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Home » Counter Chinese food with small portions and many dishes Roppongi’s modern Chinese restaurant “Kohou” has released a limited summer menu

Counter Chinese food with small portions and many dishes Roppongi’s modern Chinese restaurant “Kohou” has released a limited summer menu

[Counter Chinese food with small portions and many dishes] Roppongi’s modern Chinese restaurant “Kohou” has released a limited summer menu *GYRO HOLDINGS*
Press release: July 10, 2024
[Counter Chinese food with small portions and many dishes] Roppongi’s modern Chinese restaurant “Kohou” has released a limited summer menu *Delicate and profound Chinese cuisine that can be enjoyed at the counter. Enjoy our unique style of small, multi-dish courses* GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, President and CEO: Nemoto
subLime Co., Ltd. (Head office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, President and CEO: Maruyama), an operating company of Toshikazu)
Ryoichi) is offering a limited summer menu at Kohou, a modern Chinese restaurant in Roppongi.
“Toramine” official website Toramine is a Chinese restaurant that focuses on Chinese cuisine, incorporates techniques from various countries such as Japanese and French cuisine, and brings out the charm of seasonal ingredients to the fullest, serving small portions and multiple plates.

In this summer limited menu, we have prepared menus that we would like you to enjoy during this time when it is easy to get sick. We offer skinny egg tofu with corn potage, a seasonal summer vegetable, spring rolls with tightly packed scallops and summer vegetables, and fei feng tofu made with 13 types of spices. You can enjoy a diverse menu of more than 20 dishes in small, multi-dish course meals.

The store only has a counter, so one of the attractions is that you can directly experience the chef’s cooking, sounds, and aroma right in front of your eyes. Please enjoy this space with your family, friends, and loved ones in a special space that feels like a hideaway. *Summary of seasonal menu (July)*
* ◆Skinned egg tofu with onion corn *
A combination of skin egg tofu, skin egg yolk, sesame paste sauce, cucumber, and corn. It has a mellow and light texture without the characteristic odor of skin eggs. It contains seasonal summer vegetables and corn grains.
* ◆Spring roll Makina*
Spring rolls with a light and crispy texture. It contains seasonal scallops, young corn, and zucchini. Garnish with lime and Japanese pepper salt if you like.
* ◆Sweet shrimp Shefutong*
One of Hong Kong’s representative seafood dishes. A spicy dish made with whole sweet shrimp fried and sprinkled with fried garlic and 13 other spices. Because it is fried at a high temperature, the outside is crispy and the meat is soft. You can eat it whole, starting from the head.
* ◆Lizi sugar water*
The traditional Hong Kong sweet “Suisui” is a Chinese herbal dessert that takes into account the effects of each ingredient. There are many types, but Hufeng’s “Lizi Sugar Water” contains plums with skin and white wood ear fungus, which is said to be good for beauty. It’s a sweet that helps regulate the intestines and won’t make your stomach feel heavy, so it’s the perfect way to end the meal.
*About “Toramine”*
In China, “tiger” is a word used for a talented person, and “feng” means peak. The store’s name [Koramine] reflects the desire to cultivate talent and aim for the highest level. Our restaurant focuses on Chinese cuisine, but incorporates techniques from other countries such as Japanese and French cuisine, and offers small-batch, multi-plate dishes that bring out the best of seasonal ingredients. In addition, our restaurant requires reservations and only offers courses. Based on Chinese cuisine, we offer over 20 small, multi-plate dishes that incorporate cooking methods from around the world, high-quality ingredients such as shark fin and abalone, and fresh vegetables from the Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Please enjoy a happy and nutritious time with our alcohol pairing course, where you can enjoy wine carefully selected by our sommelier and various alcoholic beverages, as well as our Chinese tea pairing course, along with delicate and diverse dishes.
* -Menu overview-*
* ◆Seasonal ingredients course (Monday to Thursday) 25 dishes 15,000 yen (tax included) *
Enjoy small portions of recommended Chinese dishes at a time. * ◆Selected ingredients course (Monday to Thursday) 25 dishes 20,000 yen (tax included) *
You can enjoy small portions of Chinese cuisine incorporating abalone, lobster, stewed shark fin, etc. at a time.
* ◆Dinner course (Friday and Saturday only) 20 dishes 20,000 yen (tax included) *
Weekend (Friday, Saturday) limited course. You can enjoy small portions of our recommended Chinese dishes, including Peking duck and stewed shark fin, at a time.
We offer a wide variety of approximately 25 dishes in a small-batch, multi-plate style.
* ◆Chef Ryo Kasai*
Joined Yokohama Bashamichi Shokoen. Afterwards, Cantonese Cuisine Tiankei, Heichinrou Main Branch, Yokohama Grand InterContinental Hotel Chinese Restaurant “Ren”, Tokyo Chinese Ichirin, Series
After training at various famous Chinese restaurants including the Sky and Cantonese cuisine, he became the head chef of Hufeng in March 2024.
* ◆Executive Chef Yuki Kaneko*
After graduating from Osaka Abenotsuji Culinary School, he learned the basics of Chinese cooking at Japan’s oldest existing Chinese restaurant, Heichinro, and then went on to work at the one-star restaurant SENSE at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. Learn cutting-edge technology and presentations. After that, after working as the head chef of a restaurant in Tokyo, he became the head chef of Azabudai “Series”. It received one Michelin star just eight months after opening, and has continued to receive the star for four consecutive years.
In April 2023, we will open Series’ second store, “Series the sky,” on the 31st floor of Tokyo Solamachi in Oshiage.
Became executive chef of “the Sky” and “Koramine.”
*Store overview*
Store name: Kohou
Business hours: Monday to Thursday 18:00 All start to 21:00 Closed                                                              〇 -Part 2-Starts at 20:30 – Closes at 22:30
*Holidays are based on the day of the week.
Regular holiday: Sunday, summer/winter vacation
Reservation availability: Reservation required
Address: PAL Building 1F, 3-8-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3478-7441
(Inquiries by phone are accepted from 11:00 to 17:00)
Official website:
Note: Please contact us at least 2 days in advance for cancellations. Cancellation fee will be charged 100%on the day and 50%2 days ago. If you have any food allergies, please contact us by phone in advance. (We cannot respond on the day)
     A separate water charge of 1,650 yen may be required.
Thank you very much.
3 minutes walk from Exit 5 of Roppongi Station on the Toei Oedo Line / 4 minutes walk from Exit 3 of Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
* Company Profile*
With our vision of “creating the future with food,” we aim to solve food-related issues and enrich the world even a little by providing a wide range of services with originality and overwhelmingly high added value through food.
Its operating companies include subLime Co., Ltd., Partners Dining Co., Ltd., TKS Co., Ltd., Gyu no Tatsujin Co., Ltd., Egrant
Corporation Co., Ltd., Five.C Co., Ltd., ESOLA Co., Ltd., and OYA Co., Ltd. We operate more than 90 brands of restaurants, mainly in the izakaya format, but also include cafes, Western-style restaurants, beer gardens, Japanese-style restaurants, and high-end restaurants.

Company Profile
Trade name: GYRO HOLDINGS Co., Ltd.
Representative: Juichi Nemoto, Representative Director and President Address: 4F Shinjuku JEC Building, 7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Established: June 2006
Capital: 30 million yen
Business details: Provision of food-related services (1. Restaurant management 2. Independence support 3. FC store support)
Official website:
Store list:
From left: “ESOLA”, “Jimbocho Sushi Wasabi”, “Gyu no Tatsujin” image *subLime*
subLime provides food-related services and aims to enrich the world. By thinking through ways to solve food-related issues and creating ideas with originality and overwhelming added value as a true “food brand bank,” we propose and provide services that enrich the “future of food.” . The top concept of the services we provide is “customer supremacy”. Are the services you create the best for your customers? Does it make the world richer? We will continue to pursue this and create the future through food together with our customers.

Company Profile
Trade name: subLime Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryoichi Maruyama, President and CEO
Address: 4F Shinjuku JEC Building, 7-22-43 Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023
Established: July 2010
Capital: 10 million yen
Business content: Restaurant management, restaurant consulting services URL:
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