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Lladró launches artwork by Javier Calleja, limited to 150 pieces worldwide

Lladró launches artwork by Javier Calleja, limited to 150 pieces worldwide *Lladro Japan*
Press release: July 10, 2024
Lladró launches artwork by Javier Calleja, limited to 150 pieces worldwide *Luxury porcelain art brand “LLADRÓ” (LladrÓ Japan Co., Ltd., 7-11-3 Ginza, Chuo-ku, President and CEO: Kaishu Zhou
Colin) launches Javier Calleja’s artwork. *
You Choose One -150
Lladró, which has been revolutionizing the world of porcelain for 70 years, enters the world of contemporary art with limited edition artworks, a new art project called Art
“Editions” has been launched. The first part of the project is the creation of three artworks by Lladró and Javier Calleja, one of the most popular artists of the moment. “You
This work, named “Choose One”, is made of porcelain and glass, “Boy”, “Devil Cat”, “Angel”.
It is made up of three characters: Cat.
“You Choose One –
150” reflects Javier Calleja’s particular and unique worldview, his image translated into a porcelain world by Lladró artists. This is a limited edition of only 150 pieces in the world.
You Choose One -150
You Choose One -150
Devil Cat
Angel Cat
This work, which is not aimed at anything in particular but rather to evoke people’s emotions, evokes people’s emotions with its bright and colorful colors. With its elaborate craftsmanship, “Boy” has a round head and big eyes, conveying an innocent charm. On the other hand, “Devil
Despite its name, Cat’s charm point is that it doesn’t look evil. Its mysterious figure, with its slightly tilted head and large, bright yellow eyes, captivates our hearts. “Angel”
Cat” has a dreamy look on her face. The main color of the decoration is matte white, but the lively green eyes and angel wings highlight its nature.

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*Handmade porcelain creations*
Like other Lladró works, “Art
Editions’ pieces are also painstakingly handcrafted from start to finish in our workshop in Valencia, Lladró’s home base. Two specific colors were specially created: a child’s skin tone and a cat’s black, aiming for an overall warm tone. Especially black uses reddish tones. All pieces are hand-painted in warm, intense tones, hand-selected by Javier Calleja from over 4,000 shades formulated by Lladró’s production team.
Like the world of contemporary art, Lladró continues to share 70 years of unparalleled porcelain technology in an exciting and ever-evolving world.

(C)Diego Diaz
* About Javier Calleja *
Spanish artist born in Malaga. After studying fine arts at the University of Granada, he developed a unique artistic style. Her style is characterized by large, exaggerated eyes, making her an instantly recognizable character. His works often contain symbolic elements and deep considerations, inviting us into a world filled with emotion. Not only in Spain, Javier Calleja’s works transcend national borders and have received great acclaim internationally among collectors and art lovers around the world, and are exhibited in galleries and museums in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and other locations. I am exhibiting my works.
Calleja also participates in important international art fairs such as Frieze Los Angeles, Basel, Miami Beach and Art Basel in Hong Kong, further increasing its presence in the global art scene. Javier Calleja not only exhibits his works in the space, but also actively collaborates with brands and designers, creating unique pieces that fuse art, fashion, and other creative fields. Javier Calleja continues to leave a huge mark on the contemporary art world, and is said to be the most prominent representative of contemporary figurative art both domestically and internationally.

* About Lladró “Art Editions” *
‘Editions’ is Lladró’s new art project, creating limited edition porcelain works by renowned artists and entering the world of contemporary art. “Art
All those who purchase “Art Editions” works will be able to participate in a special VIP community “Art Editions”.
Become a member of “Club Club” and gain priority access to exclusive works that will be released in the future.

* “You Choose One – 150” 2,717,000 yen

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