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AppBrew Co., Ltd. LIPS Monthly Trend Award Introducing the “trend stones” that are currently attracting attention from users in a ranking July 2024

[AppBrew Co., Ltd.] [LIPS Monthly Trend Award] Introducing the “trend stones” that are currently attracting attention from users in a ranking [July 2024]
*AppBrew Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 10, 2024
[LIPS Monthly Trend Award] Introducing the “trend stones” that are currently attracting attention from users in the ranking [July 2024] The beauty platform “LIPS” operated by AppBrew Co., Ltd. (Head office location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yuta Fukasawa) is the first to catch trends and award them with the [LIPS Monthly Trend Award].
In July 2024, we are focusing on new color cosmetics and base makeup that will enhance your summer mood. “Pale colors” and “transparency” are likely to be the keys to attracting attention in the second half of the year as well.
The [LIPS Monthly Trend Award] is a selection of items calculated based on LIPS’ own logic, and is chosen by early adopters in the beauty field.
Selected based on the voting results of “LIPS”.
This is an award that quickly catches and disseminates the trending gems that are trending on not only “LIPS” but also various SNS.

* ■Points of “LIPS Monthly Trend Award July 2024” *
The cosmetics and base makeup department is filled with new summer items. News such as the renewal of classic items from the past and the introduction of new colors in the Hall of Fame series created excitement on social media.

In the skin care category, Qoo10 and items related to Mega Wari are attracting more attention as it is the time for Mega Wari. Among them, popular items with a reputation for their ingredients are ranked.

In the hair care department, there are classic items from yesteryear, as well as talented items such as items that will give you
idol-quality bangs and items that will give you salon-quality hair. I have a feeling that the trend of paying for hair care for those who want salon-quality results will continue.

* ■About the aggregation of “LIPS Monthly Trend Award July 2024” * ・Aggregation target period: May 20, 2024 to June 19, 2024
・Target products: Products for which reviews were posted on LIPS during the above calculation period
・Number of items to be counted: 20,679 items
[Cosmetics Department] The further evolution of a beloved masterpiece is attracting attention!
* -1st place Canmake/Powder Cheeks- *
Needless to say, a super long-selling item. “Powder Cheeks”, which is loved by many users, has been renewed.

The first thing that catches your eye is the super cute new heart design. Immediately after its release, it became a hot topic at LIPS as it was described as a “package that is a bit different from previous CANMAKEs.”

It is highly rated for its moisturizing and glossy feel, as well as its clear coloring that is less likely to become uneven.

* -2nd place CEZANNE/Pale tone eyeshadow- *
A new series has joined the popular four-color eyeshadow series, capturing the trend of light colors and making it into the rankings.

It has received a lot of attention, with comments such as “I fell in love with how cute it looked from the moment the information was released!” There are also rave reviews saying that when you apply it, the clarity around your eyes increases dramatically.

Of the two colors available, “02 Sherry Pink”, which is inspired by a seashell shining on a sandy beach, is the most popular color.

* -3rd place AMUSE/Deutint- *
The “AMUSE” tint lip that has been attracting attention for a while is now available with a power-up.

The smooth texture with high moisture content and the freshness of the finish left a positive impression, saying, “The texture is quite light compared to other tints!”

It also seems that many users were attracted to its appearance, with comments such as “the flower-shaped cap is cute” and “the packaging is cute.”
[Base Makeup Department] The first new color in 10 years has arrived in the “La Poudre” series. Dominating the topics on SNS!
* -1st place Elegance/La Poudre Auto Nuance- *

A new color is now available for the first time in 10 years from LIPS Vescos’ famous face powder, which has been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

It is characterized by a bluish color that greatly enhances the sense of transparency. “It leaves your skin with a matte finish, so it’s resistant to sweat and shine, making it perfect for summer!”

A limited campaign in which those who purchase the “La Poudre” series can get a mini size in a new color also seems to have become a hot topic on social media.

* -2nd place Wonjungyo/Wonjungyo Aqua Glue Primer- *

Wonjungyo’s new gel-type make-up base won 2nd place.

A moisture-adhesive veil envelops your makeup to make it last longer. There are many reviews that praise the mysterious feel of products such as “Makeup Glue” and “Mochi Pita.”

“I don’t think you can go wrong with Wonjungyo!” says the brand, which is now very popular not only for point makeup but also for base makeup.

* -3rd place BANILA CO/Coverlicious Ultimate White Cushion- *

The product that has been ranked in the trend award for two
consecutive months is a high-performance cushion foundation that is attracting a lot of attention in Korea.

Its good reputation seems to be making it even more popular, with comments such as, “Everyone says it’s good, so I’m really

As some people have said, “Banillaco is finally available for purchase in stores!”, we can surmise that the strategy of expanding the brand to stores after sufficiently raising brand awareness on the official website and SNS has been successful.
[Skin care department] It is now common to choose items with an emphasis on ingredients. “Retinol” is spreading to the general population
* -1st place SKIN1004/Madagascar Centella Ampoule- *

A beauty serum containing 100% naturally derived CICA extract (*1) has recently won first place even though it was released in 2019.

In addition to attracting attention due to the Qoo10 Mega Discount, the word of mouth of the influential Project LIPS members on LIPS caught fire and became a hot topic again.

Some said, “I saw it often on SNS and was curious about it,” and “Many beauty YouTubers recommend it.”

* -2nd place TOUT VERT/Retino shot 0.1- *

A cream containing retinol (*2) that is popular among beauty geeks as an “aggressive skin care” product.

Formulated with consideration to the stress on the skin of Japanese people, who are said to have a thin stratum corneum and are prone to reactions. One person said, “Korean brand items are the mainstream, but since it’s a Japanese brand, I wanted to incorporate them.”

Retinol is no longer just a popular ingredient that is appreciated by a wide range of people, not just those interested in beauty.

* -3rd place Anua/Retinol 0.3 Niacin Renewing Serum- *

A beauty serum containing niacinamide (*2) and retinol (*2) with a newly renewed package.

A wide range of care for various skin concerns such as pores, dryness, and lack of firmness. “I was curious about the retinol produced by Anua,” she says, adding that the trust in the brand is also a reason for its popularity.

This month’s skin care category clearly reflects the trend of placing emphasis on ingredients.

*1: Centella asiatica extract (moisturizing ingredient)
*2: Skin conditioning ingredients
[Hair Care Department] A lineup of talented items, including items that will give you an idol-level finish.
* -1st place Cape/Cape FOR ACTIVE bangs stick- *

The items released last year have been reevaluated as perfectly meeting the needs of the rainy season.

It has become popular on social media for giving you idol-quality bangs. There are many rave reviews from users who say, “It’s great for creating bangs and keeping loose hair curled!”

Another appealing feature is that it’s a size that doesn’t take up much space even when placed in a pouch or small bag.

* -2nd place UNOVE/No wash water serum treatment- *

A non-rinse water mist type treatment with an attractive smooth finish.

“It’s often featured as a popular product on Qoo10, so I wanted to try it at least once!” As one person said, it was ranked in the trend award just in time for the mega discount.

Some people say, “When you think of Korean hair care, you think of Korean hair care,” and I feel that our reputation in Japan is steadily increasing.

* -3rd place Sublimic/Wonder Shield- *

Special care treatments from Shiseido Professional, which handles items for beauty salons and salons, have made it into the ranking.

A buzz post on SNS led to renewed attention, with people commenting that “your hair dries quickly.”

“The high level of technical ability is attractive,” says the company, which fully meets the needs of consumers seeking
salon-quality results. The trend of investment in hair care is expected to continue in the future.

“LIPS Monthly Trend Awards” July 2024

Introducing “LIPS Monthly Trend Award” July 2024

*About LIPS*
The service was launched in January 2017. In October 2022, the logo will be redesigned to embody the concept of “Be more free to be who you want to be.” A platform where individuals can freely pursue their “happiness” and “the way they want to be” through makeup and beauty, regardless of gender or generation. In addition, by April 2024, there will be a total of 12 million downloads (*According to our research/Survey period: January 2017 to April 2024, Survey target: App store・Google
exceeded the total number of downloads from Play. We provide various functions and contents for free, such as product reviews related to makeup and skin care, communication between users, popularity rankings, new product information, and gift plans.

* Company Profile*
Company name: AppBrew Co., Ltd.
Address: 4th floor, Toshiki Hongo Building, 1-11-6 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Yuta Fukasawa
Business content: Planning, development, and operation of the beauty platform app “LIPS”

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