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Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Chia Fujikawa’s all-New Zealand location music video released

[Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.] Chia Fujikawa’s all-New Zealand location music video released
*Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 9, 2024
Chia Fujikawa’s all-New Zealand location music video released Singer-songwriter Chia Fujikawa has released the music video for her new song “Sagashimono”, which was released today on July 9th. “Sagashimono” is an anime that started in July, “A novice old adventurer is trained to death by the strongest party and becomes invincible. ” A new song that is the ending theme song. The released music video is also in the lyrics.”
This is a road movie-like work that was filmed entirely in New Zealand, with the concept of “a journey to find something shining that sleeps inside me.”As the word “road movie” suggests, Fujikawa was the director of Hidemasa Jinguji. He and his staff traveled to New Zealand for five days, traveling by car and filming.
Regarding this work, which took half of the shooting time to travel and also included scenery encountered by chance during the trip, Fujikawa said, “It was a haphazard shooting trip, and before I knew it, my real self was being photographed, not just the prepared scenes. By watching the MV, I learned new sides of myself, such as how my posture was unexpectedly bad.”
In addition, Fujikawa will release “Bonjin Kaa” next week on July 17th. It has been announced that they will hold their first overseas one-man performance in Shanghai, China on July 21st. Fujikawa, who enjoys strong support from overseas, will begin his overseas activities in earnest this year.
NEW! [Music Video]
・Chia Fujikawa “Sagashimono” Music Video
NEW! [Chia Fujikawa

“Travel” is often compared to “searching for oneself,” but when you are unsure about something, it is often not possible to solve the problem by simply asking yourself questions within yourself. I think this will give you an opportunity to notice.
For this reason, I consulted director Tsukasa Jingu about wanting to shoot the MV for “Sagashimono” in the style of a road movie, and flew from Japan in the middle of summer to New Zealand in the middle of winter.
Watching the music video taught me new sides of myself, such as the haphazard filming trip, not only the prepared scenes, but also my real self being filmed, and my unexpectedly bad posture.
Finally, New Zealand is a very, very nice country. If you’re on a journey to find yourself, come to New Zealand. You might find something that shines within you.
Chia Fujikawa
【release information】
・Chia Fujikawa “Looking for something”

*Ending theme for the anime “A novice old adventurer is trained to death by the strongest party and becomes invincible.”
Released on Tuesday, July 9, 2024
・Chia Fujikawa “Ordinary People Bloom”
Released on Wednesday, July 17, 2024
[Live information]
Chia Fujikawa 2024 Shanghai LIVE
Date and time: 2024.7.21
(Sun) Doors open: 16:00 Start: 17:00 (CST)
Venue: BANDAI NAMCO Shanghai Cultural Center Future Theater (No. 179, Yichang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai)
Ticket seat type & price:
VIP ticket: 680 Chinese yuan (includes hand-delivered poster with TO signature) General ticket: 380 Chinese Yuan
Fujikawa Chiai Fujikawa Chiai
Born June 6, 1995 in Ibara City, Okayama Prefecture
A singer who debuted in the Reiwa era with a total of over 60 million views on YouTube, singing about everything from everyday frustrations and conflicts to love from a unique perspective.
Debuted at an acoustic live held in November 2018. After releasing her 1st album “Laika” in May 2019, it reached number 2 on the iTunes album ranking, number 1 on the Oricon daily chart, and number 7 on the Billboard weekly chart, and since then has released her latest album, “Inside the Heart Complains”. Released 4 full albums and 2 mini albums.
The theme song for the drama “Kasouken no Onna” and the anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero”, “Digimon Adventure:”, “Incompetent Nana”, “My Home Hero”, and the theme song for “Seiken Gakuin no Magic Sword User” are written by Nobu Chidori. He is responsible for many popular songs such as “Ano Hi Ano Toki”, a song for recovery from heavy rain disasters. Also, in 2020, he participated in the BUCK-TICK tribute album, and is improving his “singing” through various interactions with people from entertainment to heavyweights in the domestic music scene.
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