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Home » Cleatour “Anytime Sweets Tomisato Base Store”, which is a hot topic in the media, has opened a new store in Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture!

Cleatour “Anytime Sweets Tomisato Base Store”, which is a hot topic in the media, has opened a new store in Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture!

“Anytime Sweets Tomisato Base Store”, which has been a hot topic in the media, has opened a new store in Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture! Anytime Sweets opens its second store in Chiba Prefecture! ! ……
Createur Co., Ltd. (location: Naka-ku, Hiroshima Prefecture, CEO: Kentaro Otsu), which operates 100 beauty salons nationwide, makes delicious sweets easy! Based on the concept of an unmanned sweets store, “Anytime Sweets Tomisato Base Store/Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture” will open on Saturday, July 27th.
This is the second store to open in Chiba Prefecture, following “Anytime Sweets Ichihara Store/Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture”! ~Unmanned sweets store~ “Anytime Sweets Tomisato Base Store/Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture”
Opening event July 27th (Sat) and 28th (Sun)
On the day of the event, we will be holding a raffle where visitors can win travel tickets, domestic beef steaks, and more.

[Image 1:×1381.jpg ]
[Image 2:×1109.jpg] ■Store characteristics
*You can purchase up to one sweet from all over the country at any time! If you order online, there will be a shipping charge. It takes time to arrive. It is sold as a set.
This is a store where you can easily purchase only the products of your favorite flavor, whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Whenever you want. What you like. As much as you like.
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
[Image 3:×1503.jpg]

[“Jippuru swaying” cat pudding]
Korean sweets that are a hot topic on SNS are now available
exclusively for sweets!
It has just the right amount of milky sweetness and is smooth in the mouth. You can also arrange it by adding store-bought strawberry sauce or blueberry sauce.
The pudding looks cute when shaken and is delicious to eat, making it perfect for Instagram♪
It’s always a limited edition sweets item, so you can always get your hands on the much-talked-about cat pudding.
[Image 4:× g ]
[Image 5:×1672.jpg]
[Image 6:×960.jpg]

[patisserie OKASHI GAKU]
Patisserie Gaku’s cake tins are a hot topic on SNS. Please note that it is very popular and will sell out immediately! !

[Image 7:×928.jpg]

[Very popular in Korea☆ Tungkaron]
Achieved 1st place in Rakuten weekly ranking!
Tungkaron means “fat macaron” in Korean.
It has more cream than regular macarons, so it’s like tasting cake! The diameter is 4cm! It’s full of volume.
[Image 8:×1280.jpg]

■There is also a photo booth inside the store.
The store also has a photo space!
Those who purchase the product can use it for free.
Please post on SNS with “#AnytimeSweets”!
[Image 9:×1109.jpg]
[Image 10:×810.jpg]
[Image 11: &3=119767-180- EEF88F468632616ABC5ABD76 DA69E9E9E-1478×1108.jpg]
[Image 12:×1108.jpg]
[Image 13:× g ]

■Store overview
Store name: ~Unmanned sweets store~ “Anytime Sweets Toyosato Base Store/Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture”
Opening date: Saturday, July 27th
Address: 532-279 Nanae, Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture 286-0221 Business hours: Open 24 hours
No regular holiday
Parking: 80 spaces available at Tomisato base parking lot

[Image 14: &s3=119767-180-9471C92AD7AB277489443 8ED4F49A-1080X720.jpg]
[Image 15: &s3=119767-180-23F96A0BEAB6DF39F2014597F20145977777777F2014597 A52CA57B-1168×1164.jpg]
[Image 16:×554.jpg]
[Image 17:×1222. jpg ]
[Image 18: &s3=119767-180-a33D13D13D122194FC36B4 0D813b94-778×778.jpg]
[Image 19:×1446.jpg ]
[Image 20:×1238. jpg ]

~List of coverage~
April 10th Anytime Sweets Matsuyama Shimizucho store / Nankai Broadcasting “news channel 4”
April 18th Always Sweets Chuo Store / Asahi Broadcasting “Navi TV!”
April 26th Anytime Sweets Chuo Store / TV “Mix” May 7th Anytime Sweets Matsuyama Shimizucho store / Nankai
Broadcasting “Mogitate TV”
June 27th Anytime Sweets Nakatsu / Oita Asahi Broadcasting “Jimotto oita” July 3rd Anytime Sweets Nakatsu store / TV Oita “Yu Waku Wide & News” July 21st Anytime Sweets Kurashiki Store / Kurashiki Cable TV “Information Program Tokumori”
July 22nd Anytime Sweets Tsukamoto Store / TV Ehime “EBC LIVE News” July 29th Anytime Sweets Saijo Store / Ai TV “News Special”
August 5th Anytime Sweets Shikoku Chuo Store / Nankai Broadcasting “Beans morning”
August 9th Anytime Sweets Hofu Store/Ube Store/ Asahi Broadcasting “Navi TV!”
August 11th Anytime Sweets Yonago Store / Sanin Broadcasting “Teleport Sanin” August 19th Anytime Sweets Tsukumoto Store / Ehime Asahi TV “Naruchika” August 21st Anytime Sweets Kochi Tosa Road Store / Kochi-san TV “Prime Kochi” August 26th Anytime Sweets Saijo store / TV Ehime “Yubara”
September 22nd Anytime Sweets Yonago Store / Chukai Television Broadcasting “Paldia”
October 14th Anytime Sweets Oita Takajo store / Oita Broadcasting “Kabosu Time” November 10th Anytime Sweets Oita Takajo / Oita Asahi Broadcasting “More!” November 11th Anytime Sweets Tsukumoto Store / TV Ehime “Furusato ramen variety show Yayo!”
November 19th Anytime Sweets Shimonoseki store / Asahi Broadcasting “Teach me, Sensei!”
November 30th Anytime Sweets Anjo store / Tokai TV “Switch”
November 14th Anytime Sweets Marugame / Sanyo Broadcasting “Ima Doki” December 4th Anytime Sweets Oita Takagi / TV broadcast “Yuwaku Wide & News” December 13th Anytime Sweets Okayama/Marugame Seto Inland Sea Broadcasting “Komaru info”
December 23rd Anytime Sweets Matsue/Nihonkai TV “Spice!”
January 5th Anytime Sweets Shizuoka Shimizu store / TV Shizuoka “I’m home!” January 11th Anytime Sweets Tsukumoto Store / Ehime Asahi TV “Super J Channel Ehime”
March 20th Anytime Sweets Nagano Ueda Store / Nagano Asahi
Broadcasting “News Program ABN Station Gyugyuto Freshly Picked Live” May 18th Anytime Sweets Kumamoto Nagamine store/TV Kumamoto “Wakatoshi Land” May 23rd Anytime Sweets Mai Matsubara Store/FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting “Mentai Wide”
June 6th Anytime Sweets Meinohama Store/TNC TV West Japan “The Power of a Reporter”
June 14th Anytime Sweets Kumamoto Nagamine store/Kumamoto Asahi Broadcasting “Kumamoto Live touch”
June 27th Anytime Sweets Okayama Aoe Store/Okayama Broadcasting “OHK Live News” July 2nd Always Sweets Sendai Nagamachi Store/Miyagi Broadcasting “Oh! Bandes TV”
July 5th Anytime Sweets Sasebo store/Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting “Super J Channel Nagasaki”

■Company overview
Trade name: Createur Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Kentaro Otsu
Address: 730-0032
9th floor, Yushin Building, 1-24 Tatemachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Established: June 2008
Business content: Beauty salon management
Capital: 10 million yen

[Inquiries regarding this press release]
Createur Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Kaneko
TEL: 082-545-3261
FAX: 082-545-3262
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