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Home » Marwa Transportation/Duskin Maruwa Transportation/Duskin concludes “Mutual cooperation agreement in times of disaster” for rent-all business

Marwa Transportation/Duskin Maruwa Transportation/Duskin concludes “Mutual cooperation agreement in times of disaster” for rent-all business

Maruwa Transport and Duskin Rent-All business concludes “Mutual cooperation agreement in times of disaster”
Promptly transport and provide supplies and sanitary products needed to open evacuation centers, delivering peace of mind to
disaster-stricken areas.
Shares of a group company of AZ-COM Maruwa Holdings Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture, President and CEO: Masaru Wasami) that operates a 3PL business (a business that strategically develops logistics services from the shipper’s perspective). Developed by the company Maruwa Transport (Head office: Yoshikawa City, Saitama Prefecture, President and CEO: Masaru Wasami, hereinafter referred to as Maruwa Transport) and Duskin Co., Ltd. (Head office: Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director and President Executive Officer: Hiroyuki Okubo) On July 9th (Tuesday), the Rent-All business (general event support and rental service for various supplies, hereinafter referred to as “Duskin Rent-all”) announced the “Mutual Cooperation in Disasters” project, which aims to mutually support each other’s abilities and human resources in the event of a disaster. We have concluded an agreement.
[Image 1:×1331.jpg] ■Background
In recent years, various natural disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rains have become more frequent and severe, and disaster-affected areas are struggling to provide supplies to open evacuation centers as soon as possible, and to maintain hygiene while living in evacuation centers for a prolonged period of time. There is a need to improve the quality of life, such as by ensuring a safe environment.
Since its founding, Maruwa Transport has developed the transportation service brand “Momotarobin” and supported people’s lives as a logistics company. Currently, as a 3PL business specializing in the retail industry, we position “EC logistics”, “low-temperature food logistics” and “pharmaceutical/medical logistics” as our core businesses.In addition, as part of our SDGs initiatives, we are expanding our business continuity plan (BCP) logistics business. We are also working on this. Regarding the BCP logistics business, we have concluded large-scale disaster agreements with local governments and private companies across the country, centered on the AZ-COM Maruwa Support Network, a network of trucking companies operated by the AZ-COM Maruwa Holdings Group. We are promoting wide-area support from a logistics perspective*1.
On the other hand, in order to practice “sowing the seeds of joy for people and society” since its founding, Duskin has been developing businesses that are useful to customers and local communities through community-based franchises. In addition to setting up local event venues and operating vaccination sites during the coronavirus pandemic, Duskin Rent All will provide supplies needed when evacuation centers open from July 2022, as well as support for the hygiene aspects of evacuation shelter living, which will be prolonged. “Disaster Prevention Support Service” started. We are leveraging our ability to provide goods through our nationwide expansion and Duskin’s strength as a hygiene professional to enter into agreements and collaborate with local governments across the country*2.
We have decided to conclude this agreement in order to leverage the strengths of both companies and further contribute to the local community.
*1 Number of contracting local governments: 70 local governments as of the end of May 2024
*2 Number of contracting local governments: 76 local governments as of the end of May 2024
■Summary of this agreement
In the event of a disaster, we will mutually support each other’s abilities and human resources. When a local government makes a request to Maruwa Transportation or Duskin Rent All and mutual support is required, we make a request. Maruwa Transportation provided vehicles and drivers in response to Duskin Rent All’s request, and Duskin Rent All provided approximately 100 types of partitions, air conditioning equipment, sanitary products, etc. necessary for opening evacuation centers in response to Maruwa Transportation’s request. supplies of goods. In addition, we will provide hygiene services such as regular cleaning of common areas in preparation for a prolonged stay in the evacuation center.
Maruwa Transportation has 264 locations throughout the AZ-COM Maruwa Holdings Group nationwide (as of the end of March 2024), and Duskin Rent All has 97 locations (as of the end of May 2024), and the two companies, which have networks across the country, will team up. This will expand the areas where we can deliver supplies and hygiene products needed in times of disaster, and support those affected by the disaster so that they can live in as safe and secure an
environment as possible.
[Image 2:×470.jpg] ■Comments from representatives of each company
Masaru Wasami, President and Representative Director, Maruwa Transportation Co., Ltd.
As part of our SDGs initiatives, we are strengthening “BCP logistics” and building a strong logistics network as social infrastructure. We believe that this agreement between the two companies will enable us to deliver “what you need,” “when you need it,” and “where you need it,” thereby contributing to the early improvement of the environment in disaster-stricken areas. We will strengthen our collaboration with Duskin, which has strengths in the provision of goods and hygiene measures in the Rent-All business, and develop support businesses that are unique to both companies.
Duskin Co., Ltd. Representative Director, President and Executive Officer Hiroyuki Okubo
By collaborating with Maruwa Transport, which is actively engaged in BCP logistics business and has been designated as a designated public institution in the AZ-COM Maruwa Support Network, we will be able to more smoothly reach disaster areas in the event of a disaster. We decided to conclude this agreement with the idea that we could deliver goods that would be of great value to people. We are confident that by working together and leveraging each other’s strengths, we will be able to contribute to the reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas and disaster prevention measures. In the future, we would like to work with local governments to improve the sanitary environment as well as the supplies needed for evacuation centers.
Reference material
-Maruwa Transportation Co., Ltd.- ■About AZ-COM Maruwa Support Network AZ-COM is a membership-based network organization for trucking companies nationwide, established mainly by the Maruwa Holdings Group. As a member, we provide management improvement training and education for dispatchers and drivers, as well as ETC large-volume frequent discount services, discount sales on trucks and fuel, and a group purchasing site that provides transportation and warehouse-related products at low prices. We will strongly support our partner companies. As of June 23, 2023, we were designated by the Cabinet Office as a designated public institution based on the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act.
■About AZ-COM Maruwa Holdings Group’s BCP logistics
AZ-COM Maruwa Support Network plays a central role in concluding agreements with local governments and companies regarding support activities in the event of large-scale disasters. In the event of a disaster, we will provide the necessary vehicles and human resources based on requests from local governments and other organizations using our wide-area network of logistics operators nationwide, including the AZ-COM Maruwa Holdings Group. In addition to transporting relief supplies, we will also carry out comprehensive relief activities, such as sorting and distribution activities, utilizing specialized knowledge and skills centered on the logistics industry. We also make proposals on how to use stockpiled supplies during peacetime.
[Image 3:×1326.jpg] Transportation of relief supplies
-Duskin Co., Ltd.-
■About “Duskin Rent All”
We are a comprehensive event support and rental equipment business that started in 1978. Our business concept is “proposing
environmentally friendly, valuable, and enriching lifestyles through rentals,” and we support the management of various events such as exhibitions and marathons by leveraging our extensive experience and know-how that we have cultivated over many years. For families, we rent out daily necessities such as cribs and child seats.
■About “Disaster Prevention Support Service”
This is a service that lends out items needed when opening an evacuation center and provides hygiene advice and services.
Approximately 100 items are always stocked at each base across the country, and the prices are the same as those listed in the catalog even in the event of a disaster. We also provide support for disaster prevention training during normal times, and aim to contribute to the local community during disasters through collaboration with local governments.

[Image 4:×1011.jpg] Evacuation center living space (partition, cardboard bed, etc.)
[Image 5:×979.jpg] Separate changing rooms for men and women (partitions, hand sanitizer, etc.)
[Image 6:×1101.jpg] Hygiene services (e.g. regular cleaning of common areas)
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