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《POCHI》“Summer Lucky Box 2024” now on sale

《POCHI》“Summer Lucky Box 2024” now on sale
*Marketing Partner Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
《POCHI》“Summer Lucky Box 2024” now on sale
*Up to 46.4% off! Limited quantity of 3 delicious and great value sets*

Premium dog food specialty store/mail order “POCHI” (Management: Marketing Partner Co., Ltd., Head office location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shinji Gonda, Tel: 03-6772-8194,
) will start selling “Summer Lucky Box 2024” from 18:00 on Tuesday, July 9th. This time, we have prepared a “Summer Lucky Box 2024”, which is a lucky bag filled with new products and long-selling items, etc., and a “variety” bag containing samples of snacks, retorts, and dried food, as well as a collection of only meat. There are 3 types: “Meat”, and “Retort”, which is a carefully selected selection of POCHI’s popular retorts. It’s a great value set with over 40% off on everything. (“Summer Lucky Box 2024” is available in limited quantities and will end as soon as it runs out)
■(1) Summer Lucky Box 2024 [Variety] -Special price/6,600 yen (tax included)- “Variety” includes a total of 31 items, including the ever-popular treats, retort pouches, dry food samples, and a variety of other items that you can enjoy in one box. The contents include 10 popular treats, 7 retort toppings, and 12 dry food trial bags. This is a special sale at 6,600 yen, 46.4% off the regular price of 12,334 yen.
■(2) Summer Lucky Box 2024 [Meat] -Special price/3,740 yen (tax included)- “Meat” is a total of 11 items packed with plenty of meat items. We have a wide variety of meats, including horse meat, pork belly, Ezo deer, and beef, and select satisfying retort pouches.
It’s a hearty lineup of meat that also includes jerky treats. This is a special sale at 3,740 yen, 40.1% off the regular price of 6,250 yen. ■(3) Summer Lucky Box 2024 [Retort] -Special price/9,900 yen (tax included)- “Retort” comes in a total of 40 bags where you can enjoy 18 types of POCHI’s proud retorts. It can be enjoyed on its own or as a topping for dry food, and it can also be used as an item to increase palatability when your appetite has decreased, and is useful for replenishing hydration, making it the perfect item for the upcoming season. This is a special sale at 9,900 yen, 40.5% off the regular price of 16,648 yen.
・POCHI “Summer Lucky Box Sales Start” introduction page ・Premium dog food specialty store ・Mail order “Pochi no Happiness” official website
■“POCHI” wishes for true “dog happiness” through reliable products * “Do what you can to make your dog happy” *

POCHI, a pioneer of premium dog food select shops, was founded in 1998. We started out as a catalog mail order of carefully selected pet products from around the world, and later transitioned to an e-commerce select shop specializing in pet food. At the time of our founding, pet food information was still in its infancy, and in reality there was a lot of “sloppy” information out there. Under these circumstances, “POCHI” has developed a unique culture of doing their own research and not selling the product unless they are satisfied with it, and is the only mail-order store that provides detailed information on the products, nutritional ingredients, photos of the product’s contents, and how to give the product. The catalog was “POCHI”.

Nowadays, there are many shops on the Internet. When you think about why people choose POCHI out of all the many reasons, what we want you to know is the thoughts and ideas that have been nurtured as part of our DNA since our founding.
You can read the brand history here.
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