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Seahorse Mikawa U18 “B.LEAGUE U18 REGIONAL LEAGUE 2024”

Seahorse Mikawa
(Held in Central District/Toyama) About the match results
[Image 1:×533.jpg] Thank you for your continued support of Seahorse Mikawa.
“B.LEAGUE U18 REGIONAL LEAGUE 2024” held at Ariso Dome on July 6th (Sat) and 7th (Sun)
Seahorse Mikawa U18 will participate in the tournament (held in Toyama, Naka district). “Vertex Shizuoka U18” and “Yokohama Excellence U18”
We played against each other.
Match results
■Total record for this tournament: 1 win, 1 loss (6 games in total) vs. Vertex Shizuoka U18
100-53 〇
[Image 2:×533.jpg]
[Image 3:×533.jpg]

vs. Yokohama Excellence U18
48-68 ●
[Image 4:×533.jpg]
[Image 5:×533.jpg]

Upcoming match schedule (Seahorse Mikawa U18)
The remaining four games in the middle region will be played on August 10th (Saturday) and 11th (Sunday/holiday) at the Okazaki Central General Park Gymnasium, and on August 17th (Saturday) at the Yokohama Budokan.
It is done.
■Held in Okazaki (Okazaki Central General Park Gymnasium)
*Cooperation: Seahorse Mikawa
Saturday, August 10th 10:00 TIPOFF vs. Toyama Grouse U18
Saturday, August 10th 15:15 TIPOFF vs. Shinshu Brave Warriors U18 August 11th (Sunday/Holiday) 11:45 TIPOFF vs. Yokohama B Corsairs U18 ■Held in Yokohama (Yokohama Budokan)
Saturday, August 17th 12:00 TIPOFF vs. Sanen Neo Phoenix U18 Player comments
■#1 Yuji Ito Captain
Thank you very much for your support during the two days of our Toyama expedition. In the match against Shizuoka U18 on the first day, we were able to score points in our own rhythm and win the match. Everyone score points
We were able to play good basketball and win in the ideal way. I was very happy. In the Yokohama EX U18 match on the second day, we believed our team would win and fought with all our might, but for 40 minutes our team
We were unable to continue playing basketball and lost. It was a very frustrating match with many issues to solve. In preparation for the three home games held in Okazaki, the team once again created an atmosphere in which everyone was determined to win until the end. I would like to practice so that we can all improve each other. My challenge is to further improve my 3P shooting probability.
I will spare no effort every day for the team and definitely want to win all the games. Thank you for your continued strong support. please.
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[Image 7:×533.jpg]

[Table 3:]

■#9 Higo Kido (U15) Participated under the “U15 player quota – call up system” (*)
Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Coach Takashima, Mr. Harada (assistant coach/manager) and Mr. Izawa (trainer) who were involved with the U18s,
Thanks to all the U18 players who warmly welcomed us, we were able to spend a meaningful time. Being able to play in the next higher category, U18, for about a month was a valuable experience as there are many things that U15 players cannot experience.
became. During the game, I was able to play with peace of mind, and I also appreciated my physical ability, drive, and the results from there.
I felt that the kick-out part had grown and was effective. Captain Yuji-kun was playing hard defense for 40 minutes in the game and was calling out to each player individually.
I also learned the role of a captain right in front of my eyes. I am very disappointed that I was not able to contribute this time, but I will use this experience as a springboard to my full potential in the U15s.
*“U15 player quota – call up system”…Only for U18 competitions sponsored by B.LEAGUE, 5 U18 team registered players will be on the bench.
In the above cases, a system allows up to 2 players who are registered to compete in the B Youth U15 team to enter.
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[Table 4: ]
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