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Home » Wilmina Co., Ltd. Just apply it to brighten your eyes! Introducing “Agarine Serum Stick” that covers eye b ags, dark circles, and dullness/Wilmina

Wilmina Co., Ltd. Just apply it to brighten your eyes! Introducing “Agarine Serum Stick” that covers eye b ags, dark circles, and dullness/Wilmina

Wilmina Co., Ltd.
Just apply it to make your eyes look brighter! Introducing “Agarine Serum Stick” that covers eye bags, dark circles, and dullness/Wilmina On sale from Wednesday, July 10, 2024
Willmina Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Willmina) will sell the eye serum stick “Agaline Serum Stick” at consumer cooperatives and Willmina EC malls from July 10, 2024. I will do it.
[Image 1:×2031.jpg] Description of item
Agarine beauty essence stick
[Image 2:×2083.jpg] Price: 2,068 yen (tax included)
Available at: Consumers’ Co-op, Willmina EC Mall starting July 10, 2024 Amazon: Rakuten Market: Yahoo! : -Features-
A beauty serum stick for the eyes that lifts the eyelids and under-eye bags by directly massaging them*1 to improve firmness*2. Covers the causes of aging, such as eye bags, dark circles, and dullness.*1 Clear pink powder stick hides fine lines and brightens eyes.
Point 1: Just pull it up and apply it!
Greatly lifts up the sagging skin around the eyes*1.
Eye firming ingredients penetrate smoothly*3, providing moisture and elasticity. [Eye firmness ingredients] Carnation flower extract – Baby Cola -, Arnica flower extract – Adeprun -, Mentha leaf extract – Spring mint – (all moisturizing ingredients)
[Tightening ingredients] Caffeine, ginger rhizome extract (all moisturizing ingredients)
[Image 3:×1446.jpg ]
Point 2: Hide fine wrinkles
Amino powder made from amino acids and plant-based ingredients fills and conceals fine lines.
Even though it has a smooth finish, it does not dry out.
Also recommended for touching up eye makeup. It’s smooth and non-sticky, so you can use it over makeup.
Convenient stick type, easy to carry! You can get your hands evenly wet without getting them dirty.
[Amino powder] Lauroyl lysine (coloring agent)
Point 3: Bright eyes
Blur out eye problems with a soft focus effect.
Add a complexion with clear pink that leads to bright eyes!
Contains even more moisturizing ingredients
[Dull skin care ingredients] Niacinamide, wild thyme extract, ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate – vitamin C derivative –
*Due to drying
◆For people like this
・Concerned about dullness and dark circles around the eyes
・I’m concerned about dryness
・I want to easily massage and lift up the eye area.
*1 Physical effects of massage
*2 Depends on makeup effect
*3 Up to the stratum corneum
About Wilmina Co., Ltd.
Wilmina started in 1984 as a division of Nichimen Corporation (currently Sojitz Corporation). As a major vendor in the cosmetics category of consumer cooperatives, which have approximately 30 million members, the company continues to provide “safe and secure” products such as cosmetics, hair care, oral care, and health foods.
In June 2020, we opened our own website “Adult Skin Research Institute” for the general market. Additionally, in July 2023, we merged with Five Tales Co., Ltd., which operates the femme care brand “Ibiza Beauty.”
As a Well-Being & Beauty Company, we aim to create a society where every woman can live a happy life in her own way.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Wilmina Co., Ltd.
Address: Head Office – 3rd floor, KDX Iidabashi Square, 4-1
Shin-Ogawacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Shiona Yukimura
[Business details]
Planning and development of solutions to solve women’s life issues, planning, development, manufacturing and sales of own brand cosmetics, and internet mail order sales, planning and operation of telemedicine related services using the internet
Corporate website:
[Brand site]
Shining Cosmetics:
Adult Skin Research Institute:
Ibiza Beauty:
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