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Home » Launch of 3 new series from the handling brands “MICHAELANASTASSIADES”, “VIBIA” and “NYTA”

Launch of 3 new series from the handling brands “MICHAELANASTASSIADES”, “VIBIA” and “NYTA”

Launch of 3 new series from the handling brands
*YAMAGIWA Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Launch of 3 new series from the handling brands
*YAMAGIWA 2024 new product information vol.2*
YAMAGIWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Shinya Matsukawa), which imports and sells original lighting as well as lighting and furniture brands from around the world, is a company that owns MICHAELANASTASSIADES in the UK and VIBIA in Spain. We are pleased to announce that we have started handling new products from Germany’s NYTA.

“Peaks” is a new lighting project by Michael Anastasiades, who designs sculpture-like works with simple geometric shapes, and is a series of pendants with series of cones reminiscent of mountain peaks. In addition to its distinctive form, the beautiful gradation of light along the curved surface of the cone is also part of the
well-thought-out design. You can enjoy two different expressions when the lights are off and when the lights are on. The shades are up and down, and the number varies from single to triple.
The knit series has a somewhat Japanese feel, and as the name suggests, the knit is made of intricately woven two-colored threads that wrap around the shade. The soft and warm light spreads as a light accent in various spaces.
Available in two types: pendant and floor lamp.
129S7556L, 129S7554L, 129S7555L

* TILT Sea Breeze / TILT S Floor | NYTA*
The Tilt series is a collection with a unique structure that allows you to easily change the irradiation direction by moving the shade. “Tilt” means to tilt in English, and the angle can be adjusted by tilting the shade. Designed by jjoo, a design unit by Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller, co-founders of Nuita.
This time, we have started handling a new floor stand type and a new color, Sea Breeze color (photo left).
*Please see the press release PDF for details on each product. YAMAGIWA
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