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Home » New service We are now introducing builders who are qualified to build homes with high asset value.We are recruiting certified builders who can build homes to the standards of home building builders for craftsman presidents.

New service We are now introducing builders who are qualified to build homes with high asset value.We are recruiting certified builders who can build homes to the standards of home building builders for craftsman presidents.

Hiramatsu Architecture Co., Ltd.
[New service] We are now introducing builders who are qualified to build homes with high asset value.We are recruiting certified builders who can build homes to the standards of home building builders for craftsman presidents.
Akinobu Hiramatsu, the CEO of Hiramatsu Kenchiku Co., Ltd., who is also known as the craftsman president of the YouTube channel “Shizokusho’s Home Building Construction Company” with over 140,000 subscribers, provides advice for people who want to build a house with high asset value (asset-building type). We have officially launched a new service, “Craftsman President’s Home Construction Contractor Mirai Project,” which introduces certified construction companies.
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Service background and overview
We want to increase the number of good homes with high asset values ​​across Japan, and we continue to provide such home building services. In order to deliver home building that won’t fail or cause regrets, we stream the YouTube channel “Craftsman President’s Home Building Construction Company” every day. As a result, viewers from all over the country and readers of “Suidai Zen” expressed their desire to “build a house” and “want to introduce a construction company” to the standards of the Craftsman President Home
Construction Construction Company (Hiramatsu Kenchiku). We receive many requests. In response to this, we have decided to offer the “Craftsman President Home Construction Contractor Mirai Project” to introduce cooperating businesses and craftsmen.
Therefore, we are looking for construction companies who are interested in building this kind of house and would like to cooperate. Craftsman president’s house construction company Mirai Project:
What are the standards of the craftsman president’s home construction company (Hiramatsu Kenchiku)?
If you build a high-performance house, the asset value of the house will not decrease. Therefore, let’s build a home with high value considering whether to sell, live in, or rent it later. By using the WB construction method (*1), which has an earthquake resistance rating of 3, has undergone structural calculations and quality control, and is long-lasting and cleans the air, it is possible to move from building a consumption-oriented home to building an asset-building type of home. You can go.
(*1) WB in the WB construction method stands for “double ventilation (W Breath),” which means that air flows through the walls, so the ventilation is high and the indoor air is always kept clean. , moisture does not accumulate, making it difficult for condensation to form, making your home last longer.
And we advocate building houses that “aim to say ‘thank you’ 100 years from now,” and “houses that are kind to people, the earth, and household finances.”
・People-friendly home: indoor environment close to nature
We create spaces and homes that are friendly to people, with clean air, low carbon dioxide concentrations, no chemical concentrations, and where humidity and temperature are maintained appropriately. ・Earth-friendly home: A long-lasting home that reduces utility costs It is said that all of Japan’s final disposal sites will be filled in the next 20 years, so instead of building consumable houses that quickly deteriorate and need to be rebuilt, we are building houses that last for 100 or 200 years. Making.
・Easy to the household budget: Realize a secure lifestyle until retirement Building a house that lasts a long time and does not require utilities or maintenance costs can reduce the burden on household finances. Three features of a construction company certified by a craftsman president for home construction
1. Clears the minimum building standards recommended by the craftsman president! 2. Handled by carefully selected local construction companies 3. We also check financial status and screen business managers.  Certified construction company for home building by the president of craftsmen has not only cleared specifications, prices, and personnel, but also has passed financial examinations. Membership in the Housing Completion Guarantee System (*2) is also mandatory, so we undergo a financial review by a third-party organization.
(*2) The housing completion guarantee system is a system that occurs during the construction of a custom-built home in the event that it becomes impossible to continue construction due to bankruptcy of the construction company, etc., and the construction fee that has already been paid by the builder will be taken over. A system that guarantees additional construction costs and supports the completion of the house.
Certified construction company registration area
Currently, there are 16 prefectures registered as “certified craftsman president home construction contractors”, and we will introduce these areas immediately after registering on LINE. For customers requesting services in other areas, we will introduce certified construction companies as soon as they are registered.
[Image 2:×720.jpg] Thoughts of craftsman president Akinobu Hiramatsu
At the core of my work is the desire to “revitalize Japan by building houses.” I believe that Japanese home building is the best in the world if you have the right mindset. Japan is a difficult region to build a house due to its harsh climate and frequent earthquakes. Under such conditions, if you can build a house that is extremely durable, has a low energy load, is comfortable, and lasts a long time, I think that would be the best house. By flooding Japan with such top-notch homes, we will shift from building consumer-oriented homes, which are rebuilt every 32.1 years (*3), to building homes that last 100 years. By taking care of the house you once built and living in it for a long time, you can leave behind a better future. We cannot do something like this alone. Of course, this would not be possible without the cooperation of various people, so I look forward to meeting people who want to cooperate and work together.
(*3) See Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s “Situation surrounding Japan’s housing stock (supplementary material)” Profile of craftsman president Akinobu Hiramatsu
Born in 1980 in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
I have loved making things since I was little, and started working as a carpenter at the age of 19. Over the past 10 years, he has demolished and repaired more than 100 homes that are several decades old, gaining an understanding of the characteristics of building durable homes and those that break down quickly. While gaining experience in numerous workplaces, he acquired various qualifications and became independent in his 10th year. Founded Hiramatsu Kenchiku as a private business at the age of 29. Established a corporation as Hiramatsu Kenchiku Co., Ltd. at the age of 32. Annual sales: 1 billion, number of employees: 25 (as of 2024)
While running a construction company, he holds lectures for other companies in the same industry all over the country on the theme of construction companies that propose better homes. We also have many experience consulting for construction companies in the same industry. I will go to Germany to learn about energy-saving and healthy living. When an earthquake occurs, we go to the site to gather information, use primary information to determine the important aspects of building a house, and continue to research how to build a house that suits the local climate and features.
The number of new housing constructions exceeds 180. In 2022, at the request of the Shizuoka Prefectural Government, we held a training session on how to proceed with construction DX for housing companies. In 2023, he published “House Encyclopedia: How to choose, build, and live in a comfortable home” (KADOKAWA). The YouTube channel “Craftsman President’s Home Construction Contractor” has posted 365 days in a row. The number of channel subscribers exceeded 140,000, and the total number of views was 50 million.
In addition, on the official website of the president of the craftsman, we are posting useful information about housing, such as common housing problems and financial plans that are important when building a house.
Shokunin President Official Website:
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Company Profile
Trade name: Hiramatsu Kenchiku Co., Ltd.
Location: 350-3 Kodateno, Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Representative: Representative Director Akinobu Hiramatsu
Founded: February 25, 2009
Business content: New construction of zero-energy homes, new construction using the WB construction method, general renovation work, various housing loan application services, land search introduction services
Phone number: 0538-74-3343
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