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Movie fans choose the movie they most want to see in July: “May December” Monthly first! “Pia Ten” rankin g

Movie fans choose the movie they most want to see in July: “May December” [Monthly first! “Pia Ten” ranking]
*Pia Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Movie fans choose the movie they most want to see in July: “May December” [Monthly first! “Pia Ten” ranking]
*Pia Corporation (Representative Director and President Yanai) The “Monthly! ‘Pia Ten’ Ranking” has been announced on the
entertainment information media “Pia” (app & web) operated by Hiro. * “Monthly! ‘Pia Ten’ Ranking” is a project presented by “Pia” (app & web), which provides entertainment encounters and discoveries. This is a monthly ranking of the top 10 movies to look forward to, based on votes from movie professionals such as critics, writers, and editors.

“May December” ranked first in the list of “Top 10 movies I want to see in the future” selected from July releases.

Top 10 movies you want to see released in July 2024
1st place “May December: The Shaking Truth” Released on Friday, July 12th 31pt 2nd place “Ferrari” Released on Friday, July 5th 29pt
3rd place “Deadpool & Wolverine” Released on Wednesday, July 24th 22pt 4th place “Fly Me to the Moon” Released on Friday, July 19th 21pt 5th place “Mom is with me” Released on Friday, July 12th 20pt 6th place “Strange Way of Life” Released on Friday, July 12th 12pt 7th place “Royal Hotel” Released on Friday, July 26th 11pt
8th place: “Is your neighbor Hitler?” ” Released on Friday, July 26th 10pt 9th place “The Grave Robber and the Lost Goddess” Released on Friday, July 19th 8pt
10th place “Shirley” Released on Friday, July 5th 7pt
10th place “Submarine Commandante Proud Decision” Released on Friday, July 5th 7pt
10th place “Smuggling 1970” Released on Friday, July 12th 7pt

* [Ranking voting method] *
A total of 26 “pilot guides” (= reviewers) on “Pia” (app & web) were asked to list their top three movies from among the movies they “want” to be released in July 2024. 1st place: 5 points; 2nd place: 3 points, 3rd place: 2 points and then totaled. The target is works that will be released in theaters in Japan from July 1st to July 31st, 2024, and does not include films released at film festivals or special screenings, works only distributed, and works released only on Blu-ray/DVD. .

In July, “May December”
Yureru Shinji” received 31 points and took first place. This film is based on a scandalous true story and was nominated for Best Original Screenplay at this year’s Academy Awards. The performances of the two famous actresses are attracting attention, as evidenced by the comment of Toshio Takasaki, “You will be shocked by the scalding performance of Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore.”
(C)2023. May December 2022 Investors LLC, ALL Rights Reserved. Ferrari came in second place. This is a masterpiece that director Michael Mann spent 30 years developing, depicting the real face of the charismatic president known as the king of F1, along with a
reenactment of the historic 1957 race. We have received comments such as “Michael Mann and Ferrari, isn’t that a combination that has high expectations!” (Maki Watanabe).
(C)2023 MOTO PICTURES, LLC. STX FINANCING, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. In third place was “Deadpool & Wolverine,” which received the comment “Forbidden collaboration” (Fuji Aida). The Japanese release date is July 26th (Friday) in the US.
It will be released on July 24th (Wednesday), two days earlier, making it the world’s fastest release date.
(C)MARVEL 2024
Other songs that made the list in July include “Fly Me to the Moon” and “I’m with You.”

*The voting works and comments of the 26 winners are currently being posted on “Pia” (app & website).
See details [List of voters] (in alphabetical order)
Fuyuji Aida (Bleu et Rose/Film critic)
Akira Ikegami (journalist)
Masato Isogai (freelance writer)
Satori Ito (movie personality)
Nobukazu Uekusa (Freelance editor/Former editor-in-chief of Kinema Junpo) Yasuko Onda (Film journalist/Yomi Shimbun)
Shinsuke Kasai (freelance announcer)
Taichi Kasuga (film history/period drama researcher)
Hideaki Sakaguchi (Pia Editor)
Toshihisa Sasaki (freelance journalist/author)
Manabu Soma (freelance writer)
Toshio Takasaki (freelance editor/film critic)
Keiji Takamatsu (Illustrator)
Naoki Tachikawa (producer/director)
Yusuke Nakagawa (writer/editor)
Yusuke Nakatani (Pia Editor)
Miyuki Natsume (author/editor)
Tetsuya Hiratsushi (film journalist)
Mika Hosoya (movie writer)
Kokazu Hori (Writer/Former Sankei Shimbun/Editor)
Yaeko Mao (film critic)
Kenji Mizukami (movie writer)
Keiichiro Murayama (film critic)
Masamichi Yoshihiro (movie writer)
Shoko Watanabe (film critic)
Maki Watanabe (movie writer)

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