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Laputa Robotics Press Release Laputa Robotics begins deployment of automated warehouse “Laputa ASRS” in th e American market

[Laputa Robotics Press Release] Laputa Robotics begins deployment of automated warehouse “Laputa ASRS” in the American market
*Laputa Robotics Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Laputa Robotics begins deployment of automated warehouse “Laputa ASRS” in the American market
*~ Utilizing distinctive robot group control and construction methods as “Warehouse Automation for everyone” ~*
Laputa Robotics Co., Ltd. (Koto-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director), which provides robotics solutions for logistics.
CEO: Mohanaraja Gajan (hereinafter referred to as Laputa Robotics) is innovative in terms of AI, materials, and construction methods for simultaneous control of multiple robots, which has already been adopted by several companies in the Japanese market and preparations are underway for introduction. We will begin selling Laputa ASRS, an automated warehouse solution, in the U.S. market. This
state-of-the-art system provides the flexibility to easily increase or decrease floors to suit business conditions, dramatically improving picking productivity and inventory storage efficiency.
Automated warehouse “Laputa ASRS”
Automatic warehouse “Laputa ASRS” picking process
* ●Background and purpose of the automated warehouse “Laputa ASRS” expansion in the United States*
Globally, the logistics industry is facing challenges such as rising labor costs, high turnover rates, demands for quick order fulfillment, and fluctuations in inventory levels, and the United States is no exception. As an industry, we need to respond to these challenges while maintaining a sustainable and versatile business. In order to address these industry issues, Laputa Robotics has developed Laputa ASRS by leveraging its extensive experience in logistics robotics, and has been proactively rolling it out in Japan, and has now decided to start selling it in the United States. . This revolutionary automated warehouse solution is flexible and easy to implement in the field of logistics DX, which is large-scale and has high hurdles to
implementation, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing warehouse operations, minimizing downtime. You can maximize the return on investment while minimizing costs.

Shigeo Ito, VP of Laputa ASRS business, said, “We are very pleased to be able to introduce Laputa ASRS to the U.S. market.It can improve productivity and storage efficiency in a well-balanced manner, and it can be built and expanded flexibly like a block toy. We look forward to being able to contribute to our customers as an automated warehouse.”

* ●Main features of the automated warehouse “Laputa ASRS”*
* 1. Expandable and flexible structure due to modular structure of FRP (reinforced glass fiber plastic) *
* 2. Overwhelming productivity and storage efficiency – Up to 10 times more productivity and 2.5 times more storage efficiency**
*Comparison with manual picking (general lightweight shelf space ratio 13%, 60 lines/person per hour)
* 3. Robustness due to vibration isolation design *
* 4. Group control AI and automatic battery exchange system as robot technology cultivated so far *

Click here for product details of Automated Warehouse Laputa ASRS

Japanese customers are already realizing the benefits of Laputa ASRS. Yuta Okuma of Nippon Publishing Sales Co., Ltd.’s new base opening preparation office said the following.
The deciding factor in introducing ASRS was that it was “robotics using the latest technology,” which is essential to realizing Nippon Publishing Sales Co., Ltd.’s concept of “logistics that are friendly to people and the environment.” Being environmentally friendly, the pillars and plates can be assembled like blocks without using screws, and the layout can be changed to accommodate increases or decreases in the amount of materials, allowing for flexible support using both hardware and software. Although it is thought that a diverse range of people will be working in the future to deal with the labor shortage, we praised the fact that anyone can do the work right away. I also sympathize with the possibility of co-creation with Laputa Robotics, and would like to work together. ”

For this U.S. expansion, Laputa Robotics has hired business personnel with extensive knowledge and connections in the field of logistics robotics, as well as an agency that specializes in large-scale material handling for logistics warehouses and development of sales channels for robots, with whom we can work together to expand sales. We are looking for candidates/integrator candidates.

Please see below for recruitment information.
Business Development Manager (USA)
Other recruitment information

* ●About Laputa Robotics*
Laputarobotics is a research institute founded by the Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), which has produced many famous researchers including Einstein.
Zürich) is a venture company originating from Zürich. “Making robotics attainable and useful for”
With the vision of “anyone”, we develop next-generation cloud robotics platforms that utilize the world’s most advanced control technology and artificial intelligence technology, and provide support for the development, implementation, and operation of robot solutions. We propose optimal solutions to our customers through the
collaboration of talented engineers with high development technology from over 30 countries around the world, a bilingual sales team well-versed in robotics, and a customer success team.
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