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Alcantara A one-off model of BMW

[Alcantara] BMW in collaboration with ALCANTARA(R) and BMW at “Sky is the limit”
XM’s one-off model unveiled for the first time
Press release: July 10, 2024
BMW XM one-off model in collaboration with ALCANTARA(R) and BMW unveiled for the first time at “Sky is the limit”
“ALCANTARA (R)”, a material brand that boasts the highest quality made in Italy, was exhibited at the “Sky” event held at the BMW House on Via Monte Napoleone in Milan.
At a project event titled “is the limit,” we unveiled for the first time a one-off BMW XM model created in collaboration with BMW Italia.

The project, which aims to introduce cars that combine functionality, luxury and exclusivity, showcased new models with interiors and exteriors customized with ALCANTARA®.

In creative collaboration with ALCANTARA(R), the “Sky is the limit” project debuts in Milan and BMW
With ALCANTARA®, XM combines the beauty and performance of its Italian heritage, both inside and out.

All exterior and interior surfaces, including the rear seats, are covered with ALCANTARA(R). The use of ALCANTARA(R) on the exterior is unusual; the BMW covered in black ALCANTARA(R) creates a matte effect that contrasts with the glossy black inserts.
The surfaces are coated to reflect meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. These are BMW
Inspired by the XM’s distinct geometry, it adds special visual richness to the car’s extroverted aesthetic.
The interior interprets and intensifies the duality of the BMW XM. Cockpit is black BMW
Covered with ALCANTARA®, it covers the seats and left-hand door panel, expressing the brand’s dynamism and sportiness, creating a highly enveloping effect.
The rear seats are covered in ice white ALCANTARA®, creating a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere reminiscent of an elegant lounge.

A compartment for a bottle and two glasses is hidden in the center armrest of the rear seat. To provide maximum passenger comfort, it is equipped with two small cushions made of ice-coloured ALCANTARA® with the same pattern as the doors and headliner.
The headliner is also covered in ice white ALCANTARA(R) and features a digital print with a fade effect.
An asymmetrical and contrasting color scheme has been created to emphasize the duality typical of BMW XM.
This car combines both fun to drive and comfort and luxury when traveling long distances at high speed.
The door panels, dashboard, center tunnel, seats and cushions feature a new exclusive finish that combines a laser perforation pattern with blue backing.
Laser perforations emphasize the Made in Italy design with the colors of the Italian flag inserted as an extension of the pattern. ALCANTARA(R) enhances its sporty and light characteristics, offering optimal grip for sporty driving, excellent comfort and unparalleled wear resistance. This is achieved without sacrificing the unique sensory experience that combines tactile pleasure and visual elegance.

* BMW XM: symbol of a successful combination of luxury, performance and electrification*
The BMW XM is the first model since the legendary BMW M1 to be designed exclusively as a high-performance car by BMW M GmbH. BMW with bold lines, ultra-comfortable interior and advanced plug-in hybrid drive
XM offers the perfect combination of luxury, performance and electrification.

In addition, the adaptive M suspension professional and the
intelligent all-wheel drive system M
With xDrive as standard and combined with the M Sport differential, the BMW It enables powerful dynamics and exhilarating acceleration up to km/h. XM features include split lamp clusters, the iconic glow contour lighting of the BMW double kidney grille, side bands, up to 23-inch light-alloy wheels, and vertically stacked hexagonal tailpipes integrated into the rear bumper. The exterior boasts a unique and exclusive look.
The BMW XM is breaking new ground as BMW M GmbH’s first
high-performance car with an electric drive system.

The M HYBRID engine, adapted from endurance racing and used for the first time in a production model, generates a system power of 480 kW/653 hp in the BMW XM.
Depending on the model, the M HYBRID system uses a powerful
straight-six engine or a powerful gasoline V8. BMW boasts a maximum output of 550 kW/748 hp
The XM Label Red version is also the most powerful road-going production car produced by BMW M GmbH.

With this car, ALCANTARA® and BMW Italia once again renewed their collaboration and underlined their shared identity values:
exclusivity, high performance and an unwavering commitment to extreme customization.
The synergy between ALCANTARA(R) and BMW Italia creates the perfect blend of technological innovation and traditional craftsmanship, allowing BMW
Elevating your XM journey to an unparalleled level of excellence and luxury.

* About Alcantara * –
Founded in 1972, Alcantara offers the finest materials with a Made in Italy quality. ALCANTARA(R) is manufactured by Alcantara Company (ALCANTARA)
It is a registered trademark of S.p.A.) and is an epoch-making material created using unique technology that combines unparalleled superior sensation, beauty, and functionality. Because of its versatility, it is chosen by leading brands in a variety of fields, including fashion, accessories, automotive, interior design and home decor, and home appliances.
These properties and its constant commitment to sustainability make Alcantara a true icon of modern lifestyle. In 2009, Alcantara received carbon neutral certification. This goal is achieved by measuring, reducing and compensating CO2 emissions from production activities. To report on the progress of this activity, Alcantara publishes a BDO-certified sustainability report every year, the content of which can be found on our website (
You can also refer to it
( Alcantara’s headquarters are in Milan, with production and research and
development facilities located in Nera Montoro (Terni), in the heart of Umbria.
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