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\Spam (R), island chili peppers on tacos! The third installment is Okinawa Fair/The most beloved Spam (R) Burger will be resold! Okinawan soul food, taco burger is now available

Freshness Co., Ltd.
\Spam (R), island chili peppers on tacos! The third installment is Okinawa Fair/The most beloved Spam (R) Burger will be resold! Okinawan soul food, taco burger is now available
“Spam(R) Burger” “Classic Taco Cheeseburger ~3 Kinds of Domestic Colorful Vegetables~” “Okinawa Dipped Potato ~Mayo with Chili Peppers~” Period from July 17th (Wednesday) to August 27th (Tuesday), 2024 Limited event
Freshness Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Kentaro Saito / Headquarters: Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture), a member of the COLOWIDE Group, will begin receiving passionate love calls at its hamburger chain “Freshness Burger” starting Wednesday, July 17, 2024. The hugely popular product “Spam (R) Burger” will be back on sale for a limited time. In addition, “Classic Taco Cheeseburger – 3 Kinds of Domestic Colorful Vegetables -” is a fresh take on taco rice, the soul food of Okinawan people, which was sold for the first time in Kin Town, Okinawa Prefecture, and the side menu “Okinawa Dip Potato – Island Chili Peppers” We will be releasing a new version of
“Mayonnaise ~” for a limited time.
*SPAM(R) and SPAM(R) are registered trademarks of Hormel Foods. (C)2024 Hormel Foods Corporation
[Image 1:×1894.jpg] ■ Hello Okinawa! Freshness is currently selling burgers for a limited time under the annual theme of [Turning world gourmet food into authentic burgers for adults]. The third edition will be the Okinawa Fair, which is perfect for the height of summer. “Spam (R) Burger”, which will be revived for the first time in about two years, was actually decided to be resold in a hurry on the TBS “Yoru no Brunch” in which our company representative Saito appeared, due to the enthusiasm of the show’s MC, Panther Kei Mukai. . As if in response to that passionate love, this is a very popular product that has received a lot of love (hopes for revival) from various people on SNS. This product is proud of its freshness, with thickly sliced ​​Spam (R) generously coated in the sweet and spicy rich teriyaki sauce that Japanese people love, sandwiched with soft, soft-boiled fried eggs, tomatoes, and domestic vegetables such as cabbage. A new product called “Classic Taco Cheeseburger ~3 Types of Domestic Colorful Vegetables~” that is comparable to this “Spam (R) Burger” will also be released. Recreate Okinawan soul food taco rice with a hamburger. A thick and juicy premium beef patty sandwiched with special spicy and rich taco meat that matches the flavor of the patty and plenty of domestically grown vegetables. Topped with colorful marinated purple cabbage and crispy tortilla chips. In addition, piping hot fried potatoes with island chili mayo dipping sauce are now available. Be sure to enjoy the Okinawa Fair with this set along with the
Okinawa-inspired frozen fruit lemonade soda that will be released at the same time.
Product Summary
・Product name/price (tax included): Spam (R) Burger 620 yen Classic Taco Cheeseburger ~3 types of domestically produced colorful vegetables~ 840 yen Okinawa Dipped Potatoes ~Mayo with island chili peppers~ 390 yen (+50 yen for regular set and premium set)・Sales period: July 17, 2024 (Wednesday) to August 27, 2024 (Tuesday) ・Sales stores: All-day sales at Freshness Burger stores nationwide *Excluding stadium stores and zoo stores. *Depending on the region or store, the product may be out of stock even during the sales period. Please note.
[Image 2:×2700.jpg] The resale was made possible with the support of many SPAM(R) Burger supporters! ・TBS “Yoru no Brunch” program MC Panther Kei Mukai
[Image 3:×2362.jpg] TBS “Yoru no Brunch” March 13, 2024 OA Find the No.1 buzz! When Freshness appeared on the show’s corner, Kei Mukai, the program’s MC, said things like, “It’s so delicious!” “I personally love it!” “Why did it disappear?” Saito has promised to resell it, so it has been decided that it will be revived for a limited time. On July 17, 2024, Freshness will appear on the program to report on the resale of Spam (R) Burger to Kei Mukai.
・Anime “Bocchi Za Rock!” Role of Hitori Goto: Yoshino Aoyama (voice actor)
[Image 4:×2362.jpg] He has been a fan of Spam (R) Burger for some time, and when Spam (R) Burger is revived in 2022, he also served as the store manager for a day at the Shimokitazawa store. The Spam(R) Burger is said to be “the origin of my love for Spam(R)” and “the taste of my first love,” and Mr. Aoyama is working with his fans to promote the product. President Saito made a surprise voice appearance on “Bocchi The Radio! (55th)” on July 3rd, where he had the opportunity to sample the product first and talk about his love for Spam(R) burgers.
Ta.・”SPAM(R)” official character Spamy-kun
[Image 5:×2700.jpg] I sang “Do it as you like♪ Do it as you like ♪ Boil it, bake it, do it as you like♪” and they grilled it to a crisp with a freshness burger! Covered in shiny teriyaki sauce, it’s even more delicious! I’m looking forward to filling everyone’s cheeks with smiles along with my friend Fried Egg! You can only meet me until August 27th, so definitely come and see me!!
Spam(R) Burger’s secret episode
Spam (R) Burger first appeared in 2003 as the predecessor “Spam (R) Sandwich” and was sold regularly from 2007 to 2021. It was the staff’s most popular product and was supported by enthusiastic fans, but as it was a niche product, there was always a risk of it being sold out. In 2017, we launched the “Spam(R) Survival Campaign” and implemented a plan in which sales would end if the product did not rank within the top 8 in terms of sales within the period. At that time, it climbed to 3rd place, but it has a history of being sold out in 2021. We have received many requests from many people for its return, and now we have finally brought it back for a limited time.
Didn’t taco rice originate from Mexico? !
Taco rice is a fast food consisting of rice topped with Mexican taco ingredients such as seasoned ground meat (taco meat), lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Although it is often thought that it originated in Mexico, it is said to have originated in Kincho, Okinawa Prefecture. It is served in a variety of places, including cafeterias, restaurants, and stylish cafes, and is one of the popular menu items not only for local residents but also for tourists.
Follow and repost for a half price chance! X campaign!!
A total of 1,500 people will receive half-price coupons for Okinawa Fair products! Even if you miss, you can still get the coupon! [How to apply] – Follow X’s official account – Repost campaign posts – Check results & receive coupons [Application period] July 10, 2024 (Wednesday) – July 23, 2024 (Tuesday)
Freshness Official X #Freshness Bocchi Za Rock Campaign
If you post a photo or comment about Spam(R) Burger using the designated hashtag on
[How to apply]・Follow X’s official account・Post a photo and comment with the specified hashtag #Freshness Bocchi Za Rock Campaign・Winners will be contacted by DM at a later date・Sending presents. [Application period] July 17, 2024 (Wednesday) – August 12, 2024 (Monday) We are planning an SNS campaign to enliven the Okinawa Fair campaign after August 13th!
Yoshinori Aoyama (voice actor) who plays Hitori Goto from the anime “Bocchi Za Rock!” will appear in the in-store commercial broadcast! Mr. Aoyama appears in the commercial broadcast inside the Freshness store! He talked about the appeal of Spam(R) Burger and his love for Spam(R) Burger. 9:30, 10:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30, 18:30, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30 It will be broadcast 10 times in total. Do not miss it! “Theatre Digest Bocchi Za Rock! Re:/Re:Re:” Part 1 is now available to rave reviews! Part 2 will be released nationwide on Friday, August 9th! Anime official website:
[Image 6:×2700.jpg]
[Image 7:×2700.jpg] Simultaneous release! A tropical drink that goes perfectly with Spam(R) Burger and Classic Taco Cheeseburger.
Frozen Pineapple Guava Lemonade Soda 520 yen Frozen Mango Shikuwasa Lemonade Soda 520 yen The large cubes of pineapple and mango ice cubes make a big impact! It is filled with lemon slices that have been carefully pickled in honey in the store, and is combined with moderately sweet guava syrup and refreshing shikuwasa syrup
reminiscent of tropical countries, making it a tropical soda that will refresh your mind and body.
[Image 8:×2700.jpg]
[Image 9:×2700.jpg]
[Image 10:×736.jpg] Deliciousness and peace of mind, that’s the quality of freshness.We carefully handcraft products that are delicious and good for your body.
That is the basis of Freshness Burger’s menu.
The hamburger patty is made with carefully prepared fresh domestic vegetables and has a juicy texture packed with the natural flavor of the meat. Official application/SNS■App download:■Instagram:■X: profile Trade name : Freshness Co., Ltd. Representative: Kentaro Saito, President and CEO Headquarters location: 12th floor, Landmark Tower, 2-2-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Website:
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