that expands and contracts freely. Masu. The brand’s philosophy is to accept different ways of thinking and create a harmonious future with open arms.

* -Ecstatic wearable collection announced at “30th Fashion Cantata from KYOTO”* * ■Hang shoulder bag*
Vegetable tanned soft leather bag Light tulle dress paired with reflex light foot covers
* ■Headpiece bag*
The tanned leather head bag and sheepskin gilet have many large and small pockets.
* ■Full harness bag*
Attach various mini bags, pockets, and tools to a tanned leather harness. * A collection that hopes for a better world in the future where AI and humans live in harmony and symbiosis *
At this show, as a special guest, model and painter Yoko Ayukawa appeared at the runway show wearing Western clothing from Soetsu and co-starred with the robot. A sheepskin cape bag inspired by kimono. Specifications that allow you to put things in the hem and collar. * -Soetsu-Sports Collection*
In order to be in harmony with the environment, Soetsu’s collection uses natural leathers made from edible waste, such as vegetable-tanned natural cowhide, vermin-resistant deerskin, and pigskin.
An original brand developed by the Japan Leather Design Promotion Committee and Quipo Co., Ltd. A brand that aims to create a “symbiosis of fashion and the environment” following genten, which has been in operation since 1999. We mainly use cowhide leather tanned with vegetable tannins, which is a material that feels good in the hand and has excellent durability, and we have created a collection with the aim of being a “friend of the heart.” With the theme of collaboration between the environment, culture, and leather, the store focuses on leather bags, hats, and accessories featuring ukiyo-e artist Katsushika Hokusai. POPUP events have been held in Florence, Italy, Paris, France, Shanghai, China, Bangkok, Thailand, Taipei, Taiwan, and domestically at Haneda Airport, where it is attracting attention as an inbound item.
■Japanese Leather Design Promotion Committee
Started in 2015. It is made up of members involved in the leather industry, such as leather manufacturers, wholesalers, and craftsmen, and is working on the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Leather Industry High Value-Added Project as part of the Leather Industry Promotion Project.” We work for leather-related businesses in Japan with the aim of promoting Japanese leather products both domestically and internationally, developing overseas markets, and enriching the domestic market.
“Souetsu” Ukiyo-e Collection
* The leather look announced this time will be on display and available for rental. *
*If you are interested, please contact the number below. *

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* “Soetsu” Qipo Co., Ltd. TEL: 03-6672-6672 FAX: 03-3268-5139* * Ikumi Okada/*
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